August 2019: Latest Additions, What have you gotten this month?August 2019: Latest Additions, What have you gotten this month?Ask MFC

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-Going to do this again since I lost the last article I was writing,lousy keyboard....

Got in the last items I was waiting for this month and I'm satisfied with this month's additions!

Picked up a few things that I wasn't expecting to get and it's been an easy month for collecting.

This month's primary objective to get was Soundwave and ended up finding a Takara 1984 Original Japanese Soundwave ITEM #288823 off ebay and I was surprised at the condition of this one, this is one of the few items in my collection that is as old as I am.


Ended up getting 2 Statues this month on sale off Amazon ITEM #683548 ITEM #256025 and I'd love to get more Kotobukiya Statues for the collection so that's what I will be focusing on over the next few months.


Both the X-Men Statues were at great prices on Amazon so couldn't pass those deals.

Picked up a lot of Transformers off ebay and was surprised to get the Takara Fire Convoy ITEM #24427 and Car Robots version of Ultra Magnus ITEM #215162


Added 4 Games to the Collection this month and that will be it for new games for a while since I don't want a huge back log of new games to play.


What did you get into your collection this month?

-I have started work on my Model Kits and the more I work on them the less I want to add more to the collection and I'm working on them in the evening when I watch a few hours of Star Trek, this month I haven't been feeling well enough to do a lot of things so that has helped to make this month fairly easy since I haven't been well enough to go out to check local stores so I'm focusing on building Model Kits.

Still gotta finish the HGUC Zgok kit and the more I go through the kits the better I feel since it's nice to get to working on these since they have been sitting around and it's helped me to focus more on what I have here and has cut down on what new figures/statues I look at.

-One last addition for the month and I'm happy to find this one from a US Seller just under my limit for what I want to spend for the figure ITEM #750420 after this I am more than happy to sit back and relax with collecting for a while since I have spent less this month than I have in a long time so this is the best way to finish the month to me getting Aina for the collection.
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ITEM #604011 is something I've been wanting for a while so I caved when it came up at a good price.

Also ITEM #693252 and ITEM #455376
Think I might lean into collecting more Nendos.

Man I want that Professor X! If I see him on a shelf I don't think I'll be able to say no.
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ITEM #761901 just need to find a pair of God Hands before i touch this beauty
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Haven't gone too ham this month cuz I'm saving up for ITEM #802608 next month, but I did find ITEM #16110 for a good price in AmiAmi's pre-owned.
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This month, I finally bought:

ITEM #729700

ITEM #720973
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I picked this girl up on Mandarake because she was selling for like ¥1000 ITEM #183793

And then this one has been on PO, so she should be shipping soon ITEM #809191
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I haven't purchased anything in weeks, feels good. But I do frequently browse, I think I'm booked solid do to pre-orders and future purchases. I am considering one item.

Is the Takara 1984 a cassette player? If so that's an awesome find. Love the X-Men series since I was a kid, but in recent years I'm starting to experience super hero burnout, how are you keeping all of your goods organized? With every post it grows and shows in the great photos provided.
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Nothing in my hands yet this month, but I have a couple ladies passing through customs.
Finally bought ITEM #151396. I've had a perfect spot cleared for her on the shelf for ages, I was just waiting for her to turn up on mandarake with a beat up box for cheap.
And then I got a Sonico ITEM #244012 . The plan is to put her on my desk at work and pray my boss doesn't say anything.
Last, I preordered Erwin 'Daddy' Smith ITEM #806026 . I've been praying for an Erwin figma for YEARS. My wildest dreams have come true. My collection will finally be perfect.
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MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
It's been a higher quality month than usual for me. We took advantage of the pre-owned section of AmiAmi, as well as the 30x Tom Points sale, and picked up some really nice stuff for cheap.

Ultimate Madoka ITEM #98665. Picked her up as a cheap C/B on AmiAmi literally just because she was missing her instructions. She was fairly easy to put together without them, so definitely worth it.

Kabuki Naruto ITEM #741370. This was one of my boyfriend's pre-paid Black Friday Crunchyroll orders from last year. This figure is really high quality, and the paint job is great!

Hinata Splash ver ITEM #804983. Personally I'm not a fan of this one, but it's also for my boyfriend. I think the pose is awkward from any angle but the front, and I don't think it's the best sculpt. He's happy, though, so that's what matters.

Rem Yuki Onna ITEM #809193. Monthly Rem prize figure. The colors are great. I didn't care for her as much online, but she sold me in person.

Goblin Slayer Nendo: ITEM #764411. Currently posed with a foot on top of a dead Goblin.

Cinderella Girls rubber strap collection ENTRY #178987. Picked up on sale on AmiAmi for $15 for the entire set. There's a double of Rin, and I'm not quite sure what to do with it. Primarily purchased for Kirari and Anzu.

Kaiba Corp pin ITEM #372457. I've been on a Yu-Gi-Oh kick lately, and I'm considering wearing this on my work uniform. I'm a receptionist at a an animal hospital.

Vileplume Mochifuwa plush ITEM #817292. Exceeds flufficity expectations.

Mareep All Stars plush ITEM #817486. Must own every Mareep.

Pokemon Sitting Cuties: Arbok ITEM #778130, Spearow ITEM #778144, Raichu ITEM #778129, Raticate ITEM #778145, Rattata ITEM #732818. Trying to pick up a minimum of 5 per month as I aim to own the whole set eventually.

Lastly, these two are sitting in my package locker at home and I haven't picked them up yet to inspect them, but I basically go the two of them for $35 thanks to TOM Points. Seriously, TOM's point system is absolutely amazing. I've picked up so many awesome things from them for free. The Premium membership is seriously worth it.

Holo 10th Anniv. ITEM #525327. My favorite Holo figure. Glad TOM still had her at retail price since I wouldn't be surprised if she skyrockets.

Chiyo ITEM #740378. I've had my eye on this one for a long time, and I'm so excited to finally get her! I've only read the first three chapters of the manga, but I love monster girls so much I decided that was enough to pick her up.
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As often happens, I had only a couple of things preordered, but then I stumbled upon a couple of choice preowned finds.

I had ITEM #397160 preordered, and I was doubtful she would release in August after month after month of delays, but she's now on the way!

I missed the cutoff to preorder ITEM #670902 through my preferred Japan sources, so I had to order Yami through a US shop. That always becomes a guessing game of "will it ship when they say it will", but I just got her in the mail the other day right on schedule.

I also found a couple of obscure older figures at a good price, and those arrived the other day. I picked up an old Volks figure of Ayu Daikuuji (NSFW) ITEM #365119 since I really like both Ayu and this ITEM #236652 variant of that figure. You see color variants of figures all the time, but it's not so often that you see the same basic sculpt with totally different outfits!

I also found ITEM #5890 at a good price. I like the source anime, and Koyori had been languishing for sale for ages, so she obviously needed a good home :).
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ITEM #25 ---> I managed to finally get this Nagisa figure that I was hunting for so long for a reasonable price too. Even if I bought it pre owned,I managed to get her for only 60$ from AmiAmi so I'm happy and proud having one of my all time favorite characters on my shelf ^-^
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