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Hello everyone ^_^

For my first review I chose Higurashi Kagome (InuYasha) ‘s Bottle Cap, sculpted by Mon-sieur BOME and manufactured by Kaiyodo.

Please excuse the possible mistakes as I’m not a native English speaker.
Also some pictures are a bit blurry, I guess I’m a poor photographer too…
Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Packaging :
The packaging is made of transparent plastic with red text printed on it. Nothing special but it allows you to inspect the figure without opening. Also it does its job protecting the figure; my cardboard box was quite injured but luckily the figure is safe and the plastic box doesn’t even show signs of wear.
Overall : even if the packaging is boring, since it protected my figure well, it will score a good 7/10

http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_packaging1.jpg http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_packaging2.jpg

Base :
This figure sits on a bottle-cap. However, the sleeves make it impossible to display on the edge of shelves, so you’ll have to put it on a bottle. The real problem is that I couldn’t find a bottle that would fit it; I didn’t dare to force it on the cap and it was too loose without it that it threatened to fall at any moment. I guess my French bottles aren’t the same size as the Japanese bottles. >.<


So I went to buy some “modelling material” that dries on air and made my own base (with 1kg I guess I can easily make 4 bases, maybe 5): I cut the top of a bottle and filled it with the modelling material. If you try, I suggest you to fill it with a single piece because I put one piece on the bottom and one on the top at my first attempt and it broke easily. No need to do it hastily, you can start over a lot of times before it begins to harden. Wait for the top and bottom to dry before putting it out of the bottle (I left mine during the night) then wait for it to dry completely (took the whole day for me). In the meantime I also put modelling material under the figure’s cap, except that I put it out immediately; didn’t want it to stick in there. Once the two pieces are dry, simply glue them together, and now we have a base that fits perfectly ^_^
You can see a lot of crackle but I don’t mind, it’s supposed to be a rock. I intend to paint it in light grey sometime.

http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_base2.jpg http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_base3.jpg

Note : The bottle-cap base is quite original for a figure this size, though it gave me a hard time as I couldn’t fit it anywhere. I was disappointed at first, but now I think it looks good with my new base. 5/10

Posing :
So by now you should have noticed : this figure is sitting XD
Kagome looks good in this outfit and I’m quite pleased with the pose since I don’t think a standing pose would work for her with this outfit. Anyway in this part pictures are better than words. The one thing bugging me is the open mouth. I can’t exactly say why but I don’t like it very much.
http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_posing1.jpg http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_posing2.jpg http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_posing3.jpg http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_posing4.jpg http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_posing5.jpg

Sculpting :
The figure is 160mm tall. I think it's well made, there’s some kind of dynamic with the hair. The outfit is well reproduced with folds. The arrow she’s holding is made of soft PVC and I had some trouble removing the protection, therefore it isn’t straight anymore, so be careful.
The only flaws I could spot are on the back and bottom but since I don’t plan on exposing these parts too much, it’s not a big issue. (and I couldn’t even take a proper picture >.<)
http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_sculpting1.jpg http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_sculpting2.jpg http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_sculpting3.jpg http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz38/Susuzu/review/Kagome/mini_sculpting4.jpg

Painting :
Overall the painting is good. Some ends are a bit messy but you have to take a close look to see it. The sandals’ straps are slightly misplaced but then again, you’d have to put your nose on it to really notice.

Enjoyment :
If you want a Kagome figure, you should get this one because it has the nicest outfit, even if it’s not what she wears in canon situations. I’m happy I bought her, she looks great. Though there’s still this mouth issue…

Kagome has actually the same pose as Kikyou, the other figure of the serie Kaiyodo x Bome x Bottle Cap vol.2 XD
Fake twins !

And here’s the bottle cap family so far :


Thanks for reading ^_^ I hope it hasn't been too much of a hard chore...
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Great review, I actually just got Kagome.

I was not planning on getting Kikyou but your review makes them look great together.

Also, thank you for the base tips!
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i have found that spools of thread work quite well as a base for the bottle cap figures to sit on. you can pick what color you want too ^^
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Nice review! Your English wasn't bad at all.
I would defiantly get her, but my figure display has enough problems as it is @.@
10 anno/i fa
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