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From the popular anime series currently being sold on Blu-ray and DVD, 'Bakemonogatari', comes this set of three Nendoroid Petites: Koyomi Araragi, Hitagi Senjougahara and Tsubasa Hanekawa!

Each character comes complete with character specific items from the anime, Hitagi has her stapler, Tsubasa comes with her cat ears and tail, and Koyomi's strange sticking-up hair is even included - in all different directions.

Manufactured by Good Smile Company, The set is sculptured by Hitoshi Taira and the petite with no stands included is approximately 65mm in height. I was quite amazed with the difference in height between the petite and the normal size nendoroid.

As a precaution, The Base and the stand that holds the Petite is quite fragile, a few cases happened that it broke or the hole becomes/is loose. Some parts may be a bit over painted but if not then you are lucky (points at me)
oh also Arargi's hair accesory, be very very careful, this can easily break if you force it in too much in the hole, that happened to a few friends of mine that got it ^^''

Actually Overall The petite is fragile, people like me who has big hands will find it hard to attach/re equip some accessories. But thats why they call it Petite XD
Mhmm The satisfaction of Having Araragi same as Hitagi cannot be higher than anything else, you can play around around with it, and do some poses that exactly from the anime =) Great! =D

Im very glad to be able to get this and if you want to see some pictures as examples check out: here
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fragile indeed...my tsubasa's cat tail was broken when it came...the bell and broke off of the tail T-T
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Thanks for your review! I agree about the fragility. That's why I sold the only petite I had. XD
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