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today both of my march figures got delayed until june. guessing its covid related. makes me wonder if i will have any preorders until the summer actually fulfill. i know that preorders always get delayed, but more and more are happening because of covid for sure. and june makes sense for the delays since here, in the us (california), they think schools will be closed until at least june -- so if we're a month behind china that gives them time to work on things there i guess lol.

i wonder if literally everything will get delayed and how it will be delayed. like will everything from GSC just get delayed equally? like they just push back their entire manufacturing schedule? or will somehow everything go into overdrive and we'll have a giant christmas?

i'm going to start putting my money for the preorders away now so that i'm not totally screwed over when they all pile up...

also, have companies allowed cancelations due to the covid virus? i mean, a lot of people are having to start dipping into savings and can't work. i'm sure they'd understand if you cancelled a preorder because of that.
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I did actually get two of my pre-order that were sheduled for March, so I bet it differs from company to company (ITEM #236175 and ITEM #835546).

Personally I think its totally fine. I have nothing at all against delays.
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Spaniard here (one of the most affected countries by COVID-19, yay!), cancelled two upcoming preorders with Amiami explaining the situation, had no problem with them.
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galablue6 mese/i fa#76629999Yes, both were GSC ITEM #872680 and ITEM #872834. The second one is Chara-Ani but sold through the GSCUS online store.

I see.

Alter delayed this figure ITEM #805458 from Feb to March. Then it got hit with a second delay and they are now saying May. I didn't PO it, however. It will be interesting to see if this figure ITEM #845670 that I did PO will be delayed by Alter but so far no change in release date so they aren't automatically bumping everything by a month or two.

Some more info about Alter releases. They have no releases for Feb and March so it seems like they've been delaying all of their releases for the past several months. They have 5 releases still slated to come out in April. I bet some of those will get delayed further. They also have 4 releases set for May and at least two of those are releases that were delayed from earlier in the year. So, their releases are now starting to stack up in the same months. I'm not sure how long you can play the game of delaying the current releases a month or two without also impacting the release dates for ones much later on the schedule but I doubt that they have much wiggle room left.
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Which figures got delayed for you? Were they GSC? I've been tracking one GSC (didn't pre-order) that got delayed for a second time yesterday so I think GSC bumped a lot of their March releases.

Yes, both were GSC ITEM #872680 and ITEM #872834. The second one is Chara-Ani but sold through the GSCUS online store.
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Well, for once, there is a self-evident reason for delays. But honestly, my doubts lie somewhere else. Will some announced products or even pre-order be cancelled altogether. We know many people cancelled their pre-order, most of us brace themselves with future (or already) revenue decrease and we are entering recession. I'm pretty sure it will it the PVC figure manufacturers and sellers in some way or another.

Also, postal services are getting disrupted and since people are staying home, the demand for delivery will only augment. Many of my orders had to wait almost two weeks at Tokyo airport waiting to be shipped, it will probably the norm in the future months since many planes are grounded.

Well, lots of question, hard to tell.

BTW, best wishes for everybody here struggling with the impact of the pandemic.
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Unfortunately I have tried in the past month or so to ask for some cancellations but as far as the shop that I ordered from has not allowed a single cancellation. I did have one cancellation about a year ago as I had some car damages so I can understand. But with the state of things, I need to start slowing myself down on anything not super important for ordering. And I will try a little later on if its possible for some cancellations, and maybe try ordering with shops that allow paying later. (editing for a little bit of shorten).
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Every time I see a release date, I'm always like "press X to doubt" - I always add a few months extra (but to me, I got that habit because I order from TOM and they get their stuff months after Japan gets it). So far, the only accurate ship date I had was from GSCUS but that was pre-Coronavirus days.

For me, I don't mind waiting. I've waited a long time to enter this hobby and I've learned that nothing good happens if you rush something. If a company can't meet their release date due to production delays or if figure doesn't meet their QA/QC standards, then heck, push it.

And while I want to see my holy grail Miku figure and the original date was slated for March 2021 (according to TOM), I have a feeling it'll get pushed to December 2021 (at best)... but eh, it could be worse.
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The short answer is that not everything is getting delayed until June as this PO was just released so I should be getting it delivered in a few days from Amazon Japan. ITEM #691821

Which figures got delayed for you? Were they GSC? I've been tracking one GSC (didn't pre-order) that got delayed for a second time yesterday so I think GSC bumped a lot of their March releases. At least they are giving people a few weeks notice. I'm guessing that GSC might be more likely to delay and might be more affected by the factory shutdowns based on their communications over the past 2 months.

As far as cancellations, I haven't noticed any changes to cancellation policies. But you make a good point that the sellers should be more willing to allow cancels given the circumstances.
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I've only preordered twice now (once from KotoUS and once a PUP figure from GSCUS) and I haven't had any delays, so I've been lucky. But I agree -- they should provide accurate timelines because it would anger people less than fake release dates. I wonder though if they are giving unrealistic release dates and they know it, hopeful release dates, or if the factories are really just that congested.
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Although I do believe COVID-19 is definitely effecting production (factory closures), I'm pretty sick of delays being the norm for most companies now. You'd think that dozens and dozens of delays for various figures over many years would force them to come up with more accurate timelines. I'm just assuming release dates that seem sooner than they'll actually be promote more pre-orders so they let it stay that way and that's pretty scummy. /rant
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