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Hello again,

the summer is turning up once more, so it is time for the mandatory beach episode! Character of the day is 'Llenn' from 'Gun Gale Online'. She comes in 1/7 scale from Genco. It's my first figure of that company and one of my most expensive ones yet. So I tried to make good close ups, but I reached the performance limit of my camera (and maybe I also made too many pictures, you have been warned!). Unfortunately there was some dust in the air I didn't notice while I took the pictures, sorry about that. I will point out if something is not dust. Anyway, let's start!

Here is the empty box, as I unboxed her a while ago. I like it, you can see her from 3 different angles and the window in the front showed the figure quite well.





Before Llenn takes the stage I want to show you the dust, erm base. In some close ups these tiny fibres look like scratches on the figure, that is not the case. If something is wrong I will point it out. Enough talking about dust: The base is quite nice. It's a simple design, but I like transparent bases. The color matches her usual combat suit, so it's not random. Everything fine.


Make way for Llenn in 360°!










This is by far the most awesome swimsuit design I have seen so far. It looks both sexy and athletic and resembles to some sort of degree a combat suit. Let's take a closer look. Obviously all the interesting parts are well visible.



The gap between the bottom strap and her butt is a nice detail, providing more depth. All in all the back view is really nice. Because of the straps it looks not too empty.



Of course the front view isn't bad either. The stitches and the long seam down her belly look fantastic and are actually molded. At this zoom level you can see some unclean parts like the black stripe on her side or the color bleeding in the white part of her left breast, but I barley notice it without zoom.



They made a good decision with her pose. There is a good angle for every preference. I tired to get even closer, because the casting of the straps and stitches is really sharp. But it's hard to see, as my camera reached its limit.


I have no idea what this gem-like thing is, but it is transparent and looks better as in the photo. Although I am repeating myself, but the cast of the straps is superb. The painting is good to. All the white dots are dust, except the white stripe across her butt, that's slightly unclean.


Some more suit time: The stitches and seam lines are well placed and suggest that there is more behind than there actually is, which results in an more mature look overall.




Apart from the obvious, I especially like the area around her collarbone.



I am only talking about her swimsuit, but she has accessory! Her reliable P-90, P-chan. The magazine is clear which gives free sight at the ammunition stacked nicely in two rows.



I like her hands, they even have molded fingernails.



One of the few flaws I noticed: The strap of her weapon has a spot which looks stained or wet. I am not sure if it can be seen well, it's right under the white stripe. I assume that a drop of shading got there and dried up.


Talking about straps, more close ups! Did I mention that I like the straps?



The dot on the not-bra-bra-strap is not dust, but a small error. Is there a name for "bra-straps" of swimsuits? Hmm, whatever.


I totally forgot to show you the other hand! How could I?


Just look at it. It's so well shaped.


I really would like to grab it...


Round and well proportioned. Just like a perfect hand has to be.


Erm, sorry. I lost my concentration for a second.

Jokes aside, the bottom line of her swimsuit looks not so bad in real as it does zoomed in like that. Here an image from before without zoom as comparison.


I am not happy about it and it's the second biggest flaw for me on this figure, but I can live with it. The biggest let down is her hair. Compared to the rest the molding is not as sharp, some parts are even really bad. It's colouring is not very special either.


That's the worst section. Maybe it got damaged in the package as I have no idea how this could have passed quality control otherwise.


This section is not that much better. Not all of the white dots are dust.


One strand got some sort of bubbles in between...


At least this side is okay, which is fortunately the angle I wanted to display her anyways. But it is still far from perfect.


Something positive: I like her little ribbon. It is a homage to her usual hat, but also here the bottom is messed up.


I haven't talked about her face yet, her hand was just to big of a distraction. I like it. Her eyes are interesting, never seen such a pattern before. She has a bit of an annoyed like she had so often during the anime. I am glad that it's not some stupid embarrassed face which many figures in swimsuits have.


After taking so much about hands and other well formed parts there is only one thing left to show: Her feet. These are really detailed again, coming with molded ankles and toenails.




Finally that's it. I guess I have overdone it with pictures this time... All in all I am quite happy about her, despite the flaws. The hair feels like an insult considering her price, but the other incredible details let me forgive them.

I am going to enjoy the view of her hand once more, so time for "Bye bye"!

All images can also be seen on Flickr
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Thanks for the review!

I think the GGO side story arc for SAO was surprisingly great! I didn't think I'd like it when I first watched it; I remember the first two episode was kinda of a drag but after that, oh boy, it's took me for quite a ride... LLenn is probably my second favorite character in the SAO series.

As for the figure itself, it looks really good; I'm not too big on swimsuit outfits but this looks great; I totally dig the futuristic combat version of one-piece swimsuit. Plus the straps makes it look totally not boring too <3

I'd vowed that I'd get an Sinon and Llenn figure in the future and it looks like I'll definitely keep an eye for this figure.
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Nice review and pretty figure. ^_^

You sure like those hands lol. Can't blame you, I can easily get distracted by hands like those. The kind of hands that you would love to grab on an everyday basis. xxD

Now now, I love SAO but I haven't watched more of it after the Mother's Rosario arc. I still need to catch up with P-Chan and the most recent season. That being said, I really liked the somewhat serious-looking Llenn and her strapped swimsuit. Pretty cool design for a swimsuit figure. Gun-carrying girls are great too and I can see this figure really nailed all those concepts very well.

Enjoy your new figure, and many thanks for the review. :)
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I never really got too interested in Sword Art Online, but I have thought about getting this figure.

The elaborate design of Llenn's swimsuit with all the straps and stitching gives it almost a Range Murata like feel.
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