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Hi everyone! It's that time again. :'D

I decided to combine the June/July loot together this time! I have alot to show off too. I still have some packages I'm waiting on, but things are finally starting to move along.

Anyways, let's get started!

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★Buttons, Keychains, Acrylic stands, etc★

A few months ago I heard that these JJBA rubber strap sets would be released again and I love these designs so much that I finally caved and got everything I was missing! The first order was from AmiAmi. ( I had to throw in the Katakuri plush last minute ;v;)


I only ordered these three sets from Medicos' Online Shop so I could get the bonus rubber straps. Also included in my Medicos order is this Abbacchio acrylic stand I was missing. I also got the La Squadra bromide card set that I have yet to open since I have no way to display them..(working on that ;D)


Here's some items I got in a later order from Surugaya and Medicos! I'm in La Squadra heaven ♥. I really love everything I got, and it's all in wonderful shape for being pre-owned! I finally got my hands on some of the 2019 Esperienza D'oro merch, including the La Squadra button set, clear file set, a Risotto acrylic stand, and a few of the fans I could find. Still missing some stuff but I'll be looking for it.

I also ordered some stuff from Medicos' online shop from their Diamond is Unbreakable promotion featuring Yoshikage Kira. That includes a keychain, acrylic stand and button set! The colors are so pretty. I threw in the La Squadra clear file set and the Passione button set in last minute.
The other Abbacchio acrylic stand and clear file were from the "Escape from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Museum" exhibit.


I only kept Abbacchio and Giorno (isn't pink and purple pretty together?)

OH and let me talk about this beautiful Prosciutto notebook! It's from the ichiban kuji from 2010 and in perfect condition.

It includes stickers as well!


the inside is cute, it's Prosciutto themed.

Also finally got my Diamond is Unbreakable Potekoros (and Kurumikko capsules)! Complete with Max Limited shop bonus items Killer Queen and Sheer Heart Attack. These are all for me except for a few of the capsules.


And finally, a cute Abbacchio and Bruno acrylic stand. I hate that I didn't pick this up last year, but it's alright. I finally got it now. I got to be honest, I mostly just wanted it for Abbacchio, hah. (But BruAbba is cute tho)



I was browsing Amazon one night trying to find the Golden Wind blu ray for pre-order when I saw the Limited edition Diamond is Unbreakable blu-ray set was on sale for $24! I immediately grabbed it as I'm trying to collect all of the LE sets (Only 2 more to go!) Unfortunately the case was cracked and I had to return it to get a new one.

It comes with the art book that I always love reading, but no art cards this time..


Next is this double sided Risotto and Prosciutto canvas bag I bought! (Thank you Medicos for usually including Prosciutto / Risotto merch♥) I absolutely love this, and I can't wait to use it!


★Fan Merch★

I used to have a strict "if it isn't official, I'm not buying it" mind set, but I've really gotten into fan merch lately. I really want to buy more RisoPro doujinshi when I'm not swamped with pre-orders! Anyways, to start off...

I got the Yoshikage Kira plush that I had pre-ordered! It's by Figuier27 on Lofter. I adore this and he looks so cute next to my Diavolo plush


Some cute fan made Risotto and Prosciutto merch!

Artists are
si3Art ( Acrylic keychains)
DOKIDOKI (rubber straps)
Darwin Rose Studios (heart pins)


Cute Risotto bean plushies from a seller on TaoBao!


And finally what I'm most proud of...

I was apart of a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fanzine project and I had to honor of drawing Sports Maxx from Part 6 Stone Ocean. I received my copy complete with merch by the wonderful artists that contributed to this zine. Here's my illustration!


That's all for this month! More of my merch should slowly be arriving soon. The high shipping cost is killing me, but as long as I consolidate packages, it actually becomes somewhat better for me. I'm so excited for the coming months, as I've purchased the Risotto S.A.S figure, plus La Squadra tomonui plushies will be coming out soon!
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