What have you been doing during lockdown as a collector?What have you been doing during lockdown as a collector?Ask MFC

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For a good number of countries and territories, lockdown or quarantine measure have been enforced over the last few weeks/months. This means, a lot of us have been stuck at home with generally nothing to do.

So, what have you been doing to keep yourself busy? Plus points if it has something to do with your collection.

Personally, I've been doing an inventory of my items and adding entries here on MFC.

I am currently 2 weeks into this activity. I created an Excel file to track the items that I am planning to let go, but it is very difficult without reference, so I also have been creating entries here on MFC to link my Excel entries with.

As of this writing, I have over a thousand figures, goods, and other merchandise to be put for sale. I have also added almost 500 new entries into the database over the last week.

Speaking of adding new entries, it proves to be extremely difficult for older and rarer items. Some items simply do not have official photos or information available on the internet, even if you search the JAN or the barcode. It becomes more exponential for those without available codes on the packaging.

Suffice to say, these two activities have been occupying around 8 hours of my day, and I'm just around 50% done! Whew, my back is gonna kill me once this is over.

How about you? What have you been doing?
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Doing nothing.
I sit at home, sometimes I go outside to the store. I read manga, watch anime, films. Responsible for cleaning. I'm sitting on the forums.
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Kimm134Saya5 mese/i fa#77047187I'm curious, what do you mean you can have the risers made at work? Seems like an ideal place for collectors!

I work as a mechanical design engineer and most of our products use clear plastic for certain purposes. Since we buy the plastic in sheets and try to make the most of each sheet, very little is left over of it. However, there is always some left over. I just have that scrap material made into risers. Since I'm good friends with the people who work with the manufacturing of our plastic details, they tend to cut and bend things into the shapes I want. I'm very lucky to have this opportunity but my job itself is completely unrelated to the risers, haha!
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Kimm134Saya5 mese/i fa#77047019Woah! Did you make the designs on your own or are they available online?
Your works look really refined. Judging on my phone, I initially thought they're actual figures. Great job!

Hi! The papercrafts were originally designed by godogundam and he still has them up for download on his seesaa blog. (seisakudiary.se...) On the right column where it says "カテゴリ", (category) you will see a incomplete list of his works. I think the rest of his works are also listed in "ペーパークラフト." (Paper Craft) But it becomes a chore to find certain ones page by page. It's much easier to search the papercrafts on his Pixiv or home.gamer.com.tw account. (www.pixiv.net/e...) (m.gamer.com.tw/...) I think this papercraft fan group also shows a more complete list of his works. (m.facebook.com/...) To download is to click on the text that says  "こちら." (here)

Wish they were built by me, but I do agree the creator did a great job! There are some papercrafts that are incredible like these ones! (archive.dannych...) The hair is really mind blowing. Pretty much shows that you can make amazing things out of cheap material like paper. 。^‿^。
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Kimm134Saya5 mese/i fa#77047066Great! Gotta be extra careful especially with the used ones; although, the virus shouldn't be able to live long on PVC surfaces.

I bought these a couple months ago actually. I just never got to cleaning them. The other one that got a bath is one I have owned for a few years and she gets a bath every few months to prevent the plasticizer from building up.
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Kimm134Saya5 mese/i fa#77046920Can't wait to see it here! Do you think you can finish it by the time FFVII Remake gets released?

Nope, my experiment with the flowers was a bust. T-T I'll probably get a lot of inspiration when I've started playing and had time to wander around inside the church in its shiny new graphics. ^^
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I was thinking about moving all my boxes to the basement to store it for a very long time. I am thinking about good method to store it since it gets quite humid (Figures will be alright; but, boxes will wear out quicker over the years probably due to change in humidity). I am contemplating whether I should ventilate them well (install open shelves) or seal it in Mylar wrappers and silica gel.
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It's great that you found something to keep yourself busy. I actually work from home so nothing has really changed for me besides the fact that I can't go out on weekends anymore. I have also been going through my collection and selling items online. I would love to be able to work on cleaning and reorganizing my room for my collections once I sell most of my items.
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I was going to order Nendoroid Zelda and DX Link but my dad had surgery and I'm just stuck with regular Link. I have other figures and two playsets from phat so I'm doing the best I can with photography.

I did some diy Sakura blossoms for a photo with tissue paper. I'll see what else I can do. For now.
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I am "lucky" enough to be a driver for major delivery company, so i am not currently trapped at home. Just trapped out in the public and potential risk. At least i shouldnt have to worry about cancelling PO like im seeing many others dealing with (or worse). I just have to keep track of all the delays and how much harder wallet-kun is going to get hit in the coming months.
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Forced choice: currently cancelling any outstanding PO's that exist with vendors I have relied upon for the years I have entertained this addiction to PVC. It pains me greatly to have to do this but I fear COVID-19 Virus is going to become a game changer for many of us in the immediate future.
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