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A cozy Tuesday good morning to you all!
There is a thin layer of snow and ice on the deck today, and the sun rose revealing a frosted planet. I’m sure that the late morning sun will melt it all away, but there’s no doubt that Winter is Coming! Tee hee.

Stay warm, sip a hot beverage of your choice, and nestle in because this is going to be a longer review than normal. So excited to show this figure!!

Back Story
When you put your list of Most-Wanted figures together, there are always a couple that you throw on the list that subconsciously you just know will never adorn your shelf. Whether it’s the price, availability, or scarcity, there are some figures that you continue to hold out a thin strand of hope for, but ultimately know that it just isn’t going to happen.

When I first saw Battleship Mutsu, I sat and stared at her for what seemed like an hour. Every. Single. Aspect. of her was amazing to me. I was completely mystified by her armaments, as I had never heard of KanColle, but I guessed that there was probably an entire series of similar figures with a warship theme. After a quick search, I learned about the manga, the anime, and the myriad of characters that made up that fictional world, and while there were many characters and figures that I found appealing, none stood up to the feminine power that I saw in the Mutsu figure.

So she went on my most-wanted list, if only to draw my eye from time to time – confident that she would never be a part of my collection.

In early September, however, she popped up on my MFC ad-feed at a very respectable price, and after a couple of messages back and forth with the seller, I was just about convinced to make the purchase. So I went to my wife (who understands my hobby, but isn’t necessarily INTO it the way that I am), and I asked her, “If you had the opportunity to buy one pair of shoes that was really expensive but you really liked them, or three pairs of shoes that were really nice but didn’t wow you, which would you buy?” She smiled a wicked grin at me and said, “What figure are you trying to decide on?” She knows me too well. :)

In the end, I explained my dilemma – spending so much on a single figure (at that time) seemed quite irresponsible, though I’ve spent more since – and her response was just what I needed to hear.

If the figure is worth the money, if it is a good deal, and it might be somewhat difficult to find down the road, get it now, and consider it an investment that also brings you happiness.

So, I bought it, and within a week it was at my doorstep. I don’t think I’ve ever opened a box with more delicacy and excitement – not even as a kid! The following review will have a few more photos than usual and most likely a little more descriptive text, and for that I’ll only partially apologize – she’s worth every word and pixel.


Mutsu - 1/7 – Kantai Collection -- ITEM #194851
Sculptor: Yokota Ken - ENTRY #8617
Vendor: private MFC seller ($215.25 in September of 2019)

The Box
As the figure is pretty massive, the box was easily the largest I’d opened so far. The primary color of the box’s background is a golden mixture with hexagon sparkles – a color pattern that I don’t quite find fitting with the character. I was expecting something with more of a nautical theme, and while there are a large assortment of gear and wheel images spread around the box, there doesn’t appear to be any “cause” for the color. Perhaps the manufacturer is toying with the notion of sun-dappled waves at dawn or dusk – I don’t know. If anyone has words to offer in the way of clarification, I’d love to hear the explanation.

The box has several decent photos of the figure within, and there are two circular windows (one on the front and one on the top) through which you can get a glimpse of the gal within.

The blister packaging and plastic separators were intricate and well thought-out for a figure of this nature. With so many pieces, and so much content to package in the same confined space, they did a great job of separating everything between isolated blister panels and plastic sheets or baggies. Suffice it to say, this figure was well-protected within and emerged in pristine condition.


The Figure
The figure comes with an instruction sheet visually describing the various methods in which you can display the figure – there are a couple of options for the collector which are showcased in the photos below.


The figure comes with two bases, identical in every way other than size. The smaller of the two presents the figure in a very stable manner, but if you try to use it with the fully-assembled “battleship” Mutsu, you’re going to get some wobble every time you open the door to your display case. This is solved by using the larger base when displaying the full figure.

The metal peg and small toe platform offer great stability for the figure in both cases.


Mutsu’s upper body comes as a single piece, separating just beneath the bottom edge of her mid-riff top.


Mutsu’s right leg is a cleverly-crafted piece that allows for her upper body to be attached, while the collector gets to choose which of two left legs is used (a little further down).


Depending on how you want to display Mutsu, you have two choices of left leg. The first (on the right) is plain and works with the non-battleship Mutsu, while the second (on the left) is meant for the full assembly and includes a beautiful anchor and chain that wind up the leg and attach to the armaments.

The square holes on the bottom of each option create a tight fit with the base pegs, and the balance of the entire figure (on one leg) is really impressive!


At Mutsu’s waist you have basically three options for display: nothing (which reveals her cute white knickers – oddly reminiscent to me of Ripley from the final act of the 1979 film, Alien), a simple miniskirt that fits the uniform motif of her character, or the same miniskirt with attached battleship armaments. Both of the skirt options fit the figure unbelievably well, and as stated above, balance on the figure’s hips like a dream. Fantastic sculpting and design work!


Reviewer's Notes
Overall Sculpt
We’ll start with the trimmed-down version of the figure and go from there.

The body sculpt on this figure is hands-down the most feminine design and style I’ve ever seen. While not staying strictly inside the guidelines of a realistic shape in all areas, it still flows in a way that is really powerful, appealing, and beautiful.


From the color and styling of the burgundy knee-high socks, to the tight fit of her knickers, her legs are presented in a stunning display of confident power, poise, and grace. By the way, this figure has the “soft skin” that I had read so much about, and upon the first touch, I was quite intrigued by the manner with which they produce is surface texture. It is amazingly soft when compared with the smooth, glossy surface of typical plastic or PVC.


The styling of Mutsu’s booties is typical of the characters in the series, and I love the use of ship’s rudders as the heels – a genius addition worthy of Alexander McQueen!


The sculpt of Mutsu’s knickers is perfect, with the straps on the sides nestling into her hips, and the coverage portions covering just enough to keep her modest. She has an amazing profile – just look at the wave of movement/pose from her ankle-to-her-hip-through-her-back-over-her-shoulder-and-into-her-neck-and-head!


This is probably the most realist derierre in my collection – absolutely a gorgeous sculpt!


The gloved hands are an aspect that I find masterful. Their poses, placement, and femininity are perfect!


The view of Mutsu’s alternate profile reveals the one aspect that doesn’t reach a perfect mark for me – her bosom. Understanding that this figure matches the character as it was developed in the manga/anime, I’m not going to complain about the size of her breasts. The inclusion of rather bulbous nipples, though, is a little bit of a question-mark for me. I understand that nipples come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s realistic at times to give their impression through the clothing on a figure, but in this case, I think it feels a little … gratuitous. There is “stretch” sculpted into the fabric of her top to denote its tightness, so I don’t feel like the presentation of erect (yet vague) nipples is even “realistic” in this case. Might just be me, but it’s the only aspect of the entire figure that I don’t really love.


Mutsu’s face, hair, and antenna masts are phenomenal! There is great contemplation to her facial expression, and it’s sculpted so delicately and beautifully. Her hair shows just the hint of a breeze as it her bangs and back tresses sway away from her head.


Adding the miniskirt to the figure presents an almost whimsical tone to her pose. It looks like she could be “strutting her stuff” past a crowd of onlookers who can’t help but notice her every perfect curve. The miniskirt itself is a beautiful sculpt complete with pleated panels swaying with her movement and a brass floral buckle below her navel.


The only trick to getting this figure to look great in its fully-assembled battle configuration was in the winding and assembly of the chain from the anchor at Mutsu’s left calf to the appropriate slot on her right hip. Following the directions got me most of the way there, but as it the case so many times, there appears to be a step missing somewhere because I just couldn’t get the chain to keep from sagging down to Mutsu’s calf. These photos will give you an idea of the course I followed, and I’m pretty satisfied with the presentation when she is displayed in the case.


And then you get to the full assembly.


The turret and hull shape of Mutsu’s armaments are stunningly presented, and the fact that there isn’t a glossy surface on the entire figure speaks to the deadly functionality of Mutsu’s namesake (the Japanese battleship Mutsu). The turrets are mounted on a swinging hinge, and each barrel is also adjustable.


And finally, the seam at the top of the head is present, but it’s built into a natural wave of Mutsu’s hair, a little behind the headband of masts she wears.


There’s really not much to say here. The painting of this figure is absolute perfection!

The colors are strong and bold without being overly bright. The skin and hair tone are amazingly attractive together, and when combined with the wardrobe, Mutsu is a beauty in muted, deep reds and browns. The complimentary shades of these colors that are used in the armaments are fantastic and do a great job of separating the character from her machinery.


There isn’t a single smudge or flaw in her presentation, from the top of her head to the tip of her toe on the base.


I think that this face is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen sculpted so far. The shape of the nose, the line of the lips (with just a hint of color there), and the design and shape of her eyes resting just beneath her waving bangs is just intoxicating.


Overall Presentation
Simply put … feminine power!
Even without the armaments, Mutsu will blow you out of the water!
She’s massive on the shelf (make plenty of room for her), but her muted tones make her a good addition to just about any shelf with assorted characters. She is now the benchmark by which I judge all figures.

I’ve chosen three figures for comparisons to Mutsu – all three for size and character.

The first comparison is with my previously tallest figure – Evangelion Shin Gekijouban: Q - Ayanami Rei (Flare) -- ITEM #463483

I had thought that no figure would really give me a better sense of flirtatious condescension that Rei gives in this pose, but I’m pretty sure that Mutsu has done it. And it’s not a look that necessarily rules you out as an interest – it’s actually an inviting look. While they both appear to be daring you to come “play” with them, I think that Mutsu’s general presentation indicates that she might actually have fun while destroying you. LOL

This is a great example of two premium figures being presented in quite a different method – the use of the glossy paint on Rei is indicative of her character and the plugsuit she wears in her story, while the matte finish of Mutsu speaks to the wear and tear of her near-constant battles at sea.


The second comparison is another juxtaposition of power in leading women who move with confidence and elegance at all times -- NieR: Automata - YoRHa No. 2 Type B - Regular Edition (Flare, Square Enix) -- ITEM #549472

I thought that Mutsu would eternally be my tallest figure (even as a 1/7 scale), but I recently acquired 2B (review to come), and she really towers over my entire collection.

What I like most about these two standing together is their shared deadliness. While Mutsu is definitely more inviting – her feminine wiles are working overtime in her pose – both females are deadly intent on survival and a successful completion of their missions. These two figures are absolute top-of-the-line products that I am simply dumbstruck to own.


The third comparison may look a bit comical, and even though they are derived from two different series, they are sister souls on my shelf -- Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio - Takao - 1/8 - Bunny Style, Black Elegance (Ques Q) -- ITEM #485235

When considering the difference between 1/7 scale and 1/8 scale, I don’t think that there is a more drastic size difference in my collection than this pairing.

Both beautiful in their own way, they’re deadly at sea … and on land.


Lessons Learned
When it comes time to decide where you want your money to go, I now believe that it’s better to put it where your heart will follow. Unless your collection is an ever-growing pile of boxed beauties awaiting appreciation in value, you’re going to be looking at your display (large or small) A LOT, and what you see there needs to bring you joy. For me, this was the perfect example of quality over quantity, and I will never choose the other road.

Thanks for sticking with me through that long read!

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or comments! I love hearing from you all!

Until next time!
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WOW. i love the sculpt of her stomach. she has such a nicely sculpted natural body ... besides her breasts, which something about them in the shirt just reminds me of marshmallows which might not be a bad thing.

beautiful figure and i wouldn't be able to display her without all of her accessories. i love the chain around her leg. i also love her posing, she manages to be incredibly alluring without trying too hard. i think it's the placement of her outstretched hand.

thanks for the awesome review as usual!
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