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I was going through my own liked pictures here and realised that I have a very specific standard on what kinds of pictures that I add, and it got me curious about others preferences.

For the most part, my liked pictures is MOSTLY an inspiration board. I especially like to add room decors and displays, for when the time comes that I finally have enough space to make an amazing display room of my own. I'll also add pictures that I find especially interesting/inspiring, like nice setups/combinations or pictures with interesting techniques/props or a well painted garage kit.

There are a lot of pictures that I enjoy looking at but I don't really hit like since I don't feel like I'll gain much from coming back later to look at it again. One time appreciation is enough for some photos, even if I can appreciate their beauty or skill.

I also REALLY love looking at focused collection pictures! I didn't manage to get back to everyone on my last blog because I really wasn't expecting anywhere near that many replies but I enjoyed looking at and reading every single comment.

So now I'm just curious, what about you? What takes a picture from simply enjoying it to look at to pressing like, or are you very like happy with every picture that you enjoy?
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I use my likes on here kinda like I do on Twitter! I just put in stuff that I want to see again or stuff I'd like to go through again.
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I am a simple spider. I see boobies or smol Nendos, I push the likely button. :3
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I click like on visually aesthetic works or creative customs (since I'm a nendoroid customizer)
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I only "like" pictures that I really like. I don't see a point of "liking" anything else tbh
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I usually click on the Like Button when there's a collection I admire. Especially when collectors upload images of a specific anime I personally find tasteful.
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I like to 'like' pictures by people who are clearly just getting into photography. I know from experience how easy it is to fall out of the hobby if you feel like nobody is even lookng at your pictures, and a few likes can go a long way to encourage someone just starting out
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For me it's just that I like a photo set up. Often it's because I can see someone has taken time to think about a scene. It may not even be of a figure I actually like/want, it just has to either make me smile or laugh or nod in appreciation at the set up and lighting.
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Usually my "like list" is my real wishlist. My wishlist is a huge mess at the moment, because I just put everything on it that cought my interest. So from the wishlist I put a few sometimes into my like list, those ones I am really considering to buy. As soon as I have preordered them somewhere, I put them down from the "like list" again.
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I like a picture when there's something cool about it. Maybe it's well shot (lighting/props), or the concept is neat/funny, or somehow the figure is elevated to be even more beautiful. I hate to admit it, but if I really really like the character, I'll still like it even if the photo isn't well done, but I try not to do that. I like to give props to effort.
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I like pretty much everything that i think "oh hey, that's cool or interesting" or even if it's not really my thing but the user obviously put a lot of time into it or no one else has liked it yet and i feel bad i will like something. I pretty much only don't like stuff that i really don't like, honestly.
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