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Instead of talking about "do you impulse buy", which is a hotly debated subject here, I decide to change it up a bit and wanted to ask the community what makes you impulse buy? I'm pretty sure everyone has impulse bought a figure or some sort of anime goods in our lifetime at least once.

Do you impulse buy because of a specific character? Series? A certain moe point? Favorite sculptor/illustrator?

What compels you to immediately rip out your wallet's soul and throw it at your screen or seller?
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MadamMantis4 mese/i fa#75277845*Deep breath*

Oh god, I already pre-ordered two and my evil side was telling me "maybe you should buy a few more..."
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MadamMantis The Degenerate Otaku
*Deep breath*

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Mania and Waifus.
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aigis kuso teitoku
price!! if i see something i really want at a price i know i will probably never see again i will spring for it no matter what
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A really bad day makes me impulse buy...

Or a decent price on a hard to find figure I'm somewhat interested in. Or if the price is rising on a figure I missed out on the first time.
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When I see a figure of a character I love for a good price.
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Specific series and character.
If i find an item I've been wanting to get and it's cheaper than what it's normally priced at, I'll buy it.
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During my impulse buying phase for figures (4-5 years ago), what usually got me was "it looks pretty." That's it. During that time my current fandoms had little to no figures but I still wanted the high from buying high-quality figures since I was new to the hobby.

Thankfully, I've long moved past that impulse buying stage of mine and my current fandom has a decent number of figures to satisfy any collection itch that still lingers.
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Only happen to second-hands, bids or characters that I know from a series or somewhere from the internet.

I cannot bear the thought of passing another figure that I know I would've treated like a trophy, which happened to ITEM #739699 because I was dumb--

Still regret it, and I'm pretty sure my impulse buying state will stay until I actually got him--
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darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
How about seeing other having bought something and the fact that the items are still in stock and you just want to own it too.
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