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Hello fellow collectors! (●o’∪`o)ノ―♪`*.+

Well, it's almost a brand new year. I can happily say this has been one of my best in a good while. I started graduate level online classes, got a job I've been wanting for the past two years, and of course, grew my collection. I hit 100 figures! ヾ(*′○`)ヾ And I'm here to share the figures that got me there. So let's get into what I got from where my last article left off in August.

As always, I state where I got my purchases from, occasionally state how much it costs if it was a good deal (or a not so good one), and share pictures. I got a lot of stuff to show, so this loot won't be picture heavy. However, some will be edited enough to make you cringe. I apologize in advance. u__u

Late August

Black Panther (T'Challa) DX Infinity War Version: ITEM #806088

Masotan: ITEM #740157

The price on my Wakanda King went significantly down some time after he was released. So I ended up getting him on AmiAmi instead of waiting for his US release. He and the next Marvel Cinematic Universe nendo actually cost more in US shops. Probably because they're US franchises. I'm glad they finally gave my boy two face plates but they really couldn't give us a Wakanda salute arm piece? :/

As for Masotan, I should have waited for this guy. He's nearly half his price on AmiAmi now. I suppose his sales weren't good. I really love my little dragon though. His armor is mainly attached via magnets so that was a first for me. They stay put pretty well.



What a good boy.


Captain America (Steve Rogers) Infinity Wars DX Version: ITEM #806086

Kafuu Chino: ITEM #287708

Kakyoin Noriaki: ITEM #729564

Wonder Woman (Diana Prince): ITEM #600426

Miki Sayaka: ITEM #88081

Kirima Syaro: ITEM #675904

Hoto Cocoa: ITEM #549357

Ujimatsu Chiya: ITEM #675906

Tedeza Rize: ITEM #675905

Dio Brando: ITEM #806023

Damn, I just realized I brought ten figures September. You can bet I say hi and thank you to my mailman when I see him.


Cap was brought from CDJapan when I discovered LunarToy had him at preorder for around $90. Might as well go with the Japanese distributor then. This Steve smiles. And is blond! Debating getting the End Game Captain America too just to give him his more complete/iconic costume.

I wasn't originally going to buy Kakyoin to save money. But I had dollars to spare thanks to my summer job, so I got cherry boy from BigBadToy Store. He's one of those nendos that makes me go "Why didn't I get you sooner?" I love the mold of his fancy hair.


I managed to snag all the "Is the Order a Rabbit?" gals much faster than I thought I would. \(T∇T)/ This all thanks to users here on MFC. One sold Chino by herself for about 60 USD, free shipping. Another sold me the rest of the cutie crew for 220 CAD, which valued at about 170 in USD. Wonder Woman and Sayaka were also brought on MFC, Sayaka only going for $25. I'm fortunate to yet have a bad experience buying on this website because I do it quite often.


The cafe girls come with quite a bit of accessories. Cocoa with her pink camera is life. I already scuffed Rize's tea pot tho when it fell on the floor and I stepped on it…. May either repaint it or seek a replacement.

Sayaka is so pretty in person, maybe because she's a mix of blue, gold, white, and silver but I adore her, especially this pose:


I can also pair Wonder Woman with Batman now. Thanks Justice League Unlimited for making me ship them.


Lastly, my only preorder this month was big tiddy vampire dad himself, Dio. He sticks out so much on my bookshelf because of his mustard yellow fit. God I love this tacky piece of scum. Still waiting on those replacement faceplates with his correct ear lobe moles. May mess around with the old extras in the future.



America (Alfred F. Jones): ITEM #776021

Ram: ITEM #485604

Minase Shizue (!NSFW!): ITEM #547893

Todoroki Shoto: ITEM #802593

Tachibana Makoto: ITEM #214078

Not as much as September but still super productive for me. I was so hyped when I learned Alfred Fuckyeah! Jones was getting a nendoroid but the actual product underwhelmed me. I decided not to preorder and sit on it for a while. After he came out and I had time to get used to him, I decided to get him. Luckily, a kind user on MFC sold him to me for about a little over 50 USD. He's cuter in person than his photos tbh. Also his hamburger looks like the big, juicy, gourmet kind. I'm glad he has at least some taste.


I finally got Ram months after I got Rem. I'm a normie who obviously prefers the blue twin. But I do like the difference in their skin tones. Ram has a more rosy undertone to hers than her more cool toned sister. Plus, she's pink. That's like my second favorite color.


I apologize for the horrible lighting and flash on this one

Now this purchase was a big deal for me because I'd been eyeing her for months. I assumed she'd get a re-release until I learned Alter doesn't really do that! Plus her price was going up.

I've never owned a NSFW figure before. I had also never spent more than $99 on a single figure. But I figured I might as well start with Shizue when I saw her being sold on MFC. She's articulated, which while others hated, aligned with my hobby interest, and her freaking design makes me go "hnnnngh". She's cute and sexy and I love her. Native's quality is no joke. Her paint job is crisp and without error, something I'm not used to. I can't display her without this barbie jacket though because family is a thing I have to deal with again. But she'll be free, one day.


October was also the month my son finally came home. I remember everyone was freaking out about his preorders, myself included, thanks to the mess that was Midoriya and Bakugou. Luckily, Todoroki was smooth sailing and I think you can even still order him AmiAmi.

He doesn't come with much, I'll tell you that much. But his sculpt is perfect. I like the way his torso is jointed better than the other two heroes in training. Compared to Bakugou, he's easier to fiddle with as well. In short, he’s simple but I would still recommend getting him if you're a fan.


My last purchase for October was a spur of the moment one. ChibiChopShop sells complete figures now. And they had a complete $30 Makoto figma without his box. Seeing as I kind of dislike figma boxes (my Konata doesn't count!), I was totally on board and ordered him. Sometimes his bare shoulders look odd and my friend says his head is too small for his body. I personally disagree on her head size take but I sure am glad he only cost $30. His middle feels loose but other than that, I'm stoked to have him. He chilled on my bed for two weeks till I moved him, for fear I'd roll over and damage him.


I wish they'd make Free! nendos....


Haruno Sakura: ITEM #594460

Holo: ITEM #464725

Riza Hawkeye: ITEM #633912

Uchiha Sasuke: ITEM #455377

Jack Skellington: ITEM #549132

Here comes another one I was on the fence about. It really irks me that the other Team Seven members come with so much and then Sakura came with diddly squat. But her price was going up. I suppose I was paranoid of her being the only member to not get a re-release, so I paid that $80 like the clown that I am. But she's super pretty though my gosh! She was ordered on Amazon through LunarToy's shop there.


My AmiAmi preorder for the month of harvest was none other than the wise wolf herself, Holo! I'm happy they decided to re-release her because I was ready to drop another $80 on her. I love her ears too much to display her with her equally adorable hat. I'll put it on eventually. Till then my queen will enjoy her apple fangs, ears, and tail out.


After receiving Holo, Amazon offered me a 30 day trial of Amazon Prime. Knowing I'm 90% safe ordering nendos from Amazon itself, I went why the heck not? Riza, Sasuke, and Jack are all from Amazon, as well as a few December purchases. Side note: never order from an Amazon shop that was a rating lower than 98%. Heck even 98 is pushing it for me. I mostly stick to Amazon itself, it's the safest way to avoid bootlegs (though I have read stories. Always be cautious).

All of my purchases turned out authentic fortunately. I'd been putting off Riza for a while so felt good to finally have her. She's lovely and I'm happy they included Black Hayate with her.

Sasuke I begrudgingly got because his price was rising, and I knew if I waited I'd be paying more than what I paid for his wife. He looks really sharp though and he has a lot to give. I have quite a love/hate relationship with this character but his nendo is worth it.

Last purchase, before the very month of Christmas, was Jack Skellington. He's such a unique nendo, even towers over most of them. He's another one I got because, you guessed it, I was afraid of his price going up. Turns out it wasn't but I brought him anyway. Seeing as I don't celebrate Christmas or Halloween (due to my upbringing) Nightmare Before Christmas was always a fun movie for me. It combined the two holidays my parents taught against and created something new, so I felt no guilt watching it. Also Jack is fun to pose. Be careful though; due to his skinniness, he feels more fragile than most.



Akemi Homura: ITEM #75488

Sakura Kyouko: ITEM #90185

Japan (Honda Kiku): ITEM #512120

Nitocris: ITEM #739696

Houjou Suzu: ITEM #542507

Giorno Giovanna: ITEM #806018

Uraraka Ochaco: ITEM #849594

Ah, the last month of the year. I've been frivolous in my spending on other things besides nendos but what can I say? I love going out with family and friends this time of year. I started off with buying Kyouka and Homura from a fellow MFC user this month. I only have Miss Mami left before I complete my PMMM line (not sure if I really want Nagisa). Kyouko is a lovely red, I do like adding warmer colors to my collection. I wish Homura came with a smiling expression so she can lovingly gaze at Madoka.


There's been a recent announcement for a World Stars Japan which I was all for as the original was selling for way too much. Luckily, I happened upon a MFC user selling him for $60, which is crazy because I lowkey gave up on getting him. He’s pretty nice but I’m glad I got him for $60 because I’m not sure he’s worth his current inflated price.


Nitocris was brought on Amazon for a decent price and she’s the first figure I got that was from a franchise I don't watch and/or play. But I love Nitocris' (and Ozymandias') design and I know a bit about them thanks to research and youtube videos. She’s so lovely, her design is stellar. This is also not pictured because I’m a good Christian girl, but she’s the first nendoroid I’ve seen wearing a “thong”. Totally took me off guard.


Suzu was another spur of the moment purchase because she was only $20.80 on AmazonPrime! And I love In This Corner of the World. Funnily enough, when I brought her, only 20 became left in stock, so her price jumped to $41.55. She’s so adorable, my gosh. The nendo perfectly captures her personality.


And last but not least, my last purchases and AmiAmi preorders for this year, Giorno and Ochaco. I don’t think I can properly stress how much I love these two. I wasn’t even going to preorder Ochaco because at the time I preordered her, I wasn’t making much bank. But she seriously has to be the best BNHA nendo they’ve released so far. She fits the nendoroid form so well, and I suppose it’s because she’s so round and bubbly. And Giorno has slowly become one of my favorite Jojos. He looks so precious in his pink, And they gave him his “tea”. His little donut bangs are so perfect. To cut my gushing short, Giorno and Ochaco are perfect and the wait for them was worth it.



So what are my plans for next year? As of writing this, I’ve moved rooms and improved my set up. I’d like to make an article on those improvements. I’d also like to talk about how I store my nendoroids now, so be on the lookout for those articles coming soon.

No brainer, but I plan to keep buying nendoroids and articulated figures. I already have six on preorder. I may a prize figure or two! Those Miku ones from Taito speak to me. *__*

I hope everyone has a good new year and achieves their future goals. Thanks for reading, and thank you to these users listed below for allowing me to do business with them:


Have a good one everyone~! See you next year!(★´ω`★)ゞ.+:。゚☆

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galablue9 mese/i fa#73019176happy 2019! this was a really fun haul post. congrats on reaching 100 items! hope 2020 is even better for you

Thank you so much galablue~! Hope 2020 goes well for you too.

dandybaby9 mese/i fa#73019431-snip-

I know Kakyoin is so beautiful! And I wish I loved Girono from the get go. I foolishly thought he might be boring. Shame on me.

And yeah, loot articles are super fun even from a personal level. They make you reflect on your collection and how you felt buying them at the time. Definitely would recommend writing them. Have a good New Year as well!

Scones9 mese/i fa#73019617-snip-

I would take your time with Jojo because I've realized it's not going any where. And you're Bakugo take made me literally lmao because yeah, I used to dislike him for that reason (my thoughts have drastically changed). Ochaco is definitely waifu material though, you can't go wrong with any bnha girl tbh.

And honestly, yeah be happy you got Holo before the rest of us! I didn't mention it in the article, but it was hard to wait for her, especially when I noticed her price drop.

Thank you for commenting!
9 mese/i fa
Those JoJo’s Nendoroids slap, but I’ve never seen or read JoJo’s. Despite the fact that the art style is amazing, the genre supernatural, and the changing protagonist narrative, all which appeal to me, the size of it makes my head spin.

I’ve only just started BNHA (long running shonen series have never appealed to me, I like them short, like Gurren Lagann, and Bakugou looked like the kind of kid who would be a dick to me in 7th grade,) but Ochaco is beyond adorable and is so sweet. Short hair + brunette + nice boobs = waifu. I don’t know a lot about her character and don’t see any development yet, I’m only a few episodes in, but so far, she’s my favorite character. Down to earth and bubbly.

The Holo Nendoroid- she’s my personal favorite Nendoroid. My mom spent $105.00 on her on Amazon for me, despite cheaper MFC prices, and then GSC re-released her. In the long run, I’ll have had Holo for 6 months more in my lifetime than if I had gotten her second release. Optimism. XD

Riza’s Nendoroid has such a nice smile. The Hetalia Nendoroids get very pricey very fast. Maybe since it’s a “niche” series, in terms of amount of actual interest.

Anyways, great loot, I like your formatting and taste in series!
9 mese/i fa
This was a fun read, congrats on the both the job and your collection hitting triple digits!

Looks like we collected a few of the same Nendos this year. The JoJo ones are literal perfection, but the one that blew me away the most in person was lil' cinnamon roll Kak. I mean, I actually said "OMG you're beautiful" out loud when I took him out of the packaging. Lucky you've got your Giorno and Uraraka already! I'm still waiting for my beautiful blonde angel. (T_T) he's one of my faves too, but for me it was a 'love at first sight' kinda thing, haha

My 2020 plans sound similar to yours actually; I'm planning a huge collection/display makeover (finally getting some detolfs) and it's gonna be a big Nendoroid year for me too, I have a dozen on pre-order already. Running low on space sadly, need figures with a smaller footprint.

Keen to read your upcoming articles. Might even give this loot post thing a crack myself sometime, haha. Have a good New Year! (* ^ ω ^)
9 mese/i fa
happy 2019! this was a really fun haul post. congrats on reaching 100 items! hope 2020 is even better for you
9 mese/i fa
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