Tokisaki Kurumi -- Date A Live - 1/7 - Lingerie -- REVIEW 29Tokisaki Kurumi -- Date A Live - 1/7 - Lingerie -- REVIEW 29Review

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Snowy Greetings from the Midwest!
Well, we got dumped on last night – a good 6 to 8 inches of snow – and while that doesn’t sound like a ton, the drifting has made my driveway look like the Grinch’s back forty. On a positive note, the puppy (now 56 lbs.) had a hilarious romp through the heavy waves of snow and gave us all a great laugh to start off our weekend.

I hope that you’re all staying warm and dry as you welcome the weekend in your own backyards!

Back Story
There isn’t much of a back story to this figure or its purchase other than to say that the character (and this pose in particular) have intrigued me every time I’ve seen her show up in my feed on MFC. So I looked the title and character up on Wikipedia and it turns out that both the story and Kurumi sound very interesting to me. She is a Spirit from another dimension that has invaded our reality with the purpose of “consuming/destroying” the young hero of the story, a high school student in our reality who is aware of the presence of other-worldly spirits in our presence. There is a LOT more to the story, but for the purposes of this review, it looks like Kurumi isn’t a good guy, and though she’s as cute as a bug, she’s quite deadly.

When I saw the figure for sale in an MFC ad recently, I again had to pause and review the figure imagery, checking out the reviews that were available and the level of quality that the manufacturer has put into her. Everything looked good, so I went ahead and made the purchase.

On a slightly personal note, this figure and pose reminds me a lot of one particular moment in my childhood (probably around 11 or 12). This was long ago, in a non-technical reality far, far away – when the internet didn’t exist .. when cable tv didn’t exist – and I was still a boy who dreamed of being a cowboy in the tv show, Gunsmoke. Matt Dillon was the sheriff in Gunsmoke, and he had a motley crew of regular helpers that showed up from episode to episode, one of them being Miss Kitty, the owner of the local “house of ill-repute”. Now, Miss Kitty looked to be anything but a “miss” – she appeared to be about sixty years old – but every once in a while, they would show a gal from her brothel in a shot with her, and by god, she was always a bright and beautiful belle with sass and lingerie appropriate for early 1980’s television.

If I had to guess why this particular figure of Kurumi has always captured my attention so deftly, it’s because she reminds me so much of those western gals with their six-guns (even though Kurumi’s pistol is of a much, much older variety) and their whorehouse wardrobe, complete with stockings and garters. I think that to this day, my fascination with stockinged legs comes from the brief glimpses of the girls in the background of Sheriff Dillon’s gunfights.

As I said in my youth – a direct quote from another early tv favorite (Happy Days) -- Ha Cha Cha!!


Tokisaki Kurumi – Date A Live – 1/7 - Lingerie -- ITEM #676119
Sculptor: Moon -- ENTRY #25864
Vendor: private MFC seller ($155.19 in January of 2020)

The Box
This is a beautiful box with loads of great design elements and colors, none of which really connect for me (a newbie to the story) with the character, but all of which add to the beauty of the presentation. The central theme in the box (and base within) is the face of a clock with roman numerals surrounding the iconic circle. Joining this image are cogs and gears and wheels that appear to make up the theme of time and the pieces that go into tracking its passage.

There is a great window on the front panel, and cool circular (bubble) windows on the sides and top. The back has all of the fine print, as well as a couple of nice photos of the figure.


The blister packaging is really nice and tight, coordinating the figure with her base and firearms. The only thing that was a surprise was the inclusion of a second face for the figure (shown later) in its own miniature blister packaging – loose and hidden in the empty pocket of the back half of the packaging.


The Figure
Staring with the additional face that was included with this figure, this is what I found when I removed it from the back of the full blister package. The face was wrapped in the small plastic bag on the right and sealed within this tiny blister package.

I like the face. The duo-tone eyes seem to be a trademark of the story, so perhaps I’ll switch the face to this one after I’ve had a chance to see what it all means. For now, I’ll stick with the face that shares common eye color – but this one is definitely cool!


Included in the box are two small sheets of assembly instructions: one for the placement of the guns in Kurumi’s hands, and the other for the replacement of her additional face option.


The base on this figure is awesome! At first, I thought it was just another plastic circle upon which Kurumi would pose, but when I pulled it out of its plastic sheeting, I realized that the surface was covered with a plastic film (much like the thin film on the face of a new smartphone), and upon peeling it away, I found a beautiful clock-face hovering over top a beautiful mirror.

Shooting this to give you the best idea of its look was a bit of a challenge, but hopefully you’ll see the quality and style through these shots. The first two images still have the protective covering on and the next image is the mirror simply reflecting a plain section of my office ceiling. The final shot of this group is the closest you’ll get to a self-portrait in this blog of reviews. :)

Two metallic posts rise from the base surface to mount Kurumi in a solid and steady foundation.


The two firearms that Kurumi wields in the figure are both flint-lock era pieces with some nice and subtle copper/brass adornments alongside the hardwoods of the stock and barrel coverings. As props go, I was very pleased with the level of detail – they’re a little simple, but the styling, painting, and presentation are better overall than I had expected.


Kurumi’s head comes apart into four main pieces: the face, the front hair, the back hair, and the headband over the top. Each piece has been cast beautifully – the fit is wonderful. I didn’t have any trouble getting the pieces apart, but I DID need to be careful exerting the necessary pressure because the hair is somewhat delicate, and I didn’t want to snap a shard off.


The main portion of the figure comes in three parts: the body, the bent right arm, and the head. Each fit perfectly together when fully assembled with joints that are cleanly crafted. There are no attachment points for the guns to fit into Kurumi’s hands, but the design is such that they fit very nicely into the position of her palms and fingers. Note, too, the holes in the bottom of her shoes matching nicely with the metal rods on the base.


Reviewer's Notes
Overall Sculpt
Even though I knew that this figure of Kurumi was a 1/7 scale, I was surprised by the size of her as she came out of the box and posed for photos. For some reason, I thought of her as a much more delicate (small 1/8 scale) figure, but I’m very pleasantly surprised to see her as a smaller 1/7 scale.

Here’s a simple shot of her without the firearms before we get into the details.


Working, as usual, from the floor up, Kurumi’s feet/heels join really well to the surface of the base.

This is a personal opinion, but I am continually surprised by how much a shoe/foot design can destroy a figure for me. This figure is JUST on the positive side of my bias, but it does have a little bit of the negative connotation that really bugs me about foot/shoe sculpts. The top of the foot, when done really well, slides into the toe of the shoe on a separate plane (very thin, like the actual layering of leather over the toes would do to a real human foot). I’ve seen so many figures recently in which the foot and shoe are designed as a single object, with the top arch of the foot sliding smoothly down to a toe that is neither realistic nor appealing, and it really bothers me. Moon, the sculptor for this figure, did a good job, but I get the feeling that feet aren’t his/her strong suit. – just my two cents.

I’m also not thrilled with the visibility of the post going into her right foot, but perhaps I’ve been spoiled by my other figures and the cleanliness with which they’ve hidden this aspect. This may be more popular than I’m aware.


Though Kurumi doesn’t strike me as a particularly tall character, her proportions are strong, and her legs have good length and sculpt. The details on the stockings are really impressive, as well as the length adjusters on the garters. Overall, I prefer the sculpted and painted stockings to the “bunny-style” figures which include actual mini-fishnets – more control over color and tone, and not as much need to be careful about snags when moving the figure.

I’m particularly impressed with the use of transparent portions of the stockings and garters to incorporate lace design. It gives depth and the impression of sheer fabrics so nicely.


Kurumi’s knickers and the sculpt of her bum are just beautiful! Great definition and pose make for a very realistic and appealing aspect to this figure. I like the added detail of the bow at the front/center panel.


The primary piece of Kurumi’s wardrobe, a teddy/babydoll hybrid, is really a beautiful addition that covers what it needs to cover, allowing for all kinds of imagination, while at the same time revealing a beautiful sculpt of the female form beneath. Looking at the piece, I think that it makes good sense design-wise, and would most likely work realistically (unlike the wardrobe of some figures), but the tension on the drawstrings at front and back would be pretty intense, and I’m sure that more laces would be necessary to keep it in place. But the overall effect of this costume is great, and its detail and production are top-notch.

And again, I love the use of semi-transparent plastics to create the impression of sheer fabric. The ruffles at the bottom of the piece are wonderfully realistic, as are the transparent ruffles at the top of each cup at her breasts.


The armbands and collar are another great set of additions to the figure that do so much more than just concealing a joint – they are realistic pieces used in that era, and they look fantastic and sexy on the figure. The details of the trim on the armbands and the bow at the collar are especially nice.


The body beneath the wardrobe is an amazingly feminine presentation with phenomenal curves in all areas. Though the pose may not be the most realistic, I feel that the body is pretty close – shy of her being just slightly top heavy in the bosom – but I’m not about to complain in any way.


The sculpt of Kurumi’s hands is quite nice with just enough detail to allow them to hold the firearms properly, while still looking feminine at the same time. I’m also impressed (as always) that the sculptor could get such strong definition instead of just turning the hands into fisted clumps – I like the fingers defined.


At the top of her head, Kurumi’s hair and headband are strong pieces of character that add to the overall effect of the figure. Her long and unruly bangs match perfectly with the asymmetrical ponytails that spout from the back of her head, and the intricate headband that covers the head seam is just a great addition. I like the details of the headband – especially the bows that fall above each ear.


The painting of this figure is strong and clean from top to bottom. With so many small, intricate parts to her wardrobe, I wouldn’t have been surprised by a smudge here or there, or at least an imperfect line, but the painting of Kurumi is pretty much a solid 10!


The colors chosen for wardrobe are rich and powerful, and again, the use of semi-transparent sections with painting overtop to simulate lace is just awesome.


Kurumi’s skin tone is flawless, and when compared to the color used for her stocking-covered legs, you get a very realistic impression of the woman beneath the costume.


And finally, her face is just a beautiful rendition of the typical animé character resting beneath the bangs that keep her face in shadow most of the time.


I’ll close with a couple of shots highlighting the body above (and within) the mirror base. She’s such a beautiful presentation of feminine movement and curves!


Overall Presentation
This figure holds its own against any other figure in my collection. When viewing her on the shelf, she neither steals the show, nor is she glossed over – she demands the perfect amount of attention. As her size is comparable to the majority of the figures I have, as well as her color palette, I find that Kurumi is the perfect addition to my display – although, I’m now getting VERY pinched for space and really need to get myself a second Detolf system.

I decided to do four comparisons this time around – not sure why – just felt like shooting Kurumi with more of her fellow display-mates.

The first comparison is with Haruna – Chunithm - Mishima Haruna - 1/7 (Alphamax) -- ITEM #397068

I like this pairing because the figures have very similar poses with a very different outcome. Whereas Haruna looks very stylish in a modern outfit, Kurumi is more tantalizing in her skimpy outfit, but they’re both beautiful to look at. They’re both also considered 1/7 scale, so this shows how much smaller a frame Kurumi is supposed to have as a character.


The second comparison is with Yoko – Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann - Yoko Littner - DreamTech LingerieStyle Series - 1/8 (Wave) -- ITEM #720669

As Yoko is a 1/8 scale, this actually makes Kurumi look large. I like these two together because it shows the wide range that lingerie can add to a character – simplicity holds one extreme and the intricate stylings of old-school lace and straps is at the other. Love them both!


The third comparison is with Saber – Fate/Extra CCC - Saber EXTRA - 1/7 - Onepiece ver. (Alphamax) -- ITEM #287579

Here’s another curious couple … both supposedly 1/7 scale!


And the fourth comparison is with Ringo – Air Gear - Noyamano Ringo - Hentai Mask Ver. (Yamato) -- ITEM #493

I really just wanted to see what these two looked like together, and to see if one looked more risqué than the other. I think Ringo still takes the medal for the most lewd outfit! What I like about these two side-by-side is the stunning differences in body shape and sculpting. Even though they’re very similar in height, look at their leg length, torso shape, and shoulder width. Kurumi is one delicate little lady!


Lessons Learned
Not much learned here, other than the trying patience needed to wait between figure purchases for the best deals and right timing.

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or comments! I love hearing from you all!

Until next time!
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galablue8 mese/i fa#74255426I am so excited that you reviewed this figure!!!! This is a figure I have always looked at but was never sure if I should pull the trigger, per say. I absolutely love the wild west and cowboys and any figure that gives me that vibe is automatically in my heart forever. You do an excellent job of highlighting her good spots -- and I love the accidental selfie in the base :)
Amazing review, and now you've made me want her even more!

Thanks, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! She's a lovely figure and definitely adds a little spice to the display.

And any photographer who tells you they don't like to have their picture taken (including myself) is only partially telling the truth. While we don't necessarily like our likenesses being displayed, we DO enjoy inserting ourselves into our work from time to time. :)

View spoilerHide spoiler
This is one of the few images of me that truly represented my focus and passion for the decade-and-a-half that I shot as a studio photog ...


Hope you have a great day!
8 mese/i fa
OmegaWerrier8 mese/i fa#74257492I've been on the fence about getting her for a while, finally decided to pull the trigger after reading your detailed review.

I'm glad my review was of help to you! She really is a beautiful figure! And sassy/sexy to boot!!
8 mese/i fa
Cloudberry8 mese/i fa#74257731I love the Date-a-Live series but I always have mixed feelings for Kurumi; she's a very iconic, eye-catching, and attention stealing character (in fact, the author created Kurumi before Date-a-Live series) and I always go "yeaaaahhhhh" whenever she shows up on screen, like those dudes in the reactionguys.jpg... yet, I never have a desire to want a figure from her
Even after reading this review and looking at her glamour shots, I'm still feel the same: indifferent (⌣_⌣) even though she's looks strikingly seductive in her awesomely frilly lingerie
Speaking of glamour shots, the top-down shots of Kurumi is great, especially her reflection on her base you took is marvelous - it's probably my favorite shot you've taken so far.

I understand what you mean about the "indifference" of a character. Sometimes, no matter how attractive or appealing a character may be from some perspectives, if there is even one that make you feel apathetic or negative about them, it can become a total "meh" situation. For me, there are a TON of gorgeous figures out there that have such beautiful faces and a great design/pose, but because the designer/sculptor decided to give her breasts the size of watermelons or the lewdness dial is set to "11", I just can't get excited about the notion of actually purchasing them. They're beautiful from some aspects, and a complete nope from others. It's a shame, but that's life.

And thank you very much for your comment about the shot of Kurumi in the mirror base -- I took about a dozen and picked the one that I felt best represented what I was seeing live. I still miss shooting models in the studio, but some days, shooting these figures for their reviews is just as satisfying. :)

Hope you have a great day!
8 mese/i fa
I love the Date-a-Live series but I always have mixed feelings for Kurumi; she's a very iconic, eye-catching, and attention stealing character (in fact, the author created Kurumi before Date-a-Live series) and I always go "yeaaaahhhhh" whenever she shows up on screen, like those dudes in the reactionguys.jpg... yet, I never have a desire to want a figure from her

Even after reading this review and looking at her glamour shots, I'm still feel the same: indifferent (⌣_⌣) even though she's looks strikingly seductive in her awesomely frilly lingerie

Speaking of glamour shots, the top-down shots of Kurumi is great, especially her reflection on her base you took is marvelous - it's probably my favorite shot you've taken so far.
8 mese/i fa
I've been on the fence about getting her for a while, finally decided to pull the trigger after reading your detailed review.
8 mese/i fa
Got the clear lingerie version on order for later this year. Great to know the figure is solid!
8 mese/i fa
I am so excited that you reviewed this figure!!!! This is a figure I have always looked at but was never sure if I should pull the trigger, per say. I absolutely love the wild west and cowboys and any figure that gives me that vibe is automatically in my heart forever. You do an excellent job of highlighting her good spots -- and I love the accidental selfie in the base :)

Amazing review, and now you've made me want her even more!
8 mese/i fa
Great job reviewing and shooting Kurumi! I've been really liking her recent run of figures. This one and the cat lingerie one from Kadokawa really appealed to me.
8 mese/i fa
This has been one my most "do I want this figure or not" items.

I never really got into Date A Live, but the dual wielding pose is cool and the black and orange lingerie is such a distinctive look.

Nice review as always.
8 mese/i fa