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Another day, another magical girl! ✩°。⋆⸜(ू。•ω•。)

It went down something like this...

Dad: *going through figure boxes*
Me: Which one should I review today?
Dad: Homura! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
Me: Dad I already reviewed Homura yesterday (BLOG #44906)!
Dad: Oh ... well these three boxes look like they all go together. You should review them back to back.
Me: Hmmmm...well which color should I do?
Dad: Orange! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

And that's how I decided to review ITEM #97172 today, the figure of my favorite girl in Madoka Magica!


Thus far, I've reviewed two out of my four Madoka Magica girls (BLOG #44906 / BLOG #43935). What can be said that hasn't been said before? I love Madoka Magica. The writing got me back into anime when I was in high school, and I just love the fact that there are absolutely no boys in this anime. Girl power all the way this time around!

While Mami might be my favorite sculpt of the girls, Kyoko is definitely my favorite girl over all. Her cute little fang and her vibrant personality get me every time. However, she has one of my biggest moe points: a love of food. Honestly, I saw myself in Kyoko, and when I saw this figure I just knew I had to have it!



Kyoko's box is much like the other Madoka Magica girls (her box featuring an orange/red design). Her box features one large front window, one medium side window, and one small top window. Again: sadly, no original art. Please excuse the fact that my plastic insert is upside down in the photograph, I only realized that after I opened the box up to retrieve the instructions and extra parts. Check out the spoiler to see the 360 of the box!

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/02/13/2388155.jpeg

Kyoko comes with two sets of arms. You're supposed to display her with clenched fist/taiyaki or her weapon with both hands holding it ... well, knowing me, I display her with one hand holding her weapon and one hand holding her taiyaki! Check out her extra arms and her instructions below the cut.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/02/13/2388161.jpeg

I like her clenched fist sculpt. Somehow it doesn't come out as looking like a blob.


So Kyoko is DEFINITELY more difficult to put together than Homura ... but her instructions are way smaller (I hadn't even opened them lol). I guess Homura's head comes off and Kyoko's doesn't.



Kyoko is such a cutie pie! A very wide figure, for certain, but an awesome one. Check out her 360 under the cut. I've removed her weapon to help with focus issues on my camera, but it'll appear later in the review.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/02/13/2388164.jpeg


Starting with the base. Her base, like the other figures in this set, is a round colored disc. Kyoko's base is red, just like her coloring. Even though she's on one foot she's very stable, so I can't fault this base for stability. However, I haven't checked to see if the pegs are broken -- it seems safer to leave her how she is.


I really love her boots. They have a really nice red/black gradient to them, and the white is painted well. I also really like the shape of the toe.


The bottom of the other shoe looks worn, but not "realistically". It's still nice that they added some darker shading to this small part of the figure that you'd barely ever notice.


Kyoko features thigh high socks. Being that her legs are so slender, they don't really pinch her all too much, but they do manage to stay up. I find that these don't have much shading on them, but I don't really feel like they need to either. They're true to character.


So when I first got this figure I totally thought Kyoko was wearing shorts. When I joined MFC I realized that they actually sculpt underwear for figures ... and yup, they did sculpt some for Kyoko. Spoiler alert: she's wearing a skirt!

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/02/13/2388171.jpeg


Kyoko's cape is pretty impressive with how it folds, looking as if she's really running. To me, the painting in this figure shines in two places, and the cape is one of them. I love the white ruffles on the cape as well! But nothing compares to the shading...Honestly, it's really amazing. I can't believe this figure is from 2012 (8 years old!).


The little taiyaki in her hand is just oh so yummy. They sell these at my local ramen shop. I absolutely love red bean -- a trait that Kyoko and I must share! I feel like the detail on the taiyaki is minimal but good -- it's easily identifiable without being the star of the show.


Another trait that Kyoko and I share is, *ahem*, our modest chests. I feel like they do a good job with Kyoko's chest -- it looks petite but not sickly. I have a little bit of an issue with how they do Madoka's rib cage, but we'll get to that when I review her. Kyoko looks strong, like she could actually wield her weapon. Note how the shading from the cape (oh, I guess it's more of a skirt!) is brought up into the ribcage of her "dress".


Kyoko's soul gem is nowhere near as impressive as Homura's. Instead, it's an understated piece of the outfit and is definitely overshadowed by the dynamic pose and the flowing of the cape. The white detailing is pretty good on her collar. I also like her shoulders.


The arm on the left detatches from the figure, and there is a little bit of gappage but I'm pretty sure that's just because I was wiggling it when reviewing. The white detailing is still pretty good along the back of her shoulders.

I also really like Kyoko's arm bands because they mimic her thigh high socks. I feel like there's a little bit more grab on the arm sleeves (arm socks?). This is probably because she's super strong -- she has to be in order to cary that giant spear!


Ah, yes, my sweet girl. I love her mischievous look on her face. You can definitely tell she is up to no good! I love characters like her -- the best way I can describe them is as the "single fang" kind of girl. I like her eyebrows and the way that her eyes are looking. Again, a good amount of blush is used.

Alright, alright ... we're getting to my other favorite part of the figure. Her hair. Notice how awesome her bangs are in this shot. They're sculpted like she's really in motion -- and I just love the multilayers she has!


She features little to no head seam -- amazing! Her bow has some shading on it which gives it a little shine, but it's understated and for good reason ... her hair is what is on display here!

Check out the spoiler for me drooling over a 360 of her hair sculpt.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/02/13/2388180.jpeg

This figure probably has the most dynamic hair out of any of my figures thus far. I love it. I feel like the shading on her hair was spot on, and the hair is definitely layered properly. She doesn't come out looking stringy or like ramen. Best of all, they even give her definition in the back of her pony tail which really makes it look vibrant! God, I love this hair sculpt! (´⌣`ʃƪ)


Now, how I display her: with her spear! Her spear comes in two parts and is easily assembled.



It's hard to tell, but there is some decent metallic shading on the pointy part of her spear.


The back part rests nicely along her outfit.

Do I think the spear is a little long? Yeah, I feel like they definitely could have shortened it for ease of display. However, this is what the character is like. I find that if I angle her I can display her with it easier.



How could I not compare Kyoko with ITEM #78577? Actually ... why did I pick Mami out of all 4 of the girls? They're pretty opposite -- one is totally "little sister" while the other one gives off strong big sister energy. Maybe it's because they're both wearing boots and thigh highs ... and they both have arm socks ... and giant weapons.


Well, whatever the case is, I think they look great next to each other. I don't normally pair them together, but I think I might have to place them next to each other for a while.


Next up we have another fanged girl in my collection, ITEM #166882. Both girls have cute little fangs and also love sweets! I wonder who would win in a fight?


I am really glad with the Madoka Magica girls I have, and Kyoko is no different. Doing this review really allowed me to appreciate some parts of her I haven't recently: her hair sculpt and the shading on her hair and cape/dress/skirt. I feel like she's a really dynamic figure and I would definitely recommend her. Plus, she's in great shape from being made in 2012! These GSC Madoka Magica figures really have stood the test of time.

I have two downsides of this figure. The first one is how long the spear is. I feel like they could have shortened it just a bit and it would have been better for the display. My other issue is that I have had a lot of problems with her hand that grasps the spear. It's come out from the arm several times (metal peg), I just think it's come unglued but that's probably because I've handled it so often. It came out twice while reviewing, but I just stuck it back in. Maybe I should re-glue it!

Thanks so much for checking out my review, and stay tuned for Madoka coming up next! Have an awesome day you guys! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡
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Happyakrz6 mese/i fa#76422252A really cute figure! I like her movement a lot, and the color palette is wonderful.

Haha, so they are most definitely not vampires. I think it's just a cute little moe point to give a difference to the characters. I've also noticed that these girls have sometimes a different accent than their counterparts ... so maybe they're from a different part of Japan? But no, no stakes required if you put her on your shelf, the fang is not contagious ;)
6 mese/i fa
A really cute figure! I like her movement a lot, and the color palette is wonderful.

One thing that I've never understood, and perhaps you can educate me (here or in a pm) is the whole "fang" thing. I've seen a bunch of figures recently with the single fang, and I'm like, is there a whole branch of anime figures that combine vampirism with Japanese action stories?!? lol Is it an oversized tooth, or just a creative way to display the teeth on a character? I have no problem with vamps, just want to make sure if my other figures would need to be carrying tiny wooden stakes as well! :)
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Wow, I had never thought of displaying her with the spear in one hand AND the food item in the other!
7 mese/i fa
My favorite from the set, but I display her with both hands griiping the spear. She looks even more dynamic like that.
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galablue7 mese/i fa#75629228oh don't worry, my dear, i was just agreeing with you even more <3 <3 <3
Good to know! I was thinking of making a comment on how Madoka Magica personally means a lot to me, but maybe someday when I have the time. 。^‿^。

WindsorSeven7 mese/i fa#75619430Ugh, right? I saw a thread recently where the OP was asking for suggestions for popular anime to watch, and one commenter mentioned PMMM. My initial reaction was "Pffft, who hasn't seen that? It's so popular and recent!" and then I googled when it came out...what is life.
Also yes, taiyaki is great! Try some!

It was those few anime I grew up with. I feel so old whenever I see the date on my favorite movie/show that is a decade old. I remember that day when I was excitedly coming home from school to watch Wall-E. Can't believe that movie is around 11 or 12 years old!

I should try someday. To be honest, I used to be grossed out whenever my mom buys those red bean buns. (anpan) But that was when I was little. Now that I am an adult, I am willing to try new things like mochi for an example!
7 mese/i fa
LittlePisces7 mese/i fa#75627851Yeah, like that!

oh don't worry, my dear, i was just agreeing with you even more <3 <3 <3
7 mese/i fa
galablue7 mese/i fa#75619711What I love about Madoka Magica is that they aren't just powerful, but they're also vulnerable. We need more complex female characters throughout media -- especially anime where so many girls can just be cardboard cut outs (just like their MC boys they're supposed to be in love with, lol!)
And yes, I second Windsor ... try taiyaki! Or at least a red bean bun hehe. I actually like red bean buns better.

Yeah, like that! I am so sorry for my wording. I am not good with words. I wish I can say stuff what I really feel deep in my heart. If only I was so open, haha. The reason my message wasn't so detailed because I wrote it during breaks. So my apologies if there was some mistakes. ^_^' Not only I like the character's strength but I also like relating to the character and cheering them on of course. Other female characters in other media are unfortunately love interests it seems. But nowadays it's not like that anymore.
7 mese/i fa
Cloudberry7 mese/i fa#75623849Ahhh, Kyouko is cute. I'm glad her snaggletooth translated well on her figure (as it's one of my favorite characteristics).
It might be an "old figure" but Kyouko is still cute. Sometimes, a cute, simple, and non-extravagant figure is all we need and GSC knocked this one out of the ballpark.

I love the snaggle tooth also! Total moe moment, lol.

This figure also just proves that you don't need to cost 150+ to be a good figure. Sakura only cost around 70USD when she was released, and you can find her new now for around the same price. Figure prices are skyrocketing, but I wonder if the quality will be as good as these oldies which still hold up to the test of time.
7 mese/i fa
Ahhh, Kyouko is cute. I'm glad her snaggletooth translated well on her figure (as it's one of my favorite characteristics).

It might be an "old figure" but Kyouko is still cute. Sometimes, a cute, simple, and non-extravagant figure is all we need and GSC knocked this one out of the ballpark.
7 mese/i fa
LittlePisces7 mese/i fa#75580651That's what I love about anime are the powerful female characters!

What I love about Madoka Magica is that they aren't just powerful, but they're also vulnerable. We need more complex female characters throughout media -- especially anime where so many girls can just be cardboard cut outs (just like their MC boys they're supposed to be in love with, lol!)

And yes, I second Windsor ... try taiyaki! Or at least a red bean bun hehe. I actually like red bean buns better.

Elise_Grimwald7 mese/i fa#75619288I didn't realize this figure was this old, though. She looks like most newer figures do, honestly, and is just as good (if not better) than the one from last year.

I think she's definitely worth the pickup. I have to be honest, when I was looking at my box it looks like I have square tape rather than round tape, so I think I ended up getting a used/resealed one (or maybe GSC didn't use round tape back then?). Either way, I recommend getting her new if possible, or at least double checking that her pegs are not broken, as I've personally been having a lot of issues with plastic disc bases recently.
7 mese/i fa
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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