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I'm a more or less broke high schooler that spends all her money on figures. So I've been wondering whether anyone elses collection is mainly made of preowned figures. About half of my collection is preowned and I've been doing this for a while so I know where to get some crazy deals by now. I guess I just wanted to share some tipps in case anyone is interested

1. Know the average prices of things and their rarity
I personally know at least the ratio of what each figure is worth and how rare they are. If you are unsure you can also check this forum anytime lol I mean it's fairly easy. Sometimes figures seem clearly overcharged but if you know how rare they are they might not actually be that overcharged anymore. It depends from figure to figure and can't really be determined overall

2. Check everyday for new figures
You never know when a good deal might come across so just check often I guess

3. ALWAYS check for pictures/ stickers and read their bio
You need to be very careful while buying preowned figures. You could buy a broken or bootleg figure. The best thing to avoid that is 1. check whether the figure has any stickers on the box that indicate the authenticy 2. if unsure always ask the seller whether its a bootleg and/ or for more pictures. They are more likely to name more details if asked directly 3. ask for the boy if it isn't shown. I wouldn't recommend buying a figure if it's being sold without a box but sometimes I even do it if it's only prize figures or chibis that are dirt cheap

4. Know where to look
Sites like mandarake or AmiAmi sell preowned Figures and even tell you which condition the figure is in, that's a good place to get them from. But from what I've learned they aren't exactly much cheaper than usual but it's good if you are looking for something specific. My biggest advice to give is look for local seller (in your country I mean) I personally like to use ebay Kleinanzeigen (something like craigslist, German squad ayy) but as I already said only buy a figure if you are SURE that it's an ORIGINAL. Being careful is the key here. Sometimes it's risky but you must know what to do with your money and it's your own choice. I personally don't buy figures unless I'm sure 100% sure it's an original because I don't want a single bootleg in my collection. MFC is also a good place to look but I've never bought anything here because the most stuff I want is located in America and there is often no point in getting a cheap Figure if the shipping is gonna cost me 25€+

Overall buying preowned figures CAN be amazing because it's more likely to get good deals and more importantly some figures are only available preowned because they are sold out everywhere else.
It can be an issue though that you are more likely to make impulse buys for stuff you don't really want. I bought a lot of stuff on impulse when I started but I've strayed away from it the more I collected because I've realized just how expensive this hobby really is even with preowned figures and budgeting is necessary to get the figures you really want.

Buying second hand is always connected to luck because you never know when and what is gonna show up so I wouldn't solely depend on it.

I just wanted to Share some thoughts and tipps on how to save a few bucks on figure collecting
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Do you buy preowned Figures?

62%Yes, a good portion of my collection is preowned
4%No, I only want new figures
4%No, but I've looked for deals
1%No, it's too risky for me
28%Yes, but only occasionaly
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Its to see someone also in high school collecting figures! About half of my collection is pre-owned prize figures (My parents like that they look good and are cheap) But I have about 10 scales... I have a part time job 5 days a week for this hobby.
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I started off buying only pre-owned years ago. Even if you've got the money to buy everything new it's still smart to go pre-owned sometimes. Let's face it, with the rising prices reaching critical mass, it's not exactly smart to buy EVERYTHING new right when they're not even worth the bloated costs now in terms of material and labor costs. There's also the benefit of having the piece of merch inspected, which is a god send when you're trying to buy something from a manufacturer with spotty quality.

I may have started out with pre-owned because I didn't have much of an income back then, but even now with disposable income I still go pre-owned whenever possible. I've saved THOUSANDS in the past couple of years since the price hikes, plus I feel like I'm actually getting the products for the price they should have been all along. Items that rose in price on the aftermarket not included.
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skylinedo BANNED
I prefer preowned b/c they've been inspected and priced accordingly. Esp if the manufacturer is questionable. It pisses me off when I get a defective item after buying brand new! Man, at this rate I might get pregnant!
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Aftermarket prices have been weird the past year or so, so I've been PO-ing more than usual, but still only stuff I really, really want. Aside from that, I counted and 31 out of 46 of my scales are pre-owned, and all five of my nendos are--pretty much all of them are either from Solaris or MFC users.

I don't think there's really a stigma attached to second-hand figures, nor should there be. Especially when it comes to figures that are a couple of years old, it doesn't make sense to spend extra money when I'm just going to take it out of the box anyway. Plus, I dunno, there's some element of community to it, especially when you're talking to an MFC user who wants to "rehome" a figure. Like sure, you care about these things because they're expensive, but also because somebody really cared for them and now it's your turn. I think that's nice.
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Buying pre-owned is my go-to method. Like you, I also started in high school, and even though figures were a lot cheaper back then, I couldn't afford new. Even though now I have a good income, I still mainly collect pre-owned because I don't see any benefit to pre-ordering unless I feel the figure will be hard to find later or I don't feel like tracking it down. I find pre-owned figures are usually in very good condition, and the joy of finding a great deal or winning a bid war on Yahoo Auctions is euphoric.
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if i gonna buy 2nd hand waifu the first site i looked up either:
mandarake, amiami, or yahoo auction.
because usually you got good condition waifu with reasonable prize. if i didnt find it, usually search in local store/communities so i could see the real condition of waifu. why i put japan site on priority? simple. their standard rate for waifu condition is way beter than local store here
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Yup, buying preowned figures is a good way to safe money and acquire figures that have been released. I think having a basic skill to fix things up or do some touchups is nice if you are on this route. I learned the basic of painting figures from Jin Saotome's tutorial, I find that really informative and recommend it to everyone. After knowing the techniques, it's only a matter of following the original painter's scheme.
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When first started I bought new from a few US vendors. Thanks to the worldwide audience that is MFC I learned there was better opportunity buying direct from Japan, eliminate the mainland middleman, get stuff 2 months sooner, gag at the shipping rates. With AmiAmi I discovered pre-own: cool stuff, reasonable price. And upon receipt quickly learned pre-own items were as good as "new". Part of my collection in my early years was playing catch up on franchises I watched which had to be via Pre-Own, no way would I find it laying around new unless it was a contrived warehouse find of old stock.

AmiAmi pre-own is also good for analyzing what to ask for a saleable figure. There or eBay sold prices brought usually give me a reasonable baseline determinant.
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I was really into buying pre-owned figures when I first started collecting, but in recent years I've shifted to pre-ordering and buying new figures more often (probably in part due to my fear of aftermarket craziness). I think it really depends on when you start collecting; the later you enter the hobby, the more likely it is that there will be figures that you want in pre-owned sections at reasonable prices, simply due to the greater selection available. The longer you're in the hobby, the more likely it is that you've purchased most (if not all) of the figures you really wanted that have already been released and begin to focus instead on new releases.
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I buy pre owned figures , as long they are sealed not opened . I don’t mind box damage with reduced price .
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