Commenti Large compilation haul - Feb 2020 - June 17th 2020

  • Loving your collection it looks awesome and a mix of different cartoons I like that
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    Surely a nice loot! Nice to see how that Miku fairy looked like. Shame that I no longer enjoy prize figures, though (minus a few certain ones.)

    Now that you mentioned the reunion, I do wonder if there might a possibility for a Di Gi Charat anime reboot.

    P.S.: Went ahead and made an entry for the other Pullip, too: ITEM #1001827
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    The loots you have are fascinating! The Shiki Ichinose caught my eye though, it looks really sparkling crisp down to its details.
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    Interesting loot post as always. The Dejiko figure looks pretty good for an item made in 2000, and Fairy Miku ITEM #912961 looks quite nice, too.
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