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Why I don't trust peopleWhy I don't trust people

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So this is kind of rant because I'm seriously so annoyed with my mom and brother today that I'm on the verge of crying. I seriously hate them at the minute.

I moved out in January to a small studio appartment with my partner. It's not a very big place so I kept a lot of my stuff at home (if I didn't my new place would be seriously cluttered). My mom was fine with this..... until it came to everyone in the house switching rooms. Last weekend my mom decided to put all my stuff in her room, her stuff in my brothers and my brothers stuff in my room. She's also been decorating my old room. All this I don't mind, what has annoyed me is the fact my stuff has literally just been dumped into boxes and thrown into my mom's old room. Literally no care has been given into this process.

My mom and brother were talking to me about it like it's funny. Like I should be happy they didn't do anything worse. How can they even expect me to find this amusing? Then when I got annoyed my mom yelled at me, obviously making it all about her as per usual.

Luckily I took the figures I care about the most but I left a few nendoroids behind and all the boxes. All of which have been dumped into the room. I've literally spent years taking care of my figures and their boxes and in a few days they both made it all pointless.

They are both so selfish and neither of them take responsibility for anything they do. They don't see the effect that stuff they do/say has on other people.

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The reason I went back today is because me and my mom were going to the hairdressers (which I'm currently at). On the way here my mom brought up things that has nothing to do with the situation. No one will know the context behind this but she said things like "you and *my partner* go and live your sad lives together", "I'll just throw all of your stuff away, I don't care", "you've always been the same, getting mardy for no reason" and also brings up a lot of personal stuff that she knows upsets me. All of this was really unnecessary and irrelevant to the situation.

She doesn't like my partner and I know that, that's the reason I never bring him up when I'm with her. So it hurts me a lot when she purposely brings him up just to upset me. And I know she only brought him up to hurt me because he had nothing to do with the conversation.

Anyways I'll be quiet now because I could go on forever.
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