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First Diary + Collection UpdateFirst Diary + Collection Update

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I've been putting off doing a first diary/collection post for a while now because I'm always telling myself "Oh, I have something coming in soon, I should wait until I get that so I can include it" but I've finally hit a point where I'm on a break from things I've bought!

So, here's my first collection post.
I don't have much of a collection when it comes to scale figures, nendos or figmas. I mostly collected trading figures and plush for a really long time. I'm a big Pokemon collector, so a lot of the things I get are plush or trading.
The few prize/scales/nendos I do have are these guys:


I purchased Tamamo recently off of someone on this site, I got Astolfo from Japan via proxy, I got Gilgamesh from someone on this site as well, and Dark Magician Girl was my first purchase of a figure ever, as well as my first purchase on this site.
Other than these guys, my collection table sort of looks like this.


I also have a few valentine's pikachu plush that MFC absolutely will not let me upload a picture of no matter what I do, so just know that they're there :P

I don't have good display tables or bookshelves so my stuff is sort of... Everywhere. Honestly I don't like how spread out everything is, and I often think about just selling all of it and only keeping my 'figure' figures until I get good display options.
These tables don't include the plush I keep in a storage bin, I pulled them out to take a picture:
I have a few rare plush and such. I suppose the most expensive plush I own would be ITEM #137903, which can value anywhere between $40 and $70.
I have quite a few items I can't take pictures of, or aren't listed in my collection simply because they aren't on the site and I don't know how to go about adding them. I enjoy adding Pokemon items to the database, but items like my Sakura Snow Globe are difficult, because they're Korean not Japanese.

I would like to take pictures of my collection eventually, however my walls are a very dull color and aren't very good for showing off things. I'd like to make scenes and dioramas, but I'm not very crafty (other than fixing broken things) so I'm often at a loss other than having ideas with no action.
I often sell items from my collection when I feel it gets 'too big' even though it's not quite that big. I have a huge issue with spending a ton of money which gets me with this hobby, even though I've been collection for 3 years, I still find it difficult to spend a lot of money all at once. I felt really iffy preordering ITEM #806117 but at the same time, I'm in a pretty large pokemon community where it wouldn't be too hard finding someone who wanted to buyout my preorder once the time comes. I don't particularly like Eevee too much, but this might be a nice addition, or a really expensive present to my little sister who has a huge eevee collection (which all came from my wallet as well, lol).

Speaking of preorders, I'm finding it very difficult to decide whether I should preorder ITEM #829670 or not. I've already listed him as ordered on here because I love the design from the bottom of my heart, and it kind of pains me to see comments like "he looks like a prize figure" cause he honestly looks really good to me.

However I don't want to preorder him and then this pop up for preorder soon ITEM #603828. I LOVE that design on gil and while I wouldn't mind having two of him, I do set a limit for myself every month. I've already maxed out my limit for June, July and August with ITEM #805984, ITEM #739701, ITEM #739699 and the aforementioned Eevee figure. With me not knowing whether I'm going to keep my job come fall, I'll probably put off my decision until the last minute on Gilgamesh.

I totally forgot an introduction.
My name is Rayne, I'm 19 and I've been a collector for 3 years. I absolutely love Pokemon, my favorites being Mew, Mewtwo, Pikachu and Zorua. I also have side collections of Squirtle and Larvitar. I collect based on the People around me. My grandfather's favorite Pokemon is Pikachu. My Mother's favorite Pokemon was Mew. Squirtle and Larvitar remind me of friends I used to know. Zorua is my personal favorite, and my collection of him used to be much larger, but I have reduced it a substantial amount because I simply don't like a lot of his merch. I also collect for people, small figures of eevee and it's evolutions go to my sister and Piplup/Mimikyu to my best friend. I try not to spend too much on them, but when I find cute things for a dollar or two, I pick them up. I struggle a lot with spending money on myself and a lot of money goes to my little sister, so my collection is the one place I can splurge on myself, since I don't take trips or spend a lot of money going out often.

My favorite anime series are Fate, Devilman Crybaby, basically every anime with a pink haired girl, and anything SHAFT had a hand in making. My favorite games are Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Fate/Grand Order and League of Legends.

My favorite characters are Karna, Arjuna, Gilgamesh and Sonico. I have a really long list of characters I like but these have been the most consistent, with Sonico being at the top!

I really enjoy collection Pokemon things and helping list them in the database, and helping the community more (I try to be helpful when I comment on articles a lot), so I hope I'll be able to record my collection regularly here with everyone else.

I feel like this was really long and I tried to shorten it as much as I could. I also hope I tagged everything right, as this is my first time making a post like this (diary wise)!

Thank you for reading if you made it to the end!
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Your Pokemon collection is absolutely adorable, thanks for sharing!
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I adore your collection and their sentimental value! Your mother had great taste in Pokemon. It's really heartwarming that you are able to share your passion with your friends and family. I admit, I also enjoy buying figures for my friends whenever the opportunity presents itself. I am also a huge Pokemon fan, as you can probably tell from my profile picture, and I completely understand the fear of allowing your collection to grow too big. It is certainly a balancing act to buy the items you love without going over budget or exceeding available space. I wish you the best of luck on deciding whether to order Gilgamesh! Fortunately, you can always buy him at a later date when you are in a more stable financial situation.
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I also help add to my younger sister's collection. I think it's cool that there are pieces in your collection with sentimental value. Also your Valentine Pikachu's are really nice.
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Thanks for sharing! I like your collection it’s very cute! Also I think it’s very sweet of you to get collectables for your family and friends! And lovely that they can partake in the hobby!

I think I like my items gotten as a gift more than some I have bought myself. I generally don’t gift much though just a few items here and there for friends if I find something they like. But I agree its a nice feeling :)
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