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Do you have any figures/items in your collection that are great to you?

You know that particular figure or item that you consider better than the rest in terms of personal attachment and enjoyment you get from that item/figure?

Found myself looking over what's coming in next Month and the Robotech/Mospeada Alphas and Betas will be returning to this collection and after finding my old photos of the Alpha/Beta Combination I find myself putting those Figures into the "Great." Category because they are unique and they are actually a few pieces I regretted selling back in 2017 due to having financial issues at the time and a lot of stress.

Old Photos but these show just how cool and awesome the Alpha/Beta fighter combination is and it's something that makes me smile because of it's uniqueness and how this is pulled off is very simple but the end result is super cool.


It's pieces like this that make me rank figures and items differently and while most of the items I consider great in this collection aren't Anime it's items that are complex and unique that fall into the "Great." items category like my Collecting Holy Grail the Gi Joe Defiant Launch Complex which is a very rare item and this is an older photo from last year when I last opened it up to have the Shuttle in Launch Configuration this is what makes this one have a "WOW." factor to it.


ITEM #56924 ITEM #56925 ITEM #56926 are some of the other Great Items in this collection they all combine into the Ultra Zord another excellent piece that stands out in the collection.


There are a lot of Great figures here in this collection and I'm curious about the Great Figures in your collection.

What are your "Greats"?
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ITEM #287683
ITEM #758994

These two are the absolute best of my collection and this one ITEM #5443 is great as in, big af lmao
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ITEM #342 As she was one of, if not the first figure I ever purchased and will probably be the one figure that I will 100% never part with for that reason.

PS: I totally want that B5 poster you have
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Lol just saw this, Tyjos would this count as one of your "greats" if you actually owned this? ;)

Imagine it casually standing in your backyard haha!
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When you take that combination of overall quality and personal enjoyment of the figure, I came up with the following items:

ITEM #11 A great older figure and this was one of the first really sought after figures I added to my collection.

ITEM #166954 Sena is one of my favorite characters, and this figure depicting her in full 1/4 scale glory is fantastic.

ITEM #500291 I have a lot of favorite Sonico figures, but this one is possibly the most epic.

ITEM #235623 In terms of overall quality, this is probably the best Pochaco figure in my collection, and it strikes me as just the...Pochaco-est Pochaco in my collection.

ITEM #464638 Mikan is one of my favorite characters, and this one is a very cute and well made figure.

ITEM #5559 Simply a magnificent Asuka.

ITEM #13765 There are so few Gunslinger Girl figures, but this one is truly a great one, and its quality is outstanding considering it is now going on a decade old.
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I can definitely relate to needing a wow factor for figures. There are figures I bought a few years ago that would probably just be too plain for me now, although I still enjoy owning them.

Right now my great figures would be these:
ITEM #166923
ITEM #617147
ITEM #464669
ITEM #464649
ITEM #604435
as well as a couple Myethos figures not in MFC.

Soon I think these two pre-orders I have will steal the top two spots:
ITEM #846085
ITEM #907280

I'm just a sucker for those intricate figures.
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These 3 figures would probably be my currently owned GOAT figures. I have a Puella Magi "shrine" in my living room, and I always said if I had to grab a couple figures to save from a fire, it would be them.
ITEM #543992
ITEM #490595
ITEM #397001

Although I don't technically own her yet (though she is paid off!), this will eventually be my all time favorite figure, and my most prized possession. ITEM #871530 Shinobu is basically the greatest character ever. Everything about her, from her history to her excessive power to her love of donuts and quirky, confident, yet regal personality, the way she can change her body size, and the bond for life she shares with Koyomi (totally not jealous...) is only scratching the surface of what I love about her.
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shaarii_shirley x Zane Truesdale
This one: ITEM #520675

I was introduced to the Megaman X series when I was barely 5 and so, being a large part of my childhood, it has a very special place in my heart. When I heard there would be a non-action figure of both Zero AND Megaman (in such a heartbreaking pose too!), I knew I had to get it! Good thing I was an adult with a somewhat stable income. He wasn't cheap, though, especially at a time when money was a tiny it tight, but I didn't want to get them in the aftermarket either, so I bit the bullet and placed my order. No regrets.
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ITEM #548451
ITEM #390056
ITEM #167302 (pale ver. with rare Ami bonus)
ITEM #289995 great character and only a few were made
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Monogatari, always :)

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Narmaya makes me want to start collecting, so she's always been special.

Other great figures:
ITEM #604596 - my only 1/4 scale
ITEM #396960 - still one of my absolute favorite since I bought her 2 years ago
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