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  • Thank you for the great review. Skin tone between yours (more pinkish) and victor viper's (more yellowish) is quite different, so it will be interesting to see how the actual one turns out. Hopefully closer to yours. It illustrates how difficult it is to get the color balance right and to make sure that what people see on their monitors is close as possible to the actual figure.

    To me, the futanari theme is more of a reason to not buy a figure. But the 2 other options make this not an issue and the condom version is a nice option. I love the sculpt, especially the tummy area which is curvy and toned at the same time. The lovely skin tone, which so much better than the original, and seeing one at a good price pushed me over the edge to finally get her.

    Update: just got mine and she is a real winner, much better than I expected! Color tone is very closer to your review, especially under fluorescent lighting. More pinkish with hint of bronze in daylight, but less bronze than in victorviper's review. One of my favorite skin tones on a figure.
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    Though I have the original edition and thus passed on this one, I greatly admire the differences. The glossiness, the pink condom, all of it works beautifully, and it's good that Dva (in any color) is featured in more people's collections now! Great review.
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    You hit on so many good points. I like this recolor better than the original, because her bronzed slightly shiny skin really gives a summer feel to the figure.

    Her face and smile are also one of the best features of the figure. You can almost imagine her saying "hello boys - do you think you're ready for me?".

    MadDoc42Paired with her small, coy smile, it gives her this air of alluring beauty & grace despite being effectively naked and sporting a cock that would give most guys an inferiority complex.

    That's one of the funnier (and truest!) things I've read in while on MFC.

    With so many more sure to be great Ban figures on the horizon (ITEM #676061 and ITEM #806264 stand out), I wonder if my life might be taken over by futanaris...and I might be OK with that. This one ITEM #740663 could be promising, too, and this illustration ITEM #826097 would also make a great figure!
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