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So in light of the previous polls, I was curious about where fellow collectors on MFC stood on some of the current issues :)

To kick things off, I thought what better current issue to focus than global warming. Do pick the one that best identifies with your position.


If you have not taken part in the previous polls, head on here and do participate (Thank you for everyone who participated)

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My plan is to compile a summary article of all the poll results in the end :)
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Which of the following best describes your position on Global Warming

81%Global warming is real and humans are a major contributor
5%Global warming is real, but human contribution is insignificant
3%Global warming is fake news
5%Undecided since its not my expertise, and Academics today promote any view that gives them grants
2%Undecided since I have seen the evidence, and both sides sound true
5%I do not care if global warming is real, getting through the day is tough enough!!
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