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EmotiveMaEmotiveMa1 anno/i fa
Ahhhhhh I literally just had to show this right away! I forgot about it for a split second but my sister bought me this mini wallscroll of Junko from Danganronpa and I’m absolutely loving it. I have no idea where I’m gonna put it but I feel so happy that she gave me this. She has a bigger version that’s hanged up in her room (*´ω`*)

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Ahh I love Junko too, great gift!
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jumpluff Pegasus Knight
It's amazing! What a wonderful gift! I love Junko's facial expression and her little SHSL pawns. Very happy for you.
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jumpluff Pegasus Knight
edit: doublepost... sorry to anyone who keeps seeing these... my mouse is broken
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Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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