Let's Review:  Figma 428 Jeanne d'Arc Shinjuku ver.Let's Review: Figma 428 Jeanne d'Arc Shinjuku ver.Review

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Well, that's a long title. Whatever. Today I will be reviewing Jeanne d'Arc Shinjuku version, which as some of you may know I wrote about last year. As you might suspect, I was hyped for this Figma. I just really like her design and I like Jalter now that I finally got her in FGO. So all the Jalters for me! Before I begin, I want to add that this is not only my first Figma from Manadrake, but also the first figure I bought with the money I got from my new writing job(s)! Cause I like money, I like writing, and I like my expensive toys. So writing is a great way for me to afford my expensive toys and joys without hurting my paycheck from my day job. Hooray!

I digress, let's review!


First is a box. It's a standard Figma box. These aren't interesting.


Out of the package Jalter doesn't come with that much. Three face plates, four sets of hands, three unique hands, a soda cup with removable straw, an extra straw, sword, stand and instructions. Like all Figmas, she costs a lot and doesn't come with a lot. Because Max Factory hates you and gets off on your tears.


So for a simple, and expensive, Figma her articulation is really nice. Her sculpting is very nice and crisp and she has a really good paint job. No paint bleed to be seen! But speaking of articulation, she has drop-down legs. More specifically her entire lower torso can drop-down to give her a better range of motion. Or give a better peek of her panties if you're that type of person.

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/10/03/2308845.jpegShe does not approve.

Her coat and skirt are made of that typical Figma rubbery plastic so you shouldn't have any issue with posing. Now of course you should know the coat can't be removed. Sorry. Finally, before I move onto comparison, the straw for her cup is removable. Which is why you get two in the package as you can easily lose it in .5 nanoseconds of removing it from the package. In fairness, the straw fits in the cup pretty well and isn't that loose. So there's that.


So, let's compare her to the old Jalter.

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/10/03/2308839.jpegHere you go. Happy yet?

Now Jalter was my favorite Figma from last year, so how does this newcomer stack up to her? Well... I mean one's in armor (kinda) and the other isn't. That's about it really. Right out of the package Shinjuku Jalter is shorter than standard Jalter, but thanks to the drop-down legs she can stand at the same height. So what about the swords you might ask?


Well, the standard Jalter sword is on the left and the Shinjuku is on the right. They're the same mold, but standard's sword has a darker blue while Shinjuku is a lighter blue. And while you can't tell from the picture the little pink end is also darker on standard. Just take my word for it. So if you're a stickler on making sure all your figures have the same accessories, take care to not get the two confused. Now, seeing as they are both Jalter can they swap faces? Yes, yes they can.


Now, I want to mention this, but the two faces pictured above (each belonging to the other) are the only unique faces the two have. Both their standard and their "disgust" faces are the exact same with some minor differences. I tried to take some pictures but couldn't capture the differences I'm talking about, so I'll explain them. The standard "grin looking forward face" is more sharper on Shinijuku than the standard, and the eyebrows are drawn on to be lighter and not as sinister as the standards. For the "disgust" face, Shinijuku has a blush and her eyebrows are once again painted to be more embarrassed as opposed to, well, disgusted. I mean, it works, but the reuse is kinda blatant here.

So what's my verdict? Well, seeing as I wrote a long article about hyping her of course I'm going to be excited and be,

"Yes! This is an excellent Figma! Buy it!"

However, if you already have a standard Jalter you can pass on this one. While she's a fantastic Figma in her own right, she doesn't really add more than being Jalter in casual clothes. She comes with less accessories and two of the faces are repeats. So unless you're a huge Jalter fan or trying to collect every single Fate Figma out there, you can pass.


Well, that's it for me today. I'm ZF2, signing off. Here's a crab eating a cherry.

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Being Tsundere


I wonder what that writing job is that you have. My only complaint with this Jalter is that the accessories. Would've been great if it included more junk food or alternately posed Salter's Dog but I can't complain much since this is exactly what she only had during the Shinjuku story except probably the drink since it probably came from Salter.

I won't be getting the Berserker Jalter tho. I think two Jalters are enough on the shelf.

Now if they can just a FIGMA Ishtar, Ereshkigal, or maybe some Fate/Kaleid ones like Miyuverse!Shirou
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Gotta love your amazingly funny reviews!
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Fun review! Im curious if your other writing is online.

I’m definitely in the “buy every fate figma” category so she’s someone I bought too!

But amazon JP doesn’t seem to split orders anymore so I will be waiting awhile to get her it seems till the rest of my order is released!
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