2019 Christmas Haul/ October My First Nendroid Prizes2019 Christmas Haul/ October My First Nendroid PrizesLoot

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Hello Hello! I haven't really ever posted photos like this but I wanted to share what I got this holiday!
I also wanted to share the prize(s) I got from Good Smile for being one of the winners for October in the "My First Nendroid" contest they hold!

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Oof, I am late to the party...

Congrats on getting the prizes! Would love to see reviews on some of the stuff you got. (๑>ᴗ<๑)
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So the first photo is my Christmas gifts from my family. The next 3 photos are my prizes ♡
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Awesome haul! and a big congrats on winning the nendo contest!!!!
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omg wait! Eri! Give me some back story! Did you get all of this from the prize? Or just the nendos?
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Springfield’s coffee/tea and scones are adorable accessories. Her outfit is top-notch too, and her unique twintails with the ginger to pink gradient are very pretty. Her eyes look so nice too.

Nice loot and congrats on winning the contest!
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