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  • i had a similiar idea ahahah it's kind of fun to buy something you rrreeeally like and find out, a few weeks after you received it, that it's price just skyrocketted, and you can earn 2 or even 3 times what you spent, and i would usually sell it, because one day it could always get re-released (and if not, someone else will make another version of said chara).
    Still, i don't buy figures only to resell them, or i would have to buy also things i don't like, which really would make me feel bad (spending money on something i don't even like, riskying to just lose all the money... that just sucks and i could never press the "proceed with payment" button, my stomach would prevent me from doing so), also some figures i just can't sell them, i love them way too much.
    My advise, if you like to resell things, is to buy only those figures and nendos that you like. If you get the chance to resell them for twice what you paid or even more, just sell them, you won't regret it if you are like me, but if they won't even go up at least you won't loose anything, because you got something you like.
    As others said, collecting isn't really an "investment", rather more... a bet. (I love betting...)
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    Honestly, don't buy nendoroids with the intent to flip them for a profit. Nendoroids rarely go up in value, and tend to stay right around what they cost plus Japanese shipping. So roughly $50. They very rarely skyrocket like the MHA and Fire Emblem nendos. It seems only Fate and Nintendo ones skyrocket (others are on a case by case basis), and even then, you're highly gambling on the Nintendo ones, as most do not go up. You're very likely to lose money if you buy most nendos with the intent to sell them in the aftermarket.
    Of the two you listed, both will actually likely go up, TBH. Shiro inflated in price at one point, so it isn't unreasonable to assume Schwi won't, and Albedo was expensive at one point. But again, this is rare, and nendos VERY rarely turn a profit. I have like 40, and I think maybe like 8 of them are more expensive than I paid.
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    Not all the figures rise, it depends on the demand and sometimes you still find the nendoroid at retail price on official shops, however there is some that goes on sale, so it's a bit like a gamble with nendoroids.
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    Buying any figure should be about how much you want it same with Nendo's, the thing with them though is you can't tell which will spike in price and which will tank, so as already mentioned they aren't a very good investment, plus I'm sure anyone can tell you here selling figures even Nendo's is a pain, trust me on this, I've sold a great chunk of my collection over the past 4 years and I still continue to do so, some figures I've sold at surprising profits as they've gone up in the aftermarket and others I've lost a great deal on. Yes there is a big demand for Nendo's but again you can't tell what will happen with them, for example these have shot up to insane prices in the aftermarket: ITEM #455089 ITEM #455088 ITEM #166617 ITEM #194974 ITEM #195508 ITEM #58025 ITEM #98880 ITEM #287743 ITEM #98878 ITEM #136458 ITEM #3094 However two of these were Wonfes exclusives which already drives their prices up the others were normal releases apart from Deku & Bakugo as due to licence issues GSC can only release these currently in Japan and thus because MHA is such a popular series these are massively in demand but their prices did drop when GSC did a limited re-release a few months back and there's a good chance GSC could do another one which means these will eventually drop in price to around the normal RRP. I think the best example of this is these: ITEM #197993 ITEM #198348 ITEM #198367 there was a massive demand for these and eventually GSC listened and a re-release happened so all their aftermarket prices dropped and as this was a general release their prices haven't spiked much since, so yeah if you really do plan on trying to invest in Nendo's just think of it like playing the stock market, as you can never tell what will happen with them and what the future will bring!
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    I would said schwi would be more value than Albedo since Albedo just got her second release although if you have Albedos pillow them maybe more valuable
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    As others have said, buying figmas or nendos to flip is not the best investment, especially not long-term. If you are buying to flip, it's generally short term and popular or evergreen series (key Fate characters or male characters tend to go up and that has been consistent, My Hero Academia is still popular and pseudo-limited mass releases from what I hear so they go up too)
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    whobdaplaya1 anno/i fa#53374315Some crash (eg. ITEM #78411 and ITEM #116040 are ridiculously good values),
    and some go to the stratosphere (eg. ITEM #72336)
    Same thing with trading, prizes, and scales. No rhyme or reason in many cases!

    Dog Days nendos are dirt cheap at Yahoo Japan. I've seen even unused/sealed ones selling for 2000 JPY: buyee.jp/item/y... (I personally missed this one ._.)

    With enough patience you can find almost anything within a couple of months - just keep searching and stay away from bootlegs/auctions with no photos/sellers with negative reviews. Sealed items are sometimes listed as damaged or dirty because Japanese people value their boxes pretty high - always check descriptions to confirm the actual condition.
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    One offs, cult favorites, timeless favorites.

    And possibly male nendos w desirable parts. I’m guessing that Psycho-Pass nendo will skyrocket because it fits a few categories.

    But I agree with others... do not collect just to resell. It’s not fun, and it’s not profitable unless you can really call em.

    Which I can since I’ve been collecting so long, but I choose not to use my powers for evil.
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    Don't invest in Scale/Nendo/Figma. It is not worth the risk. Usually you would think high-risk-high-return but truth is it is not really high return and many times no return at all. Even if it gets expensive they can be re-printed. Usually toys and merch with collectors are only worth investing at the beginning. Like first Star Wars or first Pokemon card. When it gets famous, newer toys of that series are not worth the investment while old version that was made in small stock due to less popularity will get expensive. (Still not worth investing though since it is too high risk)
    If you really want to invest which I do not recommend, I suggest invest on ones that are limited editions with numbers. Like limited 5000 worldwide or something. (Some WHS or those expensive Resin statues) They tend to be very expensive but you will get atleast some profit if you manage to sell near you with good shipping cost.

    Also for Albedo it won't go up in price. She was almost triple her price right before re-release but with her reprint, most people will already have the figure and there are just too many of her now for it to go up in price. (Not to mention all the Overlord hype of new seasons ended)
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    There's no way of finding out which nendoroid will turn out to be rare.
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