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Continuing with this diary series. Next I really want to talk about the new POP announcements we received at Summer Wonfes. Before wonfes started I was silently hoping there won't be too many new POP figures that I would want since I still don't want to spend too much money or have to buy two figures in one month. Next year budgeting will be very important for me since I'm finishing my studies this year and starting with my internship next year. Obviously I receive a monthly salary but saving and budgeting will still be very important so I can't go too crazy.

But surprisingly I actually felt a bit sad that there weren't that many new announcements... I think I shouldn't be surprised since this wonfes is smaller. There is also a big possibility we'll see new additions throughout the year so I shouldn't be too disappointed yet. A part of me is very relieved since my wallet will be quite safe but another part of me is thinking about all the possible POP figure characters that could exist and screaming in frustration.... *cough*Jeanne d'arc*cough*

There's literally only two figures from wonfes that's been added to my wishlist but I must say I'm suuuppeeer excited about them so the lack of new announcements that I'm interested in is almost 100% worth it. There is perhaps a third figure that may also be added to my wishlist later on but.. uhm.. not sure.


1) The figure I'm contemplating (just like Shiro) is Genos. I haven't watched One Punch Man yet so I think that's the only reason why I'm not planning on getting him yet. So the only way he'll be added to my collection is when I watch the show and if the painted version looks nice. Otherwise I'm not getting him. (PS: What's up with the OPM POP figures? Are we going to get more?)

2) I can't believe Chocola and Vanilla are going to get their own POP figures! I have to confess I've never watched the show and don't have any merchandise of them, but I do love their designs. Plus they'll be my first (and maybe only) cat-eared girls in my collection. So far the Chocola prototype looks very nice. A lot of details and I love the face and hair (actually everything about it) I hope the painted version will be topnotch too but I believe so. The biggest bonus is that I will be able to get these two for about R400 each only. Yes please!

The other announcements didn't really catch my eye at all. All the shows I haven't watched and the character designs or characters in general isn't that appealing to me. For the next entry I might make a list about the characters I'm hoping to see a POP figure of. Hopefully the next wonfes (the big mister) will be very thrilling and full of great POP surprises.
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