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Hello and welcome to my first ever figure review here on MFC (Apologies in advance for the poor lighting). Today i'll be reviewing the Tae Takemi 1/7 Scale Figure by Amakuni, from the Popular JRPG Persona 5.


Like with previous Persona 5 figures by Amakuni, they do an incredible job with the box packaging. Persona 5 is known for being a very stylish game, from it's menus to it's battle animations, so it's nice that they would keep the box design similar to its source material.

Tae Takemi

Here she is out of the box and as you can see, she looks absolutely stunning. You can tell they did an amazing job with keeping her design as close as possible to her from the original game. The figure comes with her lab coat (which is detachable with arms), her clipboard that she is often seen carrying, and her desk chair. She doesn't come with a base since the chair itself holds her with no problem so no base was needed. The sculpting on her hair, the ID tag on her coat, her very sexy legs and heels, cute feet, and finger and toe nail polish came out nicely as well.

Tae Takemi (Without Lab Coat)
Like I previously mentioned, her lab coat is removable. The coat itself is bendable so it's quite easy to detach and put on her coat with ease. When removing it, you will also be removing her arms which are attached to the coat. With that said, the figure also includes a pair of sleeveless arms that are used if you want to display Tae without her coat. It's quite nice that Amakuni allowed us to display her without it but i'm personally keeping it on just to have her displayed in her original design.

Bonus Shots
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View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/02/24/2395429.jpeg
You're welcome.

Final Thoughts
It's no surprise that Persona 5 was a very successful entry for the Persona franchise and with that success comes more figures. The biggest surprise for me was that a Confidant/Social Link character would end up getting a figure (excluding Velvet Room attendants) which we haven't seen from previous Persona games. Tae was definitely a character I was hoping would get a figure so i'm very happy that I could finally get my hands on this. If you are a fan of Persona 5 then this is a must have for your collection. With the western release of Persona 5 Royal just a month away and Scramble just being released in Japan, i'm very excited for what the future of the Persona series will hold.
Hope you enjoyed!
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Which Persona 5 Confidant Would You Like To See Get a Figure Next?

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Thanks for the review!

As for the question... definitely Sae. I'd love to see Shadow Sae, in particular
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Thank you for the review, now I know what to expect once she reaches my home. For the longest time I'm puzzled how her coat can be removed and this answered my question.
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thx for the review
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I am hesitating to purchase her due to Amakuni's tendency of making refined version later. Excellent review though.
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