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November finally brought some of the items I was most excited to get. I was excited to get both Jibs and Schwi in the same month - especially, Schwi because I had watched NGNL kind of late and had missed her pre-order window, but AmiAmi popped her back up in stock way before her original release date and I jumped on it so quickly. So, it was a really really really good month, best girl Jibs, plus literal perfection Schwi and everything else.

AmiAmi Order

We’ll start with Schwi - now one the parts to her wing did come popped out, getting that back to where it belonged was hard because of all her hair. Anyway, this was probably the scariest figure I’ve ever had to unbox. There was a lot of tape, so much protection and it was just scary, but they did a great job packaging her. I could not be happier with how she came out, she is easily one of my favorite figures now, she’s just too gorgeous.

Next is best girl Jibs! My only real problem with this figure is god damn her base is big. I’m disappointed not to be able to really use it because it takes up like a whole shelf, but I think I might be able to use it with her bunny figure ;D as the bunny figure will take up just as much room, providing she fits on the base anyway, I think it’ll be a nice touch when the bunny Jibs does get released anyway. It was a little hard to actually get her hand to stay in, but outside of that, ahh so glad to finally have my fav girl in a figure outside of her nendoroid.

Last for figures from AmiAmi is Nadeshiko’s nendoroid. I was glad she got a rerelease as I regretted not pre ordering her the first time around.

Then, I also got three Attack on Titan art books - cause obvi I needed all three lol.

That rounds out AmiAmi for this month.

Lunar Toy Store

So all three things came in at once - it was a very Slime purchase.


First up, is the Rimuru Ichiban Kuji. While overall I am pleased with them, there were a few disappointments, I thought they would be heavier and the slime has some pretty noticeable seam lines, but I’m happy to have him as he is super cute and I love the playfulness of the figure. And then we have Milim. She can technically be displayed without her base but I imagine she’d fall over pretty easily. She’s pretty cute too, glad to have her as well.

Then I wasn’t going to get the nendoroids, I didn’t much care for the one face on Rimuru, but I caved because I love the series. Such a sucker I am.


First up, after many many many delays is Vol 9 of No Game No Life - now to wait for Vol 10 next year, ah the waiting game is intense. Also, after reading this, I have to say this was quite literally the funniest volume to date.

Next up is the 2nd steel book bluray for YuYu Hakusho with my best boy Hiei on it. I love how as you can see in the pictures, the art work connects to make a group image. I really love the art cards the sets are coming with, I should get frames for all of them.

After what seems like forever, there were at least a few delays, finally CCS Clear Card 6 came!

Kyo Kara Maoh! R - the, I think it’s 5 OVA’s for the series. One season to go and I’ll have it all, ahh, so exciting.https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/30/2340202.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/30/2340203.jpeg

BigBadToy Store

I was so looking forward to this Megumin as she’s just adorable and she did not disappoint! One can never have too many Megumin’s right? Right!

This technically wasn’t for me, as it was a Christmas present ordered for my brother by two of my friends (they’re like family), but she came missing her skirt and when I emailed BBTS they said to keep her as is (I thought I’d have to ship her back) and they’ll ship out a replacement. They responded so fast and were really pleasant to deal with. So, she’s pretty cute even without her skirt.



Fruits Basket! God, I was so excited to see this Limited Edition Part 1 set go up (Part 2 just went up and man pre ordered that super fast) I love that it’s coming with replicas of the Zodiac Set, including Tohru as an Onigiri, plus art cards and ahh, it’s beautiful. This has always been one of my favorite series so this makes me happy on so so so many levels.


Also, I sort of bought these two Konosuba flyers and got three free. They were cheap, so I figured why not.


Anime NYC Haul

Phew! Usually, when I do cons I go one of the days this year I went for all three! It was pretty crazy/hectic, but it was also a lot of fun. I’ve been going to Anime NYC since they started (which this is only it’s third year) and this year was just crazy. They had a lot of good stuff going on.

I didn’t actually buy any figures there this year - I did see one booth with Kotobukiya’s Yoko scale on sale for $300 LOL - but, it was a lot of fun. I was excited to see Good Smile there this year, the only things they were selling that I’d have wanted were items I already had though, so sadly didn’t buy anything from them.

Day 1

Friday was kind of a throw away day. It was honestly spent mostly in lines, lines to get our concert tickets, line to get in, the line to get the pre-signed Vofan art book at Kinokuniya, then a Shonen Jump panel with the creators of Dr. Stone. Then there was some wandering around before lining up for the concert.

The concert was honestly amazing - True & Jam Project were honestly so great. The Love Live fans were out in full force, damn, what a group.

Anyway, I didn’t buy much/do much on Friday because of the lines and having other things to do.

These were freebie items/handed out.
Technically, the concert act cards came with the concert bag so I’m not sure it really counts as a freebie as you needed to buy a ticket to get it. But, the Dr. Stone thing was handed out at the Shonen Jump panel and is some weird tattoo sleeve thing.

I was glad I made it to Yen Press in time to get the Megumin button they were giving out. I went while my brother was in a Colorful Dreams panel and next time I saw the booth they didn’t have anymore out

The bag that came with the concert tickets.

Vofan’s art book Colorful Dreams autographed with Collectible Enamel pin.

And then one of two things I bought in artist alley this super cute Naru keychain!

And this CCS clear file folder - first time I ever saw clear file folders for sale in an artist alley

Day 2

Saturday was CRAZY busy. Getting through the artist alley was honestly so much work. But, it was also the day I bought the most because I did the artist alley. There were more freebies and other purchases. I myself didn’t do any panels.

Some Freebie Posters - Boku No Hero & Attack on titan (plus button).

Next a little advertisement card for A Silent Voice, plus two buttons - the keychain came as a freebie with a manga purchase and I was given it by my brother. A friend gave me the Fire Force button that they got from another booth.

Two Shirts - because I needed more Konosuba stuff, lol.

Some supercute keychains!

Also, super cute stickers.

And then the man event all the art prints I got. I totally don’t already have two Megumin prints on my wall. Nope. Not I.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/20/2335241.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/20/2335242.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/20/2335243.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/20/2335244.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/20/2335245.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/20/2335246.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/20/2335247.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/20/2335248.jpeg

Day 3

I didn’t do much on day 3 / buy much on Sunday. It was kind of an easy day, my brother had an autograph to get and I kinda just did w/e. I only bought three keychains and the LE of No Game No Life Zero.


The lady at the Good Smile booth came over while I was looking at their display and asked if I collected a lot of Nendoroids. I was like “.... yes and figures” anyway, got a little booklet with some of their items and a flyer for their photo contest

And then NGNL Zero - I have the NGNL steel book on pre order so I didn’t really need this, because that comes with show + movie, except, I needed it.

The keychains.

And thus the end. I didn’t take a lot of other pictures but here are a few, obviously, had to take a pictures of beautiful Schwi.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/18/2334195.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/18/2334196.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/11/18/2334206.jpeg

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Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
Maakie6 mese/i fa#75991555
I'm really hoping the also add a Kyo since he also wasn't included in the tv set. My heart will be broken if we don't get a Kyo :C

Thank you! Conventions are so fun to get things outside of figures/fan made stuff. I just look at the prices of figures and am like LOL Nope
6 mese/i fa
My heart melted when I saw the onigiri Toohru~ <3

And so much nice loot, thanks for sharing! :D I especially like the t-shirts you got!
6 mese/i fa
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
Belle_Reve9 mese/i fa#71608786
You're welcome :) I was so glad to get the bluray's because I feel like while you can find it online its not the easiest to find online. And that's me too the sets were too nice not to buy so now I just have two YYH sets but thats okay because its a fav and I love it a lot.

Yeah I wouldn't want to do that either then I would def stay in the city to make life a lot easier. There was some Bravo con going on that weekend as well LOL

Do you need to ask for time off that much in advance? I plan on buying tickets this year much earlier than I have in the past because of all the stuff they added so better safe than sorry.

I remember reading something somewhere about there being something special for everyone who bought all nine of them, I guess I'll have to dig around again to see if I can find it.
9 mese/i fa
ChibiSaturn9 mese/i fa#71312234

Thank you for the link! I'm excited to catch up and read the light novels =D I also just ordered the KKM OVAs on bluray, and ended up rebuying YYH on bluray (even though I own the original DVD releases).

Haha sometimes parents can be super overprotective.. like, there's no need for an escort lol... and if there's no reason to spend NYC hotel prices, then definitely good not to. We needed to, because even when I lived in Fort Lee, it was a long commute which was too draining to do every day, especially in cosplay (~hour subway or bus even though it's right outside the city).

Good that your boss is super chill about taking time off! I've already been approved for time off for next year's AnimeNYC, Thursday-Monday haha

I don't think there'll be a bonus or anything for those who buy all the CCS Collector's Editions, but the 9 cards when arranged in a certain way make a larger image like a puzzle. I guess that's why they chose it (and were too lazy to make their own so just used one that had already been made).
9 mese/i fa
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
Jess-chan9 mese/i fa#71366151
That's unfortunate. Sunday was busy but by far the easiest day to get around, it wasn't super crazy and there was a drastic different to the crowd it had on Saturday
9 mese/i fa
ChibiSaturn9 mese/i fa#71275865There was sooo much this year. In the end I was glad to have gone all three days because there was no way I would have been able to get it all done in a day this year.
Saturday we finished the artist alley which ugh was busy and a little sloppily laid out this year but okay
Then sunday it was the exhibitor booths which god sooo many of those

I would have loved to stay longer or even go on Sunday but since the SIR wasn't running and having to take the shuttle bus (which for some reason buses and I don't get along...) I didn't feel too good ;-;
9 mese/i fa
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
Belle_Reve9 mese/i fa#71312215
Now that you mention it... I can kind of see what you mean LOL I love Wolfram, he came such a long way and such great character development. And their Bearbees and Greta and all of it together. Also here's where I was reading the light novels <3

I hope next year they get the artist alley back to a reasonable set up, even the years prior it was crowded but the aisles were much, much bigger.

They def should have been checking bags too. I have NO idea why they didn't bomb/drug sniffing dogs really aren't going to do it in the society we live in these days.

I only live about a 20minute train ride from the city and then it was a 5-10 minute walk. My mom tho, keep in mind I'm 27 and my brother is 18, we had the concert and she was freaking out "Maybe you should stay in a hotel in the city Friday night" I was like .... why am I going to spend all that money on a hotel when I can come home? LOL
Then she was like "Oh maybe Kevin and I will drive into the city for dinner and wait for you to finish" I told her not to xD

Nah, people were a whole different level of rude/pushy this year it was kind of hectic/a little awful.

When I asked for monday off I told my boss "I could come in but I don't want to honestly" LOL I never ask for off and she's really chill when I do ask for off. Friday we ended up picking up pokemon at game stop and catching a train into the city right away because we had tickets to pick up.

Weird. I wonder what the special something for people who buy all 8 or was it 9 is going to be.
9 mese/i fa
ChibiSaturn9 mese/i fa#71276106

Slapping someone is still the best way to get engaged in my mind. Talking about it on the stream actually got my bf curious about it and we watched quite a bit of it. He now understands more of my references as well as why I've always considered the character designs/personalities of the Yuuri on ice characters as knock-off KKM characters. I've cosplayed both my fav blond boys (Yurio and Wolfram), and still consider them essentially long-lost cousins

Even the artists were complaining this year with the setup. One artist I follow on IG who vended there actually made a video on why she's not returning to sell there next year. Super agree on the lack of checking bags.. I'm so used to them checking that every time I walked in I'd have my bag open and they would just wave me through and not even bother looking. My bf walked his prop swords in and out all day and never once got checked. Security was surprisingly lax for how big of a con they became.

Luckily for me, we were staying at a hotel down the street (I live in NJ, it was much more convenient to stay in the city due to cosplay), so I never actually stood on a bathroom line there. But I did wait for some of my friends, and that took forever and a half. And it wasn't even one of the bathrooms in the dealers hall, it was downstairs.

So it wasn't just me who thought people were super pushy this year. When I was in cosplay, people gave me more space, but when I was in normal clothing I was getting pushed left and right. I assumed it was just that people give cosplayers a little more space, but I guess not.

Playing Pokemon all day isn't adulting?? I'm pretty sure it is. I actually ended up taking Thursday through Monday off, and it was nice to be able to get into the city early on Thursday, settle in, and just slowly get ready for the con on Friday. Taking Mondays off after cons has become my norm now, because I genuinely do need a day (or three) to recoup after a con weekend.

I do love the CCS Collectors Editions. I agree on the cards, I was expecting clow cards with CCS characters, similar to what they did for other versions. However, what they ARE releasing as the cards are actually pieces of a puzzle from one of the trading card sets released years ago which is all CLAMP artwork - it's known as the Sakura Chapter set. I actually own those cards, the only difference is they took the backs from the first set, the Clow Chapter (the backs of the Sakura Chapter cards have Sakura's magic circle, the backs of the Clow Chapter cards have Clow's magic circle). So it's kind of bizarre for me since I already have these cards haha
9 mese/i fa
ChibiSaturn9 mese/i fa#71312117Thank you! I was happy to find one I liked. Have a sweater on preorder from amiami with him on it too.
That's great! : ) , I hope you enjoy the sweater, they have lots of nice designs with him on there.
9 mese/i fa
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
BlazeDazzleDusk9 mese/i fa#71312085Amazing loot, I love all the slime stuff you got, that Rimuru shirt is really awesome!
Thank you! I was happy to find one I liked. Have a sweater on preorder from amiami with him on it too.
9 mese/i fa
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