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Happy Thursday!
I hope that you’re all happy, healthy, and well on your way to wealthy – monetarily or otherwise! I’m super excited about today’s review, so I’m not going to waste another minute!

Back Story
As many of you know, my previous career was as a photographer of fashion and artistic glamour. This means that most of the time I spent in the studio, I was working with models of all shapes, sizes, and personality characteristics. They were a diverse assortment of beautiful women that stood before my camera over a 15-year period, but they pretty much all had one thing in common – they were exceedingly picky and overly critical of their bodies. I know that recently there have been several organizations who have stepped up to the plate with campaigns that are attempting to strengthen the female psyche and their willingness to let themselves be the beautiful women that they are WITHOUT the plastic modifications and completely unrealistic expectations of the cosmetic and fashion industries. This is a great movement, but it’s a little late, in my opinion. This should have been happening for decades, as we now have a new generation of young women who not only have to deal with the deceitful mirror of their peers, but they are now inundated with messages around the clock and calendar by social media, telling them what they should look like, what they should eat, what they should wear … and our beauties are feeling even less beautiful than before.

Nothing was more shocking to me during a shoot than to show an absolutely gorgeous model a shot that we had captured of her, only to have her immediately narrow in to a very specific part of the image and criticize her body. Where I thought there was going to be confidence and satisfaction was usually judgement and a harsh and unrealistic self-image. I was very open with models about this aspect of the industry as well and tried to help them to see the futility of their self-criticism. I showed them how to focus on every other glorious aspect of the shots and their stunning presence. I playfully amplified their criticisms with nicknames during the shoots combining their hair color and least favorite body parts – Auburn Fat Calves and Platinum Kankles were two of my favorite models, and they knew how ridiculous their negativity was … but they had a hard time getting past it at times.

The greatest joy of my career as a photographer was working with women (amateur models) who didn’t see themselves as beautiful and showing them a different perspective about their bodies and characters that was truly stunning to see. Watching them as they reviewed the shots after the shoot was over was always an awakening opportunity. Many declared that they couldn’t believe the woman in the shots was them – even though these were many times semi-professional models (I never really worked with A-list models – just regional gals who did smaller jobs for local businesses).

There were some models, though, with whom I worked that had the confidence and the IT factor that photographers seek out for special projects. They still had their idiosyncrasies and quirks, but their ability to move well in front of the camera and their understanding of their physical presence (posing all aspects of their body) made for magic in the studio. One model in particular was a regular in my portfolio, and we worked together on dozens of projects with amazing results. We developed a strong working relationship and it was an absolute joy to create beautiful imagery with her. When I hung up my camera and started writing full-time, it was the work with this young woman that I missed the most.

When I first saw the figure that I’m reviewing today, I thought of that model. They have a similar body type (though the figure is “stretched” a bit beyond realism), hair color, and power in their stance. I couldn’t help but think of my hours in the studio with her while looking at the figure, and I couldn’t help but feel a few pangs of regret over my decision to stop shooting. But at the end of the day, I had to recognize that while photography was a creative outlet that I loved, it didn’t pay the bills, and I’d needed to move on.

From this side of that career, I now wonder if the female animé characters and figures do as much damage to the psyche of young women as the modeling worlds and cosmetics, fashion, etc. There is no question that in its own way, it is the objectification of women – an opportunity to “possess” the beauty in a physical way. But I also see it as a celebration of characters and their personalities – male & female – and its simply another artistic venue by which adoring fans can manifest their imagination and creativity.

This figure of Misty is physically stunning – she’s about as close to the industry standard of several types of modeling that you can get – but in reality, she’s a little on the skinny side, her chest isn’t realistic, and she simply isn’t the model to which I hope my daughter and her generation look to as their ideal. From the perspective of a photographer who wants to capture feminine strength and beauty and confidence, she’s got it all .. but then again, so does EVERY SINGLE WOMAN OUT THERE who understands her value!

This figure reminded me of my work with that wonderful young model, and she will forever be a figure in my display that prompts memories of great days in my past. But for me, she’s also a symbol of how harshly half of our population look at themselves in the mirror each morning, and how unfairly they treat themselves. It’s a conundrum – a dichotomy of perspectives that negate one another – I know.

I choose to recognize the beauty in every woman, regardless of size and shape. Misty happens to be in well-recognized category, and I don’t mind openly admitting that I like her particular style as well. To the rest of you women out there, I say,

“You have it in you. Find it. Embrace it. Own it. Let nothing stop you.”


Max Factory
Mistral Nereis – Shining Hearts - 1/7 - Swimsuit ver. -- ITEM #153426
Sculptor: Nanako -- ENTRY #8249
Vendor: private MFC seller ($91.00 in January of 2020)

The Box
The box for this figure is an interesting assortment of color and shapes that I wasn’t expecting when I opened the shipping packaging. As this is a swimsuit character, the water motif and bold blue coloring is a perfect complement to the colors in the figure. There are “bubble” references, though, across the front and back windows that are a bit confusing as they cover up the visibility of the figure within, and are in a color that doesn’t exactly match anything in the figure’s presentation.

It IS a bold box, though, with lots of color and photos and illustrations of the character. With windows on all sides and the top, you’re drawn in for a closer look.


The blister packaging is strong, well planned, and perfectly protects the figure for her time in transit to your home display. There are also a LOT of plastic sheets and sleeves wrapped around the figure to protect from any paint transfer from the separate pieces.


The Figure
The figure includes a small instruction sheet on the assembly of the “beach skirt” to the character. I have to give credit to VICTORVIPER for the chuckle he gave me when I first read his review of this same figure. In it, he points out that amidst the assembly and care instructions on this sheet is the line, “Do not point, wave, or throw this product at others.” lol


The base for the figure is a pretty basic circular stand simulating a sandy beach. I’m not sure how a woman in heels is supposed to be able to walk successfully in this environment (having attempted it with many models in my days behind the camera), but let’s not worry about the pitfalls of reality for now.

Two posts and a hole in the base make up the points to which the figure attaches, and once mounted properly, the base does a great job acting as the figure’s foundation.


Misty’s beach skirt is a solid piece that has a slight flexibility at the top (waist area) that allows for the piece to be placed around the very narrow waist of the figure and attached by placing the peg into the hole behind the bow at the right hip. Getting this piece to fit is a definite challenge – I found it easiest by holding the figure in my left hand at her waist, setting her feet firmly against my sternum (as support for the pressure I was exerting at her waist), and then using my right hand to attempt to position and fasten the skirt at the same time. This is a juggling act, to say the least AND you have to be careful the whole time around the long shards of hair as they feel delicate and somewhat brittle. For the first few minutes, I didn’t believe that there was any way that the skirt would fit around her waist while allowing it to be fastened, but with careful manipulation and the proper angle, it does work – very tightly. I was/am worried about paint transfer, but I feel like the less that I mess with the figure now that the skirt is in place, the less chance there is of a mark induced by friction.

I don’t plan on displaying Misty without her skirt, but I am curious to see what might take place to the surfaces after extended time with the skirt on. I honestly don’t believe that the fit would allow even a single layer of plastic sheeting as a buffer – it’s that tight.


Misty, herself, comes as a single piece, as there is no need to disassemble the figure any further to get her into display mode. The holes in the bottom of her shoes match neatly with the pegs from the base, and once the figure is set in place, the marks for her shoe placement line up perfectly.


Reviewer's Notes
Overall Sculpt
I’ll cover the figure first without the beach skirt and finish by adding the accessory and showcasing some of the nicer features with its inclusion.

As a base model in a bikini and heels, Misty is an absolute wonder of a sculpt. Though a little on the thin side, her muscular definition is spot-on, and there are so many areas in which the artists involved really nailed the female figure in tone, definition, and shape.


At the base, Misty’s sandaled feet are nicely detailed with toes clearly defined and accurate dimensions and angles to the rest of her feet and ankles. The fit to the base, as stated previously, is clean and tight, and gives the figure excellent support.

You can see in the second image that the lines of the straps on the right foot aren’t exactly perfect, but without the photo definition, I don’t think I would have ever noticed with the naked eye.


Misty’s legs are long and beautiful – great sculpting in both physicality and pose. This is about as feminine as it gets when it comes to legs, and the added bonus of the figure wearing a thong bikini bottom allows the legs to travel all the way to her bum and spine. Phenomenal!

I’m not sure how I feel about the inclusion of the “garter” – it feels a little big and overly gratuitous .. not to mention unnecessary with a swimsuit of this type, but perhaps it has some direct connection with Misty’s character (I don’t really know anything of her origin or character development).


And speaking of the derriere, Misty’s is just adorable with the presence of the thong (or should I say, disappearance? lol). With very tall hips, the bikini bottom straps are doing their all in keeping the bottom in place, and the overall effect is very life-like. And from just the right angle, the visible thigh-gap is quite tantalizing!


At the front, the bikini bottom JUST covers the hidden treasure of Misty’s anatomy in the deepest “V” bikini formation I’ve ever seen.


My favorite part of this figure is definitely her mid-section – the sculpt of her waist, hips, belly, ribs, and breasts is just fantastic! The fact that she is also made from the “soft-skin” plastic (that I still don’t fully understand), makes this part of her body amazingly realistic.


At her back, the sculpting of the shoulder blades and spine beneath the straps of her bikini top is absolutely wonderful. The pose of her back is clean and doesn’t look unrealistic, though the tilt of her pelvis is pretty severe.


Misty’s bikini top and accompanying armbands are something of a real-life-simulation tease. There’s just enough “fabric” there to cover the necessary bits, but not enough to truly conceal. While you don’t see a lot of these types of suits on the beaches of Lake Michigan in the summer, we do have the occasional buxom beauty whose top is “pushing the envelope”, so to say.

I like the ruffles as a flourish of detail to the top, and though I’m not a big fan of armbands on any figure, I understand their necessity, and these are done relatively well. The straps and tied bows at all areas around the top of the figure are cleanly sculpted and have a strong, realistic presentation.

Notice, too, the cute addition of the heart earrings! Fantastic details.


I think that the sculptor did an especially nice job on Misty’s upper body musculature, leading from the breasts to the armpit to the shoulder and down the arm. For me, her arms are one of the strongest areas of her feminine grace .. just the way her hands are splayed out away from her (eventually holding the beach skirt) is very elegant.

Misty’s hands have a decent amount of detail, but it does feel like there could have been better separation of the fingers. I love the angle of the wrist, though. There is just the hint of pink nail polish on the thumb.


Misty’s hair is really quite a nice sculpt, but I’m surprised by how “sparse” the pig-tails feel (in comparison with other figures in my collection). When looking at the likes of Angela Balzac and Miku, whose pig-tails are massive, Misty’s seem kind of “thin”. The sculpt of her bangs and the back of her head is really nice, though, and I do like the massive ribbon bows at the base of each pig-tail.

The seam at the top of Misty’s head is nice and clean with a tight seam.


The addition of the beach skirt really adds to the movement and pose of the character in a way that I haven’t seen to-date. I like Misty’s pose without the skirt, but once her hands are actually in position with the waving garment, it makes her entire figure look more realistic. Though the simulated fabric looks heavy, the sculpt gives the impression that any breath of wind will ripple through it and give us a sneak peek of Misty’s legs.


The bow at the front right hip and the impression of Misty’s buns at the back of the skirt are great additions of detail that add to the figure. Great sculpts that give more realism to the figure as a whole.


From the moment I pulled the box from the shipper, I felt like the entire figure was covered in a yellow glow, but the more I looked at the figure in different light, I realized that there is a little bit of an iridescence to Misty’s hair that adds a reflective hue to her entire body. Once I had the images loaded into Photoshop and began to fine-tune the levels, I discovered that her hair is causing the effect – Misty’s body has a great sun-kissed peach and nude coloring to it, but next to the hair, it really takes on a strong yellowish tint as well.

The painting of the figure overall is excellent. No smudges or bad lines, and the coverage is even and clean on her skin, which is really important when so much of the body is revealed in this manner.


The use of the crimson red at key points along the length of her body is really well-balanced, and I think it’s just enough to break up the design and keep things interesting – especially when referring to the straps and bows of her bikini top.


When the deep brown (and interior purple) of the beach skirt are added to the figure, it creates a very powerful palette that is bold and powerful, while still very feminine and elegant.


And finally, Misty’s face is just beautiful beneath her electric yellow bangs. There is a slight pink at the fold of her lips, and her massive eyes shine out from beneath dark eyebrows in tones of lavender and purple.


Overall Presentation
This figure of Misty is the epitome of feminine confidence and sass. I love how she takes control of the area in which she is displayed and holds your attention. She takes up about as much space as the average figure in my collection – taking far less than the Miku figures with their flying hair and taking a little more than the simple straight poses of others.

You won’t be disappointed!

Three comparisons today …

The first comparison is with Alisa – God Eater 2 - Alisa Ilinichina Amiella - 1/8 - White Swimsuit ver. (Alphamax) -- ITEM #689613

This was a pretty no-brainer comparison as both figures are wearing bikinis. I like how similar they look next to each other, even with the obvious omission of a weapon on Misty’s side. I think she makes Alisa look more approachable somehow.


The second comparison is with Umi – Love Live! School Idol Project - Sonoda Umi - 1/8 - Natsuiro egao de 1 2 Jump! ver., Swimsuit ver. (Kotobukiya) -- ITEM #166885

This is another easy swimsuit character comparison, but I also like the difference in physical maturity. I think that both lovely examples of feminine shape, though they are quite different in approach.


The third comparison is with Rei – Evangelion Shin Gekijouban: Q - Ayanami Rei (Flare) -- ITEM #463483

When I first saw this figure of Rei, I didn’t realize it was a new model of plug suit – I thought it was a one-piece swimsuit, so I include it here with the bikini-wrapped Misty. Again, the style of these two characters and their sculpts is quite different, but I like how they play off each other on the shelf.


Lessons Learned
As a figure that has been on my Top 10 Most Wanted list from the very beginning of my collecting, she is easily one of my favorites today, but it is possible that it has far more to do with the model-association I feel (detailed in the Back Story) more than the actual figure itself. She is lovely – of that, there is no doubt – but as a semblance of my one-time muse, she is more than physical beauty to me. This is definitely a case where the hobby and collection have sparked memories and feelings of a different time of my life, and for that, I am grateful for the connection.

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or comments! I love hearing from you all!

Until next time!
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Maakie5 mese/i fa#76175655Let me tell you something fun about the 'bubbles' on the box! :)
It's something very popular in Japan. If you look at the figure in the box straight from the front, the red parts cover her clothes, so she looks 'naked' when viewed from the right angles. I can't find any pictures online from this figure hitting that angle, but on this picture PICTURE #2064760 you can see it partially with her top 'disappearing'.
Something that is found in some Japanese photobooks (or added later online) with bikini models, gravure models etc. is this effect. That way an innocent model can look nude through the 'right perspective'. ;)
A very NSFW example with real models in the spoiler:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://img.memecdn.com/how-to-properly-use-the-bubble-filter-effect_fb_1935291.jpg
I thought you might appreciate this with your photography background. :)
Anyway nice review and pictures from you! Enjoy seeing them. :)

Thanks so much for explaining this -- yet another fascinating aspect of Japanese culture that makes me appreciate their far less puritanical sensibilities! :)
5 mese/i fa
Let me tell you something fun about the 'bubbles' on the box! :)

It's something very popular in Japan. If you look at the figure in the box straight from the front, the red parts cover her clothes, so she looks 'naked' when viewed from the right angles. I can't find any pictures online from this figure hitting that angle, but on this picture PICTURE #2064760 you can see it partially with her top 'disappearing'.

Something that is found in some Japanese photobooks (or added later online) with bikini models, gravure models etc. is this effect. That way an innocent model can look nude through the 'right perspective'. ;)

A very NSFW example with real models in the spoiler:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://img.memecdn.com/how-to-properly-use-the-bubble-filter-effect_fb_1935291.jpg

I thought you might appreciate this with your photography background. :)

Anyway nice review and pictures from you! Enjoy seeing them. :)
5 mese/i fa
Happyakrz6 mese/i fa#74543639Also curious about what's keeping you from collecting swimsuit figures? You can have only one, you know! ;) lol

I actually do have one swimsuit figure (ITEM #20329), so I suppose if I buy another it'll snowball ... I guess it's the same thing keeping me from collecting 18+ cast off figures -- which I think I'm going to get over this year lol! Well, we shall see...!
6 mese/i fa
galablue6 mese/i fa#74503838How funny! I was literally just browsing and saw this figure for the first time. She totally caught my eye. If only I collected swimsuit girls ... she would be the number 1 on my list. I absolutely love her toned stomach (goals!) and her natural not too bubbly butt. You also do an excellent job of capturing the iridescence of her hair.
Oh, and that garter? Maybe it's a floatation device ;~)

Ha ha ha ha ... I'm picturing Misty floating upside-down with her right leg above water and the rest of her body flailing underwater, trying to right herself. Wait .. why am I laughing?! That's horrific!! :)

Also curious about what's keeping you from collecting swimsuit figures? You can have only one, you know! ;) lol
6 mese/i fa
How funny! I was literally just browsing and saw this figure for the first time. She totally caught my eye. If only I collected swimsuit girls ... she would be the number 1 on my list. I absolutely love her toned stomach (goals!) and her natural not too bubbly butt. You also do an excellent job of capturing the iridescence of her hair.

Oh, and that garter? Maybe it's a floatation device ;~)
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Great review. I also like the story that you put in the beginning of your review.
This figure is really nice. I actually am surprised that i never noticed it in the years it is available. It is a very clean figure with an excellent sculpt. Only the base looks a bit unfinished with the white parts on the side. Looks like this is a figure i have to keep in mind.
6 mese/i fa
It's always cool when you share your stories and history when you were a model photographer. It's always interesting to read your perspective in that field.

As for the figure, I'm a sucker for frills. I really like her frilly bikini but I'm more entranced just by her air of confidence than her looks; Misty can be wearing jeans and a sweater instead and if she still has that same "own it" look, she'll definitely grab people's attention.
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Ah, so you decided to pick up this figure.

4 years after buying this figure, she's still one of my favorite bikini figures. She has such a great body sculpt, and her blonde hair, twintails, and that thong make for a great figure.

Nice review as always and thanks for the shoutout :).
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Great Review! This is one of my favorite Shining figures!
6 mese/i fa