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Hello everyone! It's Mondo back with another review!

I've been a huge fan of the Jojo series (at least the first 3 parts) for 3 years and I was blown away at the announcement of GSC and Medicos collaborating together to make Jojo Nendoroids, the first one being Jotaro Kujo, the main protagonist of Part 3. I immediately po'd him once his was up and now he's in my hands as of today!


Of course I'm going to start by looking at the box. Its the standard Nendoroid box with the usual window in front showing the figure and accessories inside but if you look closely at the front of the box you can see the various sound effects that are signature of the Jojo franchise!


The sides and the back of the box are purple with diamonds embossed on it, very reminiscent of the Super Action Statue line from Medicos. They also show the figure in different posing options and so on.


Here's the top and bottom of the box, just like the front, it has the sound effects printed on them.


Here he is still in the plastic insert...


... another angle to see him better...


And here is Jotaro out of the box! He comes dressed in his school uniform colored like how it is in the anime. In my opinion I prefer the colors of the OVA Jotaro but after playing around with this figure some more, the anime colors are definitely more suited to Jotaro's edgy and calm character.


The sculptor definitely did a great job at sculpting Jotaro's hat that slowly melts into his hair, a big characteristic of him.


His hair is so fluffy!


Jotaro is made to be like the super moveable Nendoroids like the Marvel and Overwatch Nendoroids, so he has articulation on his elbows, his knees, the coattails of his jacket, and he even has ball jointed ankles! Very fitting for an action oriented series.


To the accessories! Aside from his stern, tranquil fury face, he also has two other faceplates, one with him shouting in battle, and another with him looking off to the side and smiling!


Next is an extra front hat piece, it's kind of hard to show off what the difference is between this one and the default hat piece, but the extra hat piece is slightly tilted downwards to cover his eyes or cast a shadow over them, depending on how you look at him.


Next are his arm and hand related accessories. He has two hands that are pointing and a static slightly bent arm with a slightly grasping hand attached to it. I forgot to take a picture of the hands in pockets parts but I'll get to them in a second.


Here's Jotaro posed with the tilted hat and static arm piece! It definitely captures his demeanor perfectly!

"Good grief..."

Here is Jotaro posed with his hands in his pockets! Combined with his smiling face, he looks like an absolute lady killer!


For his last accessory he has an effect part showing off Star Platinum's signature punching barrage attack. It actually looks really cool!


To show it off it has its own mini stand (Not to be confused with the stands in Jojo) to hold it up!


If you pose it right it looks like Jotaro is in the middle of a battle using Star Platinum!
To be honest I wish there was a better way to show Star Platinum. Maybe something like a clear standee of a chibi Star Platinum like GSC does with the Naruto Nendoroids? Maybe they will make a Star Platinum Nendoroid...


Here's an extra pose I put him in, but it seems more like Avdol than Jotaro, don't you think?




Anyways, in conclusion, Nendoroid Jotaro is a really great start to the Jojo Nendoroid line. On his own he's very cute in hand and he poses extremely well, but when they release more more characters into the mix he'll really stand out (haha). My biggest problem is that I wished they at least showed Star Platinum a bit more with the effect part, but hopefully they might release a Star Platinum Nendoroid. Anyways with the announcement of Nendoroid Dio, you bet I'll snatch up him up when he goes up for preorder! I hope he comes with some stellar faces and accessories!

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