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Hi MFC, the pandemic hits me quite hard,damn. Finally, I've got the parcels that sit in warehouse for months. Among the boxes of figures, I decide to kick off with this adorable Kasumi C2 Ver. Figma from Dead or Alive Franchise.




This figma is a reference to the legendary PVC figure ITEM #12642 made by Max Factory back in 2002.

That 1/5 figure turns Kasumi to a goddess no joke. 1/5 was not that common so her release was extremely successful with the huge size and incredible quality. She represents the new era of premium ACG collectables. All Figure shops have her at the store front, not for sale, just displayed to show you this Figure shop is a "authorised" dealer.
It was that influential. On a phenomenon level.
So who is Kasumi?

Kasumi, the spoiled little princess in the clan Mugen Tenshin"霧幻天神流",has a wonderful childhood with her half sister Ayane. After Ayane learnt the truth about her birth (as she was born as a result of r-ape), Ayane turned against her. Kasumi then had a hard time trying to rebuild her relationship with Ayane. And one day, the evil ninja Raidou who r-aped Ayane's mother, raided the village, assaulted Kasumi's brother Hayate to coma and memory loss. He then stole the secret technique Torn Sky Blast "裂空迅風殺". Kasumi decided to chase after him on her own. Without bad intention, Kasumi is perceived as a rogue ninja since she abandons the Ninja clan as the designate master. She takes on the path to revenge after learning the Torn Sky Blast exclusive to the clan leader. Thus, she was labeled as a traitor who stole secrets, the clan calls for her execution without hesitation. The one who ordered such command isn't anybody else but Hayate. Kaumi heard that Raidou was participating DOA fighting championship so she dropped-in. Ryu Hayabusa the legendary ninja watches over her, provides protection from time to time. That's the beginning of her "ninja way".



Adorable face with a sweet sweet smile. proportion is great.
B89 W54 H85 , 158cm, 48kg... This girl is a well trained, "talented and healthy" girl

And the minimal costume is iconic. But her kunoichi equipment in black and gold is way more attractive!!
Some gamers call her a Shiranui Mai clone. What do you reckon?


Let's test out what moves she can perform.


The ninja blade is supposed to be her main weapon. but DOA limits fighting styles to fist fights. That beautiful blade didn't get any screen time in fights.
You see her wielding this thing only in spin-offs and crossovers like Warriors Orochi.





She usually does Karate chops combined with teleportation to counterattack.


High kicks is a good excuse to expose pantsu. Itagaki Tomonobu is a man of culture.


This is her signature posture as she adjusts her stockings while her busts are squished and exposed.

But this isn't an original pose in the game.


Now here's a in-game winning pose. Confidently!!


It's faithful to the original design. I love the costume but her haircut is a bit rough.
everything else is great. And I hope the blade could have more details.

No noticeable flaws in that regard. Standard quality.

Figma's mobility is really amazing when it comes to posing.

Just lift it up to 8 in order to give this figure 8 on average.


Balanced between price and quality. One of the most attractive Figma this year.
Figma fans shouldn't miss this. Highly recommend.


Whom is this figure for?

DOA fans who prefer the classic character design.
Ninja culture fans.
Figma collectors.

I hope you enjoy your time with Kasumi.
Feel free to leave me comments and share your thoughts.
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Demigod_Dan1 mese/i fa#79900709Although Kasumi & this figure is nice and all (I own that 2002 MF figure as well), she has too much merch at this point compared to the other girls. I'd love to see a top quality Fiona figure personally. If that's ever going to happen, I'll be the first to pre-order it xD

Thank you. Even a Demigod like you says so, I can't agree more.
I really want the new girls from lewd volleyball could have some figs.
There's a huge potential!! Tecmo never does merch right:(
1 mese/i fa
Although Kasumi & this figure is nice and all (I own that 2002 MF figure as well), she has too much merch at this point compared to the other girls. I'd love to see a top quality Fiona figure personally. If that's ever going to happen, I'll be the first to pre-order it xD
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