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  • I don't think there's any forum for this kind of question. Usually shop questions get deleted, not figure problems. Anyway, if it has an android charger port, just try charging it for a little while.
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    LED(s) will likely be 5v if the cable is USB. If you try to drive a higher voltage LED with 5v it won't light up (or may light up very dimly - depends how under the voltage is). A too-large voltage can fry a lower-voltage LED (they won't be lower than 5v), so starting with 5v is a good ideas then doing some diagnostics if it doesn't light up (including looking for a switch).

    If the LEDs aren't lighting up, chances are you'll need to open it up and do a continuity test (you do this with a multimeter) - find out if any of the LEDs have failed or a wire has come loose. If you know someone with basic electronic skills (or willing to buy a soldering iron and solder, and replacement LEDs if one died) it usually is a fairly easy fix.
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