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A few years back I was really into anime and I splurged and bought way too much merch. Within the time frame of my obsession, I went to Japan twice and bought hundreds of dollars worth of key chains and folders etc. I bought these things years ago now and most of it is still in brand new packaging, with some stuff still in the shopping bag I bought it in. I want to sell a lot of this stuff, but I just don't know where or how. I'm gonna try selling some figures on here, but I have a lot of key chains I just don't need, as well as some posters and wall scrolls. Does anybody have any recommendations on where I should try selling this stuff? I've tried craigslist for one of my wall scrolls but that's not getting anywhere... Thanks for any suggestions in advance.
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Buying and selling club on mfc ((literally that's its name )) is a great place to sell stuff, I don't reccommend mercaris as their fees are insane ;;
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Facebook groups helped me sell a lot of unneeded anime merch for me.
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I've been eBay selling since 2005 and this venue restocking my overbuys to other collectors' collections has worked remarkably well. I don't always get back 100% what I've invested but these hobby items are going out the door and the majority of my buyers (100% so far) are enjoying their purchases. I'm not an outgoing person, not a natural born promoter. And I do research (AmiAmi preown, MFC vendor ads, etc) on each article I post on eBay re Buy It Now. Thirty-nine of the 50 US states' sales taxes (a few states don't charge sales tax...yet) are collected by eBay software relieving me of that onerous responsibility. Ebay will also refund such (taxes, purchase price) if a buyer chooses to return an item unwanted within the 30-day inspection time frame. Unlike MFC, Ebay eliminates 98% of the ghost buyers via their platform and that is 1 of the main reasons I prefer eBay as a venue over MFC.

My return rate is about 1.5% of gross sales. I allow returns no questions asked & I will pay for the return postage on a failed sale.

Keep in mind eBay is a buyers' market, not the seller's and especially if it's resale of esoteric items like PVC or collectibles the seller is selling. Ebay wants to be Amazon and their main focus is retail or discounted volume flip of what is hot or new.

I haven't tried other sources to sell. It's all I can do to stay 100% focused just using eBay.

Patience will have to be a virtue for you if you opt to sell on eBay. The scales normally take 3-9 months exposure before a sale is made; prize figures move more quickly (popularity & price) taking 1-4 months. I don't have an online store but may opt for 1 this year as my eBay expenses run about 10% of gross operating out of the basement of my home. Ebay Store come-ons suggest I can save 75% of that if I expand. Hmmm, we'll see.
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Instagram, mercari, ebay, MFC, Facebook ... those are probably your best bets.
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I sold something on Instagram. Tagged it with #sailormoon and got a message soon after. Plan on doing that with a bunch of stuff.
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If you're in the US, you can try Mercari or Depop as well!

People also make selling posts in this thread on MFC: threads.v4.php?...

As for subreddits, people will purchase merch on r/animebazaar and r/mangaswap as well as the subreddit Catgrills mentioned, r/animefigures, but I would try r/animebazaar first. I would only list on the latter two if I was also selling manga/figures in addition to character merch (I'm not sure if this is a hard requirement, but it just seems polite and you don't want to run afoul of the mods). r/animemerchandise exists as well but it's basically dead and I'm not sure if sales posts are allowed there, anyway.

Good luck! I find that selling small goods like this is a HUGE annoyance, so lots might be worth it for your sanity (try grouping together merch of the same character or series). It'll cost you about $3-5 to ship a single item (in the US, to someone else in the US) so keep that in mind while pricing your items! Since they're so slow to sell, it might be worth trying to sell in as many places as possible as well since the odds of something selling on two platforms at the same time is so low--you just have to be careful to remove duplicate listings once something sells!

Good luck!
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You can create a list on MFC instead of creating an add for every article.

If you have Facebook, you can join anime merchandise groups. There are also the Anime figures subreddit, eBay or even Rakuten.
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