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Title: Spica the Elf
Cast: Original (2016 Release)
Date Completed: 2/20/2020
Paints: Lacquer, Enamel, and Craft Acrylic Paint w/homebrew thinner

Spica is my third finished GK. I found her for dirt cheap (and I do mean dirt cheap. Probably $15 with shipping and proxy fees) on Yahoo Japan Auctions. I'm unfamiliar with the source material, but it appears to be a web browser tower defense game.
From what I searched of the character, Spica is a tsundere elf who is an exceptional archer. She is wary of the protagonist but ultimately learns to accept him as time goes on.

How I received it:

She came only in a bag with an official Wonderfest 2016 Winter on the corner. The kit is very small, but the casting was better than I thought it would be. I only had to do minimal cleanup to prep her for priming and painting.


Pinning this kit was extremely easy. The sculptor left a bunch of pin holes to show where to put them, so I did it all with just a few hours. Even my friends were surprised by how fast I worked! lol
I primed the entire kit in gray, but I dislike having done this now because it made coloring the lighter parts difficult. I might try to prime gray and put white primer on top next time I work on another kit.


I colored her on and off. I put her off for about a month because I was waiting for more supplies to arrive from Taiwan, primarily the Mr. Color Smooth Super Clear that I used to give her the final flat coat so all that unnecessary shine from the lacquer would go away. About 90% of her was done with Lacquer, with the remaining 9% in enamel and 1% in acrylic. I did the eyes in enamel paint, and it was my first time painting eyes with enamel so it looks rough.
The trimming of her outfit was done first in enamel then lined with acrylic on some parts (primarily the yellow) because I realize I had no gold enamel paint lmfao. I also didn't realize she had another bit of blue on her dress until after the fact, so that's why it's not there. >_> I already applied the top coat so I was like eh forget it.

Her panties were also done in enamel. I picked pink cause I thought it would look cute. X3
I see many guides saying not to use lacquer over anything else, but this is not entirely true. Smooth Super Clear coat is okay to put on top of the other two types of paints since it is so diluted that it doesn't really do anything to them. It's a good thing to know for my future projects.


As you might guess, Spica is very small! She is the tiniest kit I own next to my Dragon Half chibies of Mink, Lufa, Mappy, and Pia. Here are several pictures to show just how small she is compared to other objects.
Her size is also what made working on her a tiny bit difficult, but the challenge of her scale is also what made her fun to work on. I guess I am a bit of a masochist for tiny kits! >.>
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Maakie6 mese/i fa#76283385Very cute result, thanks for sharing your work! ^^ Makes me motivated to work on my own kits again. :)

Happy to hear it!
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Very cute result, thanks for sharing your work! ^^ Makes me motivated to work on my own kits again. :)
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ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
She's a cute little lady :3

View spoilerHide spoilerRegarding primers: if you paint with lacquers, priming is not entirely necessary, because these paints stick to the resin quite well. Yes, it can help finding flaws but it's not impossible to find them with good lighting on your table and just bare resin.

For clean white resin you can use clear gloss as a base before painting: it's a thick sealant and can cover up small scratches just as well. It will also help with a smooth surface more than primers do — primers are a fine grain diluted in solvent in essence and it shows, leaving you with an ever so slightly rough surface.

Priming will help when you have colored putty bits, though. Whenever I have to use it, though, I slightly polish the primed surface with 1500 grit sanding sponge and add a clear gloss layer for even more smoothness.

Mr Hobby does sell fine grit finishing primer in white, and it's very smooth and provides good coverage. But this primer won't really conceal any small scratches and dents, think of it as a very thick and opaque white paint.

Hope that helps you with future projects~
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