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Warning: This blog contains diary material, unboxing a doll, DIY stuff and some random ideas. Some photo's i think trigger pediophobia (pediophobia=> Fear of dolls or dollphobia) can be found in this blog.


In my last blog i did a review about ITEM #740436 . I was really enthousiast by that doll. However starting with dolls was not a thing that goes about one-night's ice.
Besides the scale figures, i developed an interest in ball jointed dolls over the past years. The first few months that i was just lurking on MFC as passerby dude number 7 (without an account), i came across some pictures featuring dolls, mostly Dollfie's.
So i looked up where i could find those beauties and what they cost.
Like most people i instantly felt the urge to faint and fall from my chair. With shipping costs, import taxes and other expanses that must be added to the costs of the doll, those where out of my league for a long time. Also not mentioning the stress of winning some sort of lottery in case of Dollfie. At that time i didn't know much (in fact i knew nothing) about shipping rates, risks and which methods and shops are thrust worthy. That unsecured feeling makes it a huge obstacle to actually order one.
For a long time i let the BJD thing as it is.
A few years later a diary blog appeared about an ABJD (Asian Ball Jointed Doll) named Penny.
View spoilerHide spoilerClicking this link is at your own risk. BLOG #33583
After reading that blog i discovered that there are more brands making beautiful dolls that matches my interest and taste. For a year i had my eye on a doll named Isabel made by a certain off topic brand. To this day i didn't order her because i felt that there is something in her design that i dislike. I cannot exactly say where that dislike feeling came from. In fact i still haven't figured that missing feeling thing out. Time passes by and she is discontinued by the manufacturer. Some figures give me that same feeling of missing something. You dislike something about it but don't know exactly what. Take this figure ITEM #550155 for example. Gorgeous color scheme, lovely face and nice pose, but something feels off without knowing exactly what. If you have a piece of apple pie without cinnamon or whipped cream or something that way.
Well, let's switch the topic a bit before this blog turns into some kind of rant about invisible reasons to dislike a figure.
In januari this year i found an image of a doll from the same offtopic manufacturer that i 100% like. I couldn't sleep that night afraid that she would be sold out (what is no wonder if you know that they will only make ten fullsets). So i ordered her asap and i am very happy that i have ordered her just in time. So i am waiting for this one and i can say that waiting for something you really want is killing.
Don't mention the coach she is hanging on. It is a prototype i made and despite it can hold ten kilogram easily i hate the looks of it (which makes it an impossible thing to de-assemble it so i could use the wood again). It looks better as a riser for smaller figures or items. Also the 2cm mistake i made in the seat high is something that bothers me in this prototype. Well i did learn a few things from making this. So it wasn't a wasted effort.
In october 2018 i ordered ITEM #740436 . And she didn't disappoint in quality and looks. With this first doll there, also some questions rising like: 'Would it be possible to buy a doll and make her look like the character i want?', 'What do i need to accomplish that?' and 'Can i make some parts myself and which skills and knowledge do i need for that?'. I think you could guess where those thoughts are going to. At the main time i cannot answer these questions properly because i am just starting in the BJD section of the figure collecting hobby. But what would it be incredibly cool if i could make my own Calne Ca custom BJD.

When i talk about figure collecting i also want to give my own touch to it. Adding diorama's and displays is one way to point out the figures in my collection. It is for me a way to enjoy the collecting hobby to it's fullest. And where would we be without some creativity?
So let's move on to the next part of this blog which contains ITEM #724181 Smart Doll Kizune Yumeno (anniversary). I had a hard time choosing between the Smart Doll designs. But somehow i managed. When i was looking into this brand i discovered the intern skeleton thing and some out of the box ideas Danny Choo has. His idea to ad small electro motors is something i think that it could be a very awesome idea. I have thought about moving diorama's months ago but moving figures or dolls would be some crazy idea too. However i might worry about the price tag of that and probably the complicity.
But that idea is not the reason for purchasing a Smart Doll. I like the way they are made and especially the faces of them. At first i thought they are somewhat similar to Dollfies but the differences are very big when you see the doll in person. What also picks my interest are the Cortex versions. It looks like a great base for making custom characters.

She arrived in a very nice bag. Weird if you think about it but she is well packed in multiple layers of bubble wrap. I ordered the apparel set and the yukata with her.
View spoilerHide spoilerSmall note: I discovered that the Smart doll with the apparel set in my country has 4,7% import taxes and the yukata 17% import taxes. The reason for that is because the Smart Doll falls in a different category than clothing. If the clothing taxes are high in your country it pays the effort to order the apparel set with the doll. I payed almost the same taxes for the yukata as for the doll with the apparel set. What i did regret was that i didn't order the hand part set. The standard hands are great but variation is also a nice thing.
As you can see on the photo's the clothing and bag are very well packed. Because of my impatience to unpack Kizuna i forgot to make photo's of her unboxing.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/15/2279938.jpeg
There is some welcome tradition around the Smart Doll and that is to make a photo of her where she tries to climb out of the bag (or hides in the bag when it goes wrong). I did that part over because her wig wasn't placed correctly the first day.
And i actually like this shot of her in the bag.
Guess she has watched too much Shingeki no Kyojin in Tokyo.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/15/2279934.jpeg
Her wig was very difficult to ad. The welcome video (that is also a video manual) shows how to do it. Where Danny can do that in 30 seconds it took me 30 minutes to accomplish that. The mean reason is that the wig is very tight around her head. I also had some difficulties to place the wig correctly. Changing the hair a little day by day. I have to note that it feels and looks realistic. The wig is styled beforehand and it looks very nice. Unfortunately i am not experienced with wigs so i have to learn a thing of two about that.
But when the wig is added correctly it looks beautifull and makes you forget about the hassle quickly.
A quick photoshoot under the spoiler:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/15/2279948.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/15/2279949.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/15/2279950.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/15/2279952.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/15/2279953.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/15/2279954.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/08/15/2279945.jpeg

What impresses me the most is her gorgeous face. Not only that, you can get some different expressions from different angles. That is one of the things that intrigues me about this Smart Doll. The best way to do that is to photograph the face from different angles. I can tell a lot about it but i think photo's say more than a thousands of words.
You see that with a lot of reviews where there are photo's from multiple angles of the same figure.
Besides the outfits i ordered, also an instruction card and standard is included. The instruction card has somewhere in the middle the text: 'Don't feed at midnight!' I had to try that one out and give Kizuna some candy bars after midnight. The result: An overly happy doll that is singing candy related songs the whole night in an overdone way. I now know more songs about candy than i want to know (Which was enjoyable the first hour). Guess that instruction card wasn't there for show.

What i like is that Kizuna is able to maintain some weight. i could easily place Rem into her hands without the fear that she will be dropped. The joints are very stiff and strong. It is something i like about the Smart Doll. There is a telescopic stand included but i use it rarely. Another great feature is that she is really easy to pose. There is even space for magnets in her hands so that she can actually hold iron stuff.
The fun thing about this doll is that i didn't read the character bio beforehand (Sorry Danny) so that Kizuna's character is completely blank. She will develop a character over time. The best thing about that is that i can make photo's without stucking to certain characteristics. I really enjoy making photo's of her. That is also why you see in this blog that it goes somewhat out of hands with making photo's.
Another thing is the fear of the empty wallet in more than one way. I found out that clothing is expensive. On the other way it also gives opportunities to try and make something myself or searching for fitting outfits.
Somewhere midway you saw pictures of Rem on a coach. After that prototype i made version 2.0 without the mistake in heigh. I like this version a lot better and it is functional as a doll stand. What i also discovered is that it is very hard to create and make a coach. Mainly because it has to be strong, good looking and functional. And with 2.0 i am still not 100% happy with it. I had in mind some space in the back of the coach so that an additional stand could be attached to her back. It cannot hold the ten kilogram like version 1.0 but it looks better. I am also thinking about painting it and adding some horror touch to it. Or i skip that and make another attempt with version 3.0. Anyway besides Rem there is also space for a second 1/6 scaled doll on the coach.
Thank you for reading through this wall of text.
See ya next time.
P.s.: Manga stains highly on dolls (but was easy to clean too).

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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Free_Phi1 anno/i fa#66644237Love the pic of K reading manga.
She looks elegant and almost...sarcastic?

Guess she was not happy when i made a photoshoot while she was reading. :D
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Free_Phi Meta-Sentient Cyber-Imp
Love the pic of K reading manga.
She looks elegant and almost...sarcastic?
1 anno/i fa
Rajke Ca Fanatic
gundamuk1 anno/i fa#65523729Fun blog post, and nice to see another doll collector here on MFC.
I've looked at Smart Dolls and thought about them but never got one - When living in Japan a few years back I got to know the design team for Angel Philia/RAP dolls (entry/103186;ENTRY #18639) and they represent all the dolls I have in my collection.

Thanks :D Indeed the Doll collecting feels more niche than figure collecting. It is also nice to meet new people who also collects dolls. You also have nice dolls in your collection. ITEM #118096 is a beautifull doll. They did an awesome job on ITEM #872984 and especially on her face.
1 anno/i fa
gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Fun blog post, and nice to see another doll collector here on MFC.

I've looked at Smart Dolls and thought about them but never got one - When living in Japan a few years back I got to know the design team for Angel Philia/RAP dolls (entry/103186;ENTRY #18639) and they represent all the dolls I have in my collection.
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Criscokid1 anno/i fa#65466135Wow that's a nice doll! I enjoyed your blog too.
Thanks. :D Her face was what picked my interest at first and it is really well done. Also making the photos were a fun part to do. :)
1 anno/i fa
Wow that's a nice doll! I enjoyed your blog too.
1 anno/i fa
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