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My articles are always a bit of diary + other things, so apologies if I get a little rambley at times

Some of you may remember a little while ago when I posted about grail figures and when to pull the trigger if/when they ever pop up for sale. Y’all can consider this a bit of a continuation to that one, which you can read over in BLOG #45767 if you’re curious!

Like I mentioned in my last article, I ordered four of the five 5th anniversary Animaru/Stronger K-ON set (ITEM #265077, ITEM #265076, ITEM #265073, and ITEM #265075 for those wondering), one of my grail figure sets, from a wonderful seller, and they’ve since come in. (By the way, they look absolutely stunning and I love them! I want to eventually do a set of reviews for the girls, but I digress.)

Anyway, for those of you who know of the set, you’ll also know that the Azusa (ITEM #265072) is the rarest and most expensive of them, because she comes with a special base piece that connects all of the girls together. For reference, her price has been inflated somewhere from 200-500% or more on the aftermarket, and I saw one sell for $750 once... yeah, it’s crazy. Recently, I’ve seen her sell for anywhere between $180-400 if that gives y’all a frame of reference. I’ve been stalking AmiAmi, Solaris, Mandarake, YA, you name it, for her to pop up since I ordered the other girls, and I haven’t seen any. Maybe I’ve been on at unlucky times, but I just haven’t had any pop up other than on eBay for ridiculous prices (or ones that are 100% bootlegs).

Anyway, long story short, I ended up seeing one pop up on eBay for a reasonable(ish) price, photos of the actual item, authentication sticker, all that jazz, and bit the bullet! It was a little more than what I’d ideally like to pay, but relatively cheap shipping made up for it I think. (That, and I’ve been wanting this one for years and I’m impatient to get the set completed lol.) I’m honestly so stoked to be getting one of the figures that got me into collecting in the first place, and completing what I always thought of as an unattainable grail set!

SO with all that being said, my question to you guys is this: what has been your favorite find figure-wise? Whether it be price, rarity, or just the fact that you found it for sale in a place you wouldn’t expect, I want to know your favorite acquisitions!
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For me it's a tie between ITEM #5468 and ITEM #401020

For ITEM #5468, I've been a fan of the series for a number of years, and finally finished the manga a few months before Anime North (a large fan-run anime convention held annually in Toronto, ON). I had also just recently decided to start collecting figures on a larger scale, and was thrilled to find her at the event's flea market, and for a really good price.

With ITEM #401020, I was a much newer fan. I had begun listening to Luka music a few days before the flea market preorders were set to open, and fell in love immediately. I found her being sold for an incredible deal, so I snapped her up the second my budget was confirmed.

These are definitely two of my favourite figures in my collection so far.
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This ITEM #13777 was probably my favorite find, mostly because of the story behind how I got it.

I only started collecting last year and I fell in love with this figure because the Fate story and Saber will always hold a special place in my heart. Anyway, this figure has been released multiple times so you would think that the market was satisfied/saturated by now.
However, most places I looked at in late 2019 either were sold out or wanted $190-200 for the figure (instead of the $110-ish price of the 2018 release).

Episode 1:
After lots of searching, I came across "marketplace" on newegg.com where they have third party sellers sell stuff on the newegg.com website. They are US based, $110 plus shipping was free, and I had bought previously from newegg.com, so I felt comfortable ordering a figure from one of the third party sellers on their site. So, I ordered it. They billed my credit card, etc. etc. 5 days later I get an e-mail that says my order was cancelled and they are refunding my money because they don't have the figure. In other words, they were falsely advertising a product that they didn't have anymore. False advertising isn't to be taken lightly in my opinion (there are laws against it) and I asked if they could give me something to compensate me for my "loss"/dissatisfaction due to their mistake. They said that they couldn't offer me anything (i.e., we don't care about dissatisfied customers). Never will order from them again. If they had offered a small token of compensation like a $10 credit on my next purchase, they could have kept me as customer and I would have just brushed the whole episode off as bad inventory control. But, it was clear that they just don't care about customers.

Episode 2:
I pick myself back up and go looking on the Internet again for the figure. I wanted to buy new if I could get a decent price and I came across a site called Mykombini.com that was advertising the figure for about $110 + shipping. Anyway, after checking on MFC and seeing that they were a "legit" website, I ordered the figure from them. One week passes and I hear nothing from them so I message them on their web site. They respond the next day that they are canceling my order and refunding my money because they say my credit card charge never went through. I respond to them that they are incorrect (and I had credit card charges on my card to prove it) and they basically stonewall me and never respond. I suspect that they had one figure left in stock but someone there decided that they could sell it to a friend and then have them flip the figure for a higher price on Amazon or whatever. Also, things just never added up with their story because if a store has a problem charging your credit card, wouldn't they attempt to contact you to get it resolved? They had my contact info but they never contacted me about it. Well, out of luck again on getting the figure.

Episode 3:
Finally, things worked out buying a used figure through a very good MFC seller for $55 (free shipping). It was an older release and the seller had no box but all in all the figure was in excellent shape and I am so glad that I have it.

I guess the moral of the story is don't let the shadier side of figure selling get you down because there are good sellers out there as well and you can get a happy ending if you are persistent.
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I feel like non-figure grails are SO much harder to find, just because they're produced in way smaller quantities (my other theory is that people just think "who would want this $5 keychain?" and toss their stuff out instead of selling it). I've been trying to locate this ENTRY #49295 GD set for the last 24730 years after I lost one of them, and I've found one. ONE. I will be collecting these things till I'm eighty at this rate.

This is very true, unfortunately. The aftermarket is just SO much crazier when it comes to non-figure goods, and it's such a hassle! I've been trying to find some nitotans right now for a reasonable price, but you could honestly even buy a low-end scale with some of the prices people are asking... if you even DO find any lmao. Unfortunately, I am guilty of that kind of mentality, I tend to give away my keychains and small goods when I get tired of them ^^;;; But it's also because selling is a hassle, so I guess most people won't go out of their way to try and sell a used $5 keychain that they can't make much out of unless it's super sought after and rare. Like, listing that on ebay or something would probably make them lose or barely break even.

I hope you find the rest of those keychains though ToT Stalk sugara-ya and never give up!!!
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gwendal738-21 mese/i fa#80215983
I feel like non-figure grails are SO much harder to find, just because they're produced in way smaller quantities (my other theory is that people just think "who would want this $5 keychain?" and toss their stuff out instead of selling it). I've been trying to locate this ENTRY #49295 GD set for the last 24730 years after I lost one of them, and I've found one. ONE. I will be collecting these things till I'm eighty at this rate.
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The item is not on MFC, but it's still a great figure find. Myethos' Queen of Hearts. I actually found a local shop selling her for retail price a few months ago but I could never seem to justify buying her. They then put her on sale (33% off) a week or two ago. I knew this was probably the lowest price I will ever see for this figure, so I bought it. The box had a few dents, but the figure was in pristine condition. Considering how much people would pay for her nowadays, I'm happy I was able to find her for such a low price.
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ITEM #724610: One of my first figures so I was not really into collecting at that time but I saw that a local seller was selling him for 80SGD (about 55USD) and I quickly snagged him! Later on I realised that he was a WonFes exclusive and going for quite a high price now, so I was pretty surprised and happy. Although it was not a big steal, I was really happy with being able to get him at a nice price, a couple of months after he was released! :D
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ITEM #124874. Saw it for $40 on Amazon before I really got into collecting, but it went out of stock while I was agonizing over whether to buy it or not. Sometime after that, I was looking for it and found it for $20 on eBay. Fastest I've ever went from seeing something to buying it. Nekomura Iroha is my favorite Vocaloid and IMO this is the cutest figure of her so I was pretty glad to have found it at a decent price.
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Figure-wise, it's definitely these two:

ITEM #740179 - this one's preorders were sold out EVERYWHERE right after I had decided I did want them in my collection after all even if I wasn't actively collecting at the time. It was a pretty anxious three months hoping and praying it will be in stock at AmiAmi at release. Lo and behold, it was! You best bet I didn't waste any time clicking that order button in relief. It's grown to be one of my most precious figures so I'm glad I didn't hesitate a second time.

The second is this one X'D ITEM #439041. You can read about his adventures on how I got him and why exactly he's a very, VERY special grail here. Long story short, after searching for him for close to a year, and then waiting another 3+ months for him to get to me, he is finally mine. Another one of my most precious figures. XD

Goods-wise, this is actually what I am SUPER stoked about. I am a huge Hitorijime My Hero fan and I've always aimed to make a mini-shrine of sorts for the main pair, Masahiro and Kousuke, so I've always been looking for goods where they're pictured together. Two of my grails for the longest time were ITEM #771883 and ITEM #590190. They had always popped up on Otamart for ridiculous prices that I'm not exactly willing to pay (for a keychain and acrylic stand at least), even if I'm a huge fan of the series. Sometimes you just have to draw the line. But lo and behold, after about 1.5 years of hunting them down, they popped up on Surugaya AT THE SAME TIME for their retail price (the keychain) and a reasonable price (for the acrylic stand you could only get at a cafe event)! Already right when I gave up and I wasn't actively looking! I was so happy I wasted no time going through the orders with FJ. I pretty much all but rushed to the post office as soon as they arrived. X'D

And of course, my holiest Hitorijime grail of all was ITEM #622869. I found it on Mercari JP (or rather, a kind user on here found it for me and so kindly pointed it out to me - I am forever grateful) and I had to search far and wide for a proxy that a) ordered from Mercari JP and b) charged reasonable prices. Thank god for wakuwakumono, and now it's finally mine!

I totally understand the gratification and satisfaction you feel when you obtain your grail. It's certainly the best feeling ever. And then you look at that figure/keychain/acrylic stand, and you relive the memories of how you pined for it and how you finally got it, you just feel happy and relieved because yes, it's finally here, all mine.
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