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Play art kai "BIG BOSS" Nake Snake,  Battle suite ver.Play art kai "BIG BOSS" Nake Snake, Battle suite ver.

mangakingmangaking6 anno/i faReview
Hi Everyone!

Today I bring you my very first attempt at reviewing a figure. Metal Gear solid: Peace Walker "Big Boss" Naked Snake - Battle suit ver.



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Now, Just as a disclaimer I'm fairly new to the "METAL GEAR" world as a "whole". First being introduced to the series when it debuted on the playstation 2 as Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of liberty, Not as a player, But as a casual observer of someone else's playing experience. Intrigued, But not fully aware of the "true" overall story and characters.

Then, Again in 2008 I reassumed my roll as viewer when a family member Played through METAL GEAR SOLID 4: Guns of the patriots. Although only experiencing the game again as a viewer, this time my attention was much more captivated by the overall experience and immersing movie like cinematics. So much so, It prompted me to then buy a copy of the game for myself and attempt to find something to add to my collection. (which, sadly, Finding a Snake at the time never panned out)

Until only recently however, My copy of the game went un-played as I could not find the time to invest into its lengthy game play (and the fact I'm really not all that good at games). Thankfully though, due to a few weeks of being down sick, I have recently finished the story of MGS 4 and am very excited to go back and play all of the previous M.G and M.G.S titles available when I get some more time.

This again sparks my interest in grabbing something for my collection, Solid Snake, Boss, Big Boss, Liquid, Meryl, even Otacon... It didn't really matter, I wanted to get something this time.
Bringing me to Big Boss!
Looking all over, It soon became apparent that due to the popularity and age of many figures available, it would be hard to find something within my small budget. Luckily, I stumbled across a local store that had a single Play arts kai Big Boss in stock, probably due to many good reasons that at the time, due to my state of excitement completely went unnoticed :P ( I'll get to that at the end).



Square Enix Play arts Kai: "Big Boss" Naked Snake, BAttle dress ver.
retail price $49.99.

Play arts kai Big Boss also includes:
-rocket launcher
-hand gun
-large machine gun
-spare generic soldier head
-spare hand






It's a nice box, Mainly Yellow with black, white, Grey details with the piece walker logos featured on the sides. It's made out of cardboard ... something snake likes to use time to time, Both on the job and recreationally.

* Zetsubo-san's image PICTURE #259682 *

The box has six sides and can be displayed on any of the six sides you like, Up, Down.... On it's side! If you have multiples, you can stack them. The possibilities are really endless.

For a box 10/10



First thing that anyone will notice when observing this action figure is the amazing amount of detail and hard work the sculptor has put into this guy. Big Boss stands at 9 1/2 inches or 25.5 cm and towers over anything else I currently own. It really is amazingly detailed for its price point of $49.99


Starting at the top, Big Boss's face has been meticulously reproduced keeping all the Peace walker video game likeness in tact, Doing a great job representing B.B. in a 3D physical format.
From what I can see on the internet, All three versions of P.A Peace walker B.B. Share the same face mould, With the battle dress version being the only different one having a small visor like object attached to his headband.




Moving on, This version of B.B. is wearing the Battle armour and again, The detail of the suit is amazing. At a glance, the straps of the harness, Pouches, bags and buckles all look to be made from real cloth and metal to the eye. No detail has been spared by the sculptor, adding in every button and fibre possible to make B.B. look as realistic as possible. It is great to see how much attention and artistry went into every piece of this from the small hooks that hold onto is elbow pads to the orange suit under the armour. Every fold and nick in Snake's battle attire looks as real as possible.




Great detail and very realistic, Sculpting = a perfect 10/10



Overall, as with the sculpt, Big Boss's paint adds to the illusion of realism. Big Boss's face is again a testament to how well the sculptor has done his face. Skin, Hair, Eyes and clothes all look as real as possible with dry brushed details and no over bering colours.




Now, not all Play arts are going to be the same but from what I can gather, Square Enix's play arts Kai line is known for its quality control issues, And this is were the fig. is going to start losing points.
There are few areas where the paint has been applied wrong, some ranging from small dots to lines being some what wobbly.
At a glance B.B looks perfect. None of the small paint issues are worth knocking points until you get to my B.B.'S left leg. I really have no Idea what went on when painting it but somehow, White paint has almost entirely covered the orange plastic representing the under suit of Snakes Leg.


All in all, most issues can be forgiven, However, Some others... not so much.
Painting gets a 8/10.



Uhhh.... This ones gonna hurt.

Big bos is remarkably movable for his size. Ball joints are present at his neck X 2, Shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, lower torso, hips and ankles with ratcheting joints at the knees and elbow. However, Again due to the quality control issue many of these joints are loose and will have Snake falling over more than posing on your shelf.

This one "aint" lodin' in right, too big and I'm currently too lazy to fix it. So, too bad, You'll have to click the link to see the ball jointed neck ;)

PICTURE #529757

This is a huge issue when dealing with them because they are very touchy.... EXTREMELY BREAKABLE, FAGILIE, Don't move me cause I'll break my hip kind of delicate... Which will more than likely make me extremely sad in the future :(

Posing gets a 4/10

Enjoyment / Quality control:


I'm gonna put these two together because if the q.c ends up shotty, It's gonna make me sad, and a sad me doesn't enjoy much...
As the M.G and M.G.S Play arts have come out, I've noticed they have done upgrades to each proceeding volume to address problems from previous waves. However, When you receive a brand new item and and it's arm is on backward , it's left hand is a right, and its right is... well right, 70% of it's body is completely seized and knowing how breakable it is making you sweat so much that by the time you do manage to move a limb without breaking it you then proceed to get up and slip on said sweat, landing on what used to be a cool looking figure, Rendering it a big $50 pile of broken dreams ( didn't really happen but I'm sure it was close), Really makes it questionable if there was any enjoyment to be had after opening the box...

Enjoyment / Quality control gets a very sad 3/10



This is a tough one. Knowing what I know now would I buy it? YES... A very confused and somewhat reluctant, yes.
If you can buy Snake in person, you go in with a clear head and look closely for defects and want nothing other than to display and not touch. Then get it for the sculpt alone. The sculpt and paint, It's amazing. minus the white knee piece. The coolest looking thing I currently own.
Add in the joints and other issues and thing quickly fall down the "pooper"... Any other reason, I suggest to hold off.


*Picture of wrong, Left, Right hand ( was that as confusing for you as it was for me to write?)*

Thankfully, My Snake did come with a second left hand... (not the one that it was supposed too)
As well as the fact that I've never intended to do anything other than display Snake on a shelf so he's not a complete wast of money. Down to Walmart I go to get a cheep 1/6 doll stand and he's never going to move again.






Overall, Snake gets a 6.9/10. Props to the sculptor but Square Enix, you really got to step up the Q.C. We buy stuff because we like the Characters and stories that go along with them and want something to show off our happiness/love/excitement...
When we get things out of the box that fall apart and are just completely wrong (etc. two right hands) we want to break things.

Ok, all done.
Thank you, Thank you very much.
Eh... I mean MANGAKING.
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Thank you very much :D

Yeah, Raiden obviously doesn't have all the pouches and straps to add detail to. I'm not all that caught up in terms of what his suit or Character model for Revengence looks like, However, It still looks overall "decent" compared to what I've seen of some other PA like Nathan Drake for example PICTURE #457338.... Don't know what went wrong there. LOL

As for the original PA's... I've got the original Alphonse Elric play arts From Fullmetal Alchemist and he is really nice! Obviously a whole lot smaller, However, When comparing it to what they did in the new play arts kai... It's a little bit of a closer call than say comparing the two Eds.... Something is really off about the KAi's arms.

K-Mu (6 anno/i fa) #1153604First review? >>> Epic win!^^
Indeed, the sculpting on this figure is incredible, it's far better than what I've seen of Raiden so far...

I agree with R_Kasahara about the whole Play Arts Kai line, they look very good, but their joints are ugly compared to old play Arts. On the other hand, former PA joint system was very fragile, I remember my sister broke many figures because of that.
6 anno/i fa
First review? >>> Epic win!^^
Indeed, the sculpting on this figure is incredible, it's far better than what I've seen of Raiden so far...

I agree with R_Kasahara about the whole Play Arts Kai line, they look very good, but their joints are ugly compared to old play Arts. On the other hand, former PA joint system was very fragile, I remember my sister broke many figures because of that.
6 anno/i fa
R_Kasahara (6 anno/i fa) #1152395Ugh, sounds like a typical Play Arts Kai: awesome sculpt, so-so paint job, horrible joints :( I'd rather that Square Enix goes back to the old Play Arts system, because as imperfect as they were, they're better than Kai.

If you glued everything movable down, this would be a great statue...
Yeah, From what I can tell from all the pictures on the internet, The old play arts had fewer q.c. issues.
I just don't understand how you put two right hands on something? LOL.

Thank for the comment.
6 anno/i fa
Ale (6 anno/i fa) #1152730chubby legs :P

LOL... I originally thought so too. After getting it in hand, it's not as bad as it looks in the pictures somehow.

I find if you can mange to not let his legs spread all the way to there limit, It really cuts down on the overall "chubby" look.

Thanks for the comment.
6 anno/i fa
chubby legs :P
6 anno/i fa
R_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Ugh, sounds like a typical Play Arts Kai: awesome sculpt, so-so paint job, horrible joints :( I'd rather that Square Enix goes back to the old Play Arts system, because as imperfect as they were, they're better than Kai.
6 anno/i fa
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