Commenti Are you doing less with collecting this year?

  • I've had to cut back on my orders alot unfortunately. Lost a month of work due to the virus so my expenses are rather short now.
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    I don't buy based on money really, if i want it i usually get it unless its just really crazy. Everything i buy is on my wish list so to speak so i know ruffly whats coming out and have sort of budget for it. This type of attitude hasnt changed.
    With COVID, unless something drastic happens with my finances, which i doubt will because of my boss, ill keep buying like normal.
    It is reckless and the smart thing is to save but im a self-destructive idiot
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    I'm still currently working in a agriculture job and I live with my family. So, I'm not too worried about money, but I am still careful on what I spend. I mainly buy rare or about to be expensive items first, since I can at least buy the more common items someday. The cheaper shipping options from Japanese sites would've been nice to have though.
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    This is my first year with a cushy job and actual money so i have been SPENDING. I picked up a lot of things I've wanted but couldn't previously afford, and I am planning on continuing that for a bit. I usually transfer a decent percentage of each pay check into a savings account, so once bills are paid at the start of the month any money leftover in the checking is more or less fair game. It's a pretty good system; my savings are growing quickly, bills are being paid, and I'm not just sitting on a hoard of money without buying anything to enjoy
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    I always see your blogs often but never comment! So why not change that?

    The ironic thing is, despite the fact that I'm in college for accounting (well technically business admin. with an accounting focus to be technical), I uh ... don't really use it to keep track with my finances ;'D Yet, I've been able to manage to save a lot more and keep track of how much I have left so I don't go broke.

    Strangely enough, even though I just really got into figure collecting mid-summer of last year, I've been collecting a WHOLE LOT more this year! But then again, I'm an atypical collector compared to most of the collectors on here; I'm currently buying Madoka Magica action figures exclusively, so they're already available from US sellers. Maybe I don't qualify as a collector LOL ('cause collectors mainly buy scales, from what I've observed.)
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    Since nothing's coming out of Japan for the foreseeable future, a lot of us can't do as much collecting this year. Even the snacks I like to order have all been taken down by the usual sellers. Beloved umaibo, how I miss you!
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    I do accounting every month to keep track of what I earn and spend. I've done it since 2007, so I now have quite a good idea of my spending patterns.

    I've been blessed that I can work at home and didn't suffer any disruption of employment. In fact, I ended up working more due a surge of projects and saved a lot of money by staying home. So earnings went up and expenses went down. Also, most of my pre-orders were pushed later this year.

    I've already bought or pre-order most things I really wanted in 2020. I often wait a year or two and purchase second hand to save a little bit.

    For me, this year is a year of consolidation. I built a hobby room last year and installed the shelving a few months ago. Thus, I'm assessing the collection, what is worth keeping, what new figures would make for a visually compelling display and what will end up being sold. This is an aspect of the hobby I never experienced before (collecting since 2002) because I never had enough space to display more than 10% of my collection.

    Last night, I went through my wishlist and started to hunt down figures that I felt would fit my collection and tried to find a few bargains. I know this is probably the last big spending of the year for figures. My taste have evolved toward larger scale and with the price raising, just like you, I'll need to assess what's worth keeping and what's worth selling.

    At this point, I suspect the later part of 2020 will be geared toward purging the collection from unwanted items. This isn't something I'm looking forward due to the work it requires, but I certainly will have to do it.
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    I no longer have figures and I dont collect anymore. Im just back here again cuz im building a pc and thinking of maybe putting a prize figure or nendoriod in it (still not 100% sure if ill put a figure in it)
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    I'm generally very good at only buying figures I REALLY want, so I don't feel the need to purposely make myself spend less. Thankfully I prefer action figures like Nendos because they're more fun to display to me, which are generally pretty affordable.

    My only real issue is buying useful merch (bags, desk stands, etc.) and JP magazines, because it's too easy to justify...
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    considering how barely anything was announced for the first half of the year to start with, then all my packages were held back starting from january and havn't been shipped since...
    yes, yes I am doing LESS with collecting. fuck everything.
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