What Items/figures do you like the most?What Items/figures do you like the most?Ask MFC

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What items and figures appeal to you?

What do you like to collect?

My primary interest in collecting is in Scifi Items and Mecha, the more unique and the rarer the item is the more it gets my interest.

If an item is from a series I really like I'll get it, if it's something that's very rare from a series I like that usually starts off a hunt for said items and those hunts are more satisfying to me than getting the more common to find items.

At the moment in the midst of hunting for Mospeada related items and that series merchandise is rare and very expensive to find, the Mospeada Alpha ITEM #49499 ITEM #49500 ITEM #49498 and Beta fighters ITEM #48419 ITEM #48427 ITEM #48418 are very rare to find and after acquiring ITEM #876976 through Trade it has me motivated to clean out more from the collection to allow space to display Mospeada items plus helps to direct my remaining collecting focus to the rarer pieces.



The excellent thing about my hunt for Mospeada items is that it's something that can last maybe a year or more to find these items so it's something that will fit with my current plans for collecting, shifting from Active to Retirement from Active Collecting and the fun of this is that one can check every so often for these items if they pop up on Ebay or other Selling sites and they are not cheap average cost for an Alpha Fighter is anywhere from $100-$300 depending on condition same for the Beta Fighters that may cost about $200 so it's a hunt like this that I love the most because of the rarity of these items.

But the main type of figure/item that appeals to me are the ones that look unique and are rare to find.

What figures appeal to you the most?

What do you like to get for your collection?
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i collect nendroids and now focused more on scales of characters from shows i like, specifically if there are multiple of the character and i focus on series that have more than one figure to them, with a large cast that can make a bit of a section rather than an individual piece
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I mainly collect nowadays from shows I really like, or a specific character that I like. Main show I like to collect stuff from is Strike Witches, and a character I like to collect is Airi from Queen's Blade ENTRY #1911. But other than that I like catgirls, but only if they appeal to me, but that goes for about any figure.
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What items and figures appeal to you?
I'd prefer replicas that appear in shows the most.
ITEM #159533
ITEM #189823
ITEM #69937
stuff like this. as for figures, anime characters and tokusatsu.

What do you like to collect?
mostly action figures. I vastly prefer the SHF line for great accuracy and great articulation.
I don't mind figma but they're not just hella overpriced but bricks with limbs compared.
revoltech is "acquired taste" category for me. they are super poseable but not only they completely break the sculpt for it, but a pain to pose in general.
SAS has really good sculpts but the QC is garbage, and it's just as overpriced as figma.
bring arts is turning out to be the worst of all of the above mentioned. too bad, because I was excited for a new toyline that could compete with the rest in a good way.

What do you like to get for your collection?
I'm less about collecting, and more about buying a physical representation of a character that I like.
so I guess figures of my favorite characters...?
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Sailor Moon and superheroes (primarily Marvel) lately. I largely prefer 6" scale (or close enough) figures, and I think Figuarts and Marvel Legends make up the bulk of that--ML moreso, as they tend to be less expensive unless you're talking figures like Dark Phoenix. Scales don't really do it for me; I prefer articulation.

I really like Figmas and would be working on bulking up my Figma pile, but they're just so...damn...expensive. >.< (looks at Figma!Utena, Sakura Kinomoto & co., and the Rayearth girls, sees their price tags, grumbles)

Very recently, I've also started going for plushes--mostly of the SM girls in their civilian wear (most everything else I own of them is of them transformed) and characters who haven't gotten Figuarts yet, like the Starlights.
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In all seriousness, I mostly collect characters that I know, so I like collecting figures that are true to the character. Which means that the face, pose and props have to be accurate. Probably why I like nendoroids since their pose is customisable and they come with a lot of props. I like the chibi too. Not figmas though, those things are getting way too expensive.

I don't think I have a particular type of figures that I'm collecting, but I do know that I'm a huge sucker for dynamic poses and figures with weapons. So those are what I look out for when I'm buying scales.

Of course, all these get thrown out of the window when it comes to Joker...oops for my wallet
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I like to collect bishoujo scale figures that have warm and bright color palettes, especially reds and pinks. I try to make an effort to buy figures that are harmonious with each other while on display. I really like my collection so far, so I think I've found exactly the type of figures I want to collect.

I'd like to get the Reimu 1/4 scale someday ITEM #604477, but with the way money is atm she'll probably be under grail status for a while. I'm also not sure if a figure that big will ruin the harmony of my collection or not, so I'm a little hesitant to get her in the first place.

Depending on how this Flandre Scarlet figure ITEM #945243 turns out I might want to buy her as well. I just think she's super cute so far and hope she turns out nice.

I'm not a diehard Touhou fan, so I don't feel that pressured into making these purchases, but if I had money to burn in the future I'd like to add them to my collection.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Anything Louise really.
Plus lately I'm more shifting towards gaming so I tend to like to get game stuff.
Pirates of the Caribbean also gets my attention lately.
But yeah main focus louise :D

Tend to get only from my top 10 fav anime or game characters only now to limit myself and try to get rid of the rest now. But that takes time...
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Weirdly enough there aren't many good figures from the animes / mangas I like. I'd love to have more figures from my favorite characters, but a lot of them look like crap or have quality issues. I'm a big fan of original characters though, so there's more than enough to collect. My weakness are succubi / demon girls. Anything with horns, wings, etc. - I'd love to see more monster girl figures, but they're almost non existant. I don't understand why there are almost no gory / bloody figures from horror animes either. There could be so many amazing statues with interesting concepts, nice details and bases that tell a story. That's why I'm very excited to see how ITEM #962546 turns out.

I'd also love to collect more high quality figures of comic characters. But there isn't that much available. You either have to settle for small 1/10 figures (e.g. from Kotobukiya or Iron Studios), 1/6 scale mixed media figures (e.g. Hot Toys) or you have to go all in and get a quarter Scale from companies like Sideshow Collectibles. I'm actually saving up for my first Sideshow Statue and pray that it's still available when I have the cash to pay for it.
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Moomoogirl12 mese/i fa#80851256I'm still trying to expand my nendoroid army toward the 100+ mark, but anything with articulation (dolls/action figures) usually catches my eye.
I am the opposite
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TyjosAzari2 mese/i fa#80851349It's not the prices that bother me with my collecting it's accumulation, years of collecting make it pile up and I'm happy to sell off a TON of things to turn it into something I really want for the collection found that helps to restore enjoyment of the hobby.
Vintage Items however are very expensive since I go for getting near pristine condition for certain things and if I'm going for that I don't mind shelling out the money for it to get something awesome.
Would be wonderful if things were cheaper for sure but sometimes you can't escape it and have to deal with the high price to get something you want and that's the downside of collecting series that have very little merch to the point the merch is very rare.

True enough but I do love series that others love but things from dorohedoro are hard to find so I understand that part definitely(that’s why I jumped with ordering ITEM #943535 cause I knew it would be expensive later on but vintage items could be easier if you bought used? I go on surugaya and mandarake and find a lot of vintage stuff for a very good price
Like I have seen the saber fate lingerie set(something I have wanted for a long time plan to get one of the sets soon) on mandarake for a good deal the outer shipping box is just damaged however depends if you want to have everything in pristine condition for me boxes don’t really matter it’s as long as the figure is in good condition

But I don’t have to worry about space I have TONS of it cause I am a fresh new figure collector been collecting anime Merch for awhile but figures are one thing I hold off on however I think I will buy one every month to continue my pvc addiction heh
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PVC anime figure store.

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