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Welcome to.. something a little different!
If you've never seen any of my articles before, I regularly post loot hauls largely focused on BNHA merch but also including some other stuff from different Japanese manga/anime/games that I enjoy! They're pretty long with lots of text & photos, usually I'm able to fit everything in one haul however, last time that wasn't the case!

This is sort of a mini-continuation of my May/June 2020 haul with much less stuff, just a few Nendoroid's and some accessories. While there isn't that much to go over in this part two, I felt like cramming it into the original haul would have just been too much and I wanted to properly showcase everything without it feeling too bloated or rushed!

By no means is it necessary for you to check out the first part of this haul to read through this one, if you'd like to anyways you can click "Previous loot" below to do so!

Hopefully you all enjoy this extra little treat!

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Nendoroid - Arisa Ichigaya

My connection with BanG Dream isn't as strong as it's competitor in the idol & rhythm game, Love Live! though I still enjoy the franchise and would like to get into it more! Arisa was my favorite from the start, despite typically not enjoying tsundere types too much. I couldn't tell you exactly what about her design sticks out to me or even why I find her personality to be charming, but she left an impression on me at first, which only had her grow more and more until I decided she was my favorite. Kasumi is also one of my favorites, so their relationship and dynamic together really only bolstered my love for Arisa. While I considered picking up Kasumi when she was on sale at the same time, I didn't want to spend too much all at once. I'm sure in the future, Kasumi and a few others will join my collection, so for now I held off.

Also, whenever Good Smile decides to announce Misaki's Nendoroid she'll be an instant pre-order.
Misaki is just a smidge below Arisa when it comes to my favorite BanG Dream girls.

Before talking about the figure itself, I do want to give a little background into my history with Bandori. I started playing the mobile game sometime in February 2019 right when the Persona collab event released on EN servers. My friend who got me into Love Live! was just starting to get into the game so I figured I'd try it out. I'm not great at rhythm games, but I grinded extremely hard during the event. Even though it isn't very impressive, I managed to score Top 10,000 but sadly didn't manage to get any of the 4-Star Persona event cards. Pretty soon after due to life being really busy and space dwindling on my phone, I impulsively uninstalled the app for without writing down a transfer code anywhere. So, basically I lost my account which really discouraged me from returning to the game. An entire year later I finally decided to scrounge what I could from memory, screenshots, and a bit of help from my friend who still had me added. I sent a recovery appeal.. which was successful! Just a few weeks ago my account was returned to me and I've been able to enjoy the game again! I still haven't had time to watch the anime yet, but I'll play a few songs on the mobile game every now and then which I forgot was such fun!


Now that you've heard a bit about my history with Bandori and Arisa, what do I think about her Nendoroid? "Simple" might be the best word. Much like Arisa herself, I can't too easily describe the things about this Nendoroid which I like without feeling like the negatives outway the positives. Still, that isn't how I feel about her Nendoroid, considering I like it much more than I dislike it. My positive experience with the character herself definitely skews my rationality with this one. Every inch of her is just so cute from head to toe.

I'll mention a few highlights that I can pinpoint which I adore about her. Much like Ann from Persona 5 which I got at the same time, Arisa has beautiful blonde pigtails with some articulation. It's a bit more limited than Ann's Nendoroid, but Ann is a fair bit newer which might have something to do with it. While her hairstyle is very similar, the actual detailing of the hair is wildly different. While Ann is more clumpy, poofy hair, Arisa's is much more distinctly strand-by-strand which I think is interesting! It's definitely due to the more unique style of character design, but I think it fits well and looks nice on her Nendoroid!

Honestly, her angry/pouty faceplate was what sold me on this figure. I really love the promotional pose they used with it (View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2017/03/17/1726856.jpeg) where she has her chest and face pushed forward! I think it's an absolutely adorable expression. Her other ones do look a bit goofy at certain angles, but that one specifically is so expressive and can be used to in plenty of different ways to convey different subtle- but upset! -emotions. Finally, I think her outfit is adorable too! It's just a simple schoolgirl outfit but looks wonderful on her. If you didn't know, all of the Poppin' Party Nendoroid's were released in 2017 (Saya's being the last in 2018) at which the franchise was nowhere near as popular as it is now. They re-released the Poppin' Party Nendoroid's in 2019. I'm assuming due to popularity & how well these original ones sold, they went onto release a alternate "Stage Outfit" version of Kasumi (ITEM #806047), along with the other vocalists from each respective band and now the guitarist's as well!


I do have a fair few dislikes with this Nendoroid, but they are all things that I knew going into purchasing her figure and really don't take away too much from my overall enjoyment of her. Even though I just mentioned liking her outfit, I do think it's a bit disappointing that she doesn't have a stage outfit like Kasumi and the other new releases. I can't really fault Good Smile for this though and there's always a chance that the rest of Poppin' Party could get new alternate version releases as well in the future, which would be amazing! Besides that, the only other dislike I have aesthetically is her squinty smile faceplate. While not terrible, I personally just don't like it and think that the inclusion of a different expression like a bright red blushing/embarrassed face would have been better and more suited to her character!

Something I've come to notice with a lot of idol Nendoroid's is their lackluster amount of accessories or extra parts. While I understand there's a lot of reasons behind this decision, I feel like a Nendoroid misses the mark when it doesn't include at the very least one distinct accessory pertaining to the character. As cool as her keyboard is, I don't think it's enough to identify Arisa. A mini bonsai tree would have been such a great small addition to show off a part of her other than the obvious premise of her being in a band. That's of course important to make distinct, but shouldn't be the only thing focused on regarding her character.

She does come with an extra bent leg, some different hands & arms, plus a backpack to carry her keyboard which is a unique addition but not a very practical one to pose her with or necessarily interesting. Pretty much the bare essentials to give her some variety when it comes to posing. The only other thing I'll give props for which might not even be intentional.. I think that most of her hand pieces are ambiguous enough that you can relay many different meanings depending on the scene, how they're angled, and overall body language. I especially love her pointing hand for this, since it can be viewed as a possibly confrontational jab, to energetic and exciting on-stage enthusiasm, to a blissful and peppy prod forward, all just by twisting the wrist slightly and switching out the faceplate!


I don't typically show off the Nendoroid boxes in my hauls, but I figured that because this is a smaller one this time I might as well! Nothing much to say about them, but Arisa's is sort of cool for having a star shape window instead of the usual circular window on either side.

Before wrapping up her section, I do want to mention that because I purchased her directly through the Good Smile global online shop, she came with an exclusive backdrop of her home decor. View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2017/03/16/1726131.jpeg I used it for the first photo but felt like without her keyboard she fit better in an outdoorsy exterior. It's a nice background for sure, but I think it's too big for any display really, making it sort of impractical. Overall it doesn't add much, but it is definitely nice to have paired with her if you can figure out a way to display her with it that doesn't take up an unnecessary amount of space. I'm assuming it was meant to be used in conjunction with the other bandmates.

That's basically Arisa! A somewhat plain Nendoroid but one I love to see on my shelf regardless! As mentioned, they're still releasing BanG Dream Nendoroid's currently, so I'd love for them to go back and release additional Stage Outfit versions of Arisa and the other Poppin' Party members! It kinda sucks that even if they do that, since those versions are based on them being on-stage, they'll be more themed around her being a keyboardist, meaning I won't get my little bonsai tree! Ah well, missed opportunity! At the very least, she'd get a super cute flashy outfit to match Kasumi.

Nendoroid - Mari Ohara

Mari! Somewhere in my top five Aqours girls.. I think? Honestly, my opinions on Aqours constantly fluctuates. I love all the girls so aside from my top three it's pretty messy ranking everyone. Mari is definitely one of the funnier girls which might actually be to her detriment considering how closely I associate memes made of her to her actual character identity. I often forget how much of a solid character she genuinely is. What I don't forget however is just how vocally talented and naturally hilarious her seiyuu Ainya is. As time has gone on, my love for the characters in Love Live! and their respective seiyuu is pretty much interchangeable since so many of their own personalities match their character.

I'm super happy that I was able to get Mari's Nendoroid, most if not all of the Aqour's Nendoroid's sell for a pretty high price nowadays, so seeing her restocked and on-sale on Good Smile's online shop immediately made me jump on her. Apparently, Riko was restocked as well but practically soldout instantly since she wasn't up when I found the sale on the first night. Huge bummer cause Riko is in my top three and I think her Nendoroid is one of the very best.

Anyways! Aside from overall not liking the outfits for really any of the Aqours Nendoroid's, I do think that You & Mari's color schemes work the best out of the group for these outfits. I don't mind the outfits in the anime but translated to Nendoroid's they just don't work in my opinion. I'm very upset we didn't get something like the Aquarium outfits for these girls since overall I think those are much more iconic, distinctly represent each girl with their own individual color and would have just translated to Nendroid's much better.


She comes with one bent leg, some different hands & arms, and.. yeah, basically the same as Arisa! Except for one less faceplate. I can't hate Good Smile for this since it isn't like they singled out Mari and decided to skimp on her, since this is an issue with all of the Aqours Nendoroid's and as I mentioned, a majority of idol Nendoroid's (that aren't Hatsune Miku).. which I kind of hate them for, but! Like I said, I get it. Especially for a group like Aqours which has nine members, assuming most people want to collect the set of nine girls, dropping $60+ on all of them, with almost monthly releases, it would have been ridiculous. They've even since gone up in price even higher than that so.. I wish they hadn't skimped the girls, but I understand why they did.

At the very least, Mari's different hands offer a bunch of unique poses, majority of which are distinctively her type of energy. Specifically, her "ok" hand gesture is a necessary inclusion that at least feels personalized to her individually. Her other hands are just playful, really fun, I do love how they pair up with her faceplates! Her faceplates are great as well, the standard smiley expression is perfect in my opinion, capturing her likeness wonderfully. The additional half-lidded, cat-like, mischievous smile is great too!


I can overlook the lack of accessories for any and all of the Aqour's Nendoroids, the real issue I have with them is the outfits which, considering how much of a Nendoroid is comprised of a body, is much harder for me to overlook. It totally comes down to preference, I'm sure many people would disagree with me in a heartbeat and dislike the Aquarium outfits, plenty more preferring these Jumping Heart outfits! That's completely fine, but I would have even liked their school uniforms over these. I'm still praying that someday we get a second set of these girls in new outfits, school uniforms, casual outfits like they did with µ. It looks less and less likely as time goes on, but I can still hold out hope.

Until they start making Nijigasaki Nendoroid's, then all hope is lost.

Nendoroid - Chika Takami

Now, my absolute favorite Love Live! girl, Chika Takami!

Truly saving the best for last! I absolutely adore Chika so much! She's such an infectiously energetic, positive, good-hearted character who's unabashedly happy and wants to bring that same sunshine orange glow to others around her! I love how determined and hardworking she is, while also sometimes being a bit mindless and lazy. She's wonderfully relatable yet still somehow a character I feel so motivated to be like! I overlooked her for so long and I feel absolutely stupid for doing so! I really only started appreciating Chika once I got deeper into Love Live! fandom and started to associate the characters to their seiyuu's.

I could honest to god write an essay about Anchan, Chika's seiyuu. Everything about her is inspiring to me. How she grew up and found herself in the voice acting industry, her dedication and investment into both her role as Aqour's leader and as Chika herself. If any of the characters were a complete embodiment of their seiyuu, Anju Inami is just that. I love so many things about her and truthfully if it weren't for her I likely wouldn't be as interested or invested in Love Live! as I am today. It helps that I think her voice is the best out of the group. Her journey is just beautiful, by far she gets the most emotional during performances and it shows just how appreciative she is of everything she's earned and everyone who supports her.

I just wanted to preference everything by making it abundantly clear, I love Chika Takami.


As you can guess from what I said about Mari previously though, this Nendoroid is a bit of a letdown. I'm mostly neutral on Chika's outfit since I don't think hers is terrible but I don't like it either. I will admit that the hat is a cute addition to it overall, but I actually prefer to display her without it! I didn't mention it with Mari's Nendoroid since I think it's a bigger issue with Chika's and some of the other Aqours girls, but I really hate how these faceplates and hair pieces are intrinsically linked to these outfits by virtue of little details like how each of the girls are wearing earrings (which aren't typically worn by any of them) or the different hair clips, ribbons, bows and such they have.

This isn't egregious and might seem extremely nitpicky, but it is made extremely obvious with some of the girls when dressing them in different outfits, meaning I can't even switch out the outfit I don't like for something that I think might look better since there's still minor details that remain. Yoshiko's Nendoroid (ITEM #492396) has it the worst by far considering the extra accessorizing stands out tremendously more than any of the others, even being directly attached to her iconic hair bun. Chika wears plenty of different hairclips throughout the series and in different art, personally I love the default one she's usually seen wearing though which is like a green clover. It's a detail I love since my birthday is March 17th
(Saint Patricks Day.) and I've always associated clovers with that. I understand that's suuuuper specific to myself, but it's something that I love about her design which is completely replaced because of this outfit! Granted it would have been replaced in any other outfit too, but that's just another reason why I'd love another set in school uniforms or casual outfits!

She comes with two bent legs this time, different arms & hands.. and a second faceplate! The amount of unique poses you're able to create with her is very lacking, so much so that they even reused them several times on the box.. but that doesn't mean that the ones you can create aren't cute! More or less that's just a testament as to how adorable Chika is as a character and possibly my bias towards her. Other minor details I really like are the sculpt of her choppy bangs, as well as both her faceplates are a joy to look at!


That's Chika! One of my all-time favorite characters even if she's a bit disappointing in Nendoroid form. Maybe my expectations are too high or I'm a bit more critical about the characters I love most, but I'd argue a majority of people are? That's just part of being passionate about a character and collecting, I think.

I think a fair criticism or argument could be made that if I really didn't like these outfits so much I could just get the Figma instead. I don't think that's completely unfair to suggest, but Figma's & Nendoroid's both have their own individual charm and collectors of both or either I imagine would also agree that it isn't the same. It's like wanting a mandarin, but instead being given a tangerine! I'd just prefer a mandarin, so being offered a grapefruit doesn't solve the issue even if I might like it more than a tangerine!

One last thing! Happy birthday to Chika! I'm writing this on the 1st, it's going to be posted on the 2nd so I guess it's a bit belated, but I still couldn't ignore it!

Nendoroid More - After Parts 04 - B Set

Another "After Parts" set! I've done a few of these in the past and they've always been a joy to unbox and dress up my Nendoroid's with. I've had my eyes on this set for a while now, I thought the dog accessories were super cute and I'm sure with a few fittingly pink Nendoroid's that the pig accessories could be cute too!

I think it's sort of funny that I happened to pick up this set at the same time I got Arisa since she's displayed as the pig on the box. I was really just looking for some cheaper stuff that might be on sale too so I could get some extra sale exclusive bonuses which I'll show off at the end. I only paid about $7 for this set so I think it was a good price!

Everything in the photo is what's included, aside from two sets of four plastic tab inserts for the ears (short & long) and an instruction manual. If you're wondering what the yellow tab of paper with white dots is, that would be the double-sided tape to attach the face pieces.. yeah, I'll get to talking about that!


Arisa doesn't look too happy being dressed up as pig, does she?


Now she looks happier! All she needed was something to sweeten the deal.
Nevermind that her hands have turned into pig hooves..

Really there isn't much I can comment on with these two sets of accessories, they're extremely simplistic with no real shading or complex and intricate detailing. That isn't bad by any means, I think the quality, especially for the price, is nice! I do like that the golden piggybank is sculpted to sit atop the hand peg, but can just as easily be used as a background accessory in any display or photography scene.

That does however bring up something I don't like about these, which is that both the dog and pig sets of hands have one normal hand, then one with a peg obnoxiously jutting out of it. It essentially leaves you with two options, hold the item or don't display the Nendoroid with one/both of the hands. This wouldn't be an issue if they'd included another separate flat hand or you just bought another set.. but the second option isn't feasible, since you shouldn't have to buy an entirely separate set just for an extra hand that doesn't have a huge peg sticking out of it.

It almost makes me wish they hadn't included the hand to hold stuff at all, or if they did, had just done it in a way that isn't as intrusive. Anyways, let's look at the dog accessories!


Megumin and Chomusuke are here to pose! I decided Megumin would be a nice fit for the dog accessories since she has Chomusuke with her. Chomusuke seems interested in that bone..

Another reason I picked Megumin is because I wanted to see if she could use the dog hand with the peg to hold one of her lobsters which also has a peg hole for a hand! It actually worked really well, I don't think it stretched the hole at all either since the peg seemed about the same size as her normal hands.


Megumin is really teasing Chomusuke!

It works vice-versa too! Her normal hands were able to hold the bone, even if it was a bit thinner width-wise compared to the lobster. I think the dog set alone is better just for the ears and bone accessory. The bone isn't as nice as the piggybank just because the entry hole for the peg is much larger on it, making it unable to lay anyway but flat on its face or lifted on the ground a bit on its back. You could always lean it against a wall too, or a tiny tab of paper like I did in the first photo, but it just isn't as convenient.

While the other issues I have are more or less nitpicky, I think that the double-sided tape used to attach the mouth pieces in this set is a big turn-off and probably why I haven't seen many people even use these sets before. Stupidly, my brain didn't process how exactly I'd be attaching those pieces. Peeling off the double-sided tape was difficult enough, at the very least they give you two extra's which is probably in case you mess them up or they lose their stickiness. While these didn't leave any marks on my faceplates, I only had them on there for roughly an hour at most each. It might not have been the smartest idea to stick these on Megumin considering she's my rarest and most expensive Nendoroid.. which I also didn't think of until after. Not too bright. Thankfully they didn't leave residue or marks! Still, I wouldn't guarantee that these don't leave residue or anything if you were to leave them on for a longer time.. especially if you display your Nendoroid's under/in direct light or generally a humid room.

It kind of seems like a dumb, risky decision that isn't really worth it. Sure they might look cute, but unless you want to permanently display these on your Nendoroid's, is it worth the possible risk? I'd be curious to hear if anyone else has had these mess up their faceplates or if I'm just overanalyzing and these are safe.


The one other thing I really wish this set included was a simple small ziplock baggy. The plastic tab bits are so tiny and easy to lose, unlike some other Nendoroid More sets I've hard, they aren't glued to the ears either. Getting my own ziplock bag isn't a difficult thing by any means, but it baffles me that they wouldn't just include one for the extra tabs/tape to store, instead of the tearaway plastic bag everything comes in. It's such an easy inclusion that would essentially cost them nothing.

This set is fine! For the money I spent on it, definetly worth it especially if you aren't as cautious or critical as me.

Good Smile Custom Stage

Another set I purchased for cheap during the sale just to get an additional purchase bonus, but also because I was curious! I've never had a proper display layout for my Nendoroid's so I thought this would be cool to check out.

As you can see, it comes with two backdrops "Seaside" & "Japanese Garden" which I thought matched up with Arisa, Mari and Chika very appropriately. Along with that, a metal/plastic platform, two changeable base designs, one magnetic Nendoroid/Figma arm base, and one magnetic accessory arm base. Lastly, eight plastic connector pegs that attach at the bottom of the base, keeping the base design locked in while also allowing you to connect additional bases and display the backdrops upright!

Normally this set costs roughly $14, on sale for $12. Was it worth it? Well, sort of. But not really. This set has one fatal flaw which absolutely ruins it and is probably the reason they didn't bother to even attempt a second set for this "Custom Stage" line. That fatal flaw is that the sheets are basically just thin paper sheets. Thin paper sheets, that don't stand up straight.


What I ended up doing was taking the extra connector pegs which would normally be used to attach another base and instead, positioning them at the top of the sheets of paper to create an overlap so that they'd support each other, hopefully standing a bit more firm and straight. While this solution sort of worked, it was waaaay more of a tedious hassle than it was worth. The issue could probably easily be solved with some tape too, but I didn't want to ruin the backs or rip them so I opted to do this instead. Of course, this made some indents in the top of the sheets which wasn't nice either.

I really like everything included in this set and the only issue with it easily could have been avoided if they'd used something like plastic which would actually stand up straight and not bend or sway because of gravity. It's really unfortunate since the backdrops look nice, the metal base and magnetic arm bases are great for Nendoroid's.. my only other complaint would be that it's kind of cramped with even a single Nendoroid, but if there were more of these to purchase than just the one, connecting a few bases would alleviate that. The only thing I can recommend it for is the base. Really though, I think there are better alternatives for this sort of thing and an infinitely larger selection with something like Dioramansion 150's.

I'm happy with the photo's this thing allowed me to take, as you've been seeing them throughout this entire haul. You can be the judge of if it's worth the headache and money though. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this thing.

Nendoroid More - After Parts - Mask

These were included as bonuses for every Good Smile global online shop purchase made during the "Stay Home Campaign" sale. They were also given out with some purchases on the US online shop, but for whatever reason, those were raffled off and purchasing stuff only gave you a chance at winning one? Not sure why the Good Smile US shop was so stingy with them when I literally got five from the global shop.. they're not super interesting as you can tell, but a cool little accessory to own. If anything, a unique little timepiece to remember when we all had to lock ourselves inside for several months on end and avoid contact.



Arisa was sort of the perfect model for this mask. Her pointing finger and opposite open-palm hand along with her distressed face all give the impression that behind that mask are muffled shouts for you to keep at least five feet away from her!..


..and who else to break that essential rule than the mischievous Mari Ohara. She's disregarding COVID-19 regulations and closing in on a hug! Chika is making an attempt to stop her before the crime is committed, but it might already be too late!

Hopefully that got at least a smirk out of you.

That's everything!
Not much compared to my loot hauls, but a belated-month-old dessert after the meal that was the first part of this haul. If you still haven't checked that out and want to, here's another chance to click "Previous Loot" below now that you've reached the end of this one!

I want to keep this one sort of short and sweet, so as usual thank you all so, so much for checking out this haul! I really do hope you enjoyed it and in some way brightened your mood or just effected you positively in whatever way!

I'm not sure what to do with the poll this time, so considering this was a largely idol-themed haul with two Aqours girls.. uhhm, I'm going to ask everyone who's their favorite Aqours girl! If they have one. Sorry if that alienates everyone who doesn't care for Love Live! or idol stuff in general. I would include the other Love Live! girls too, or Bandori girls.. but polls only allow you to vote once and that's too many girls so.. just Aqours! I'm curious who everyone will pick.. and just to see how many Love Live! fans check out my loot hauls.

I'll be dropping another proper loot haul at the beginning of next month as usual, assuming all my packages aren't lost in transit since it's been a fair while since I got a package. Hopefully not! Until then, stay happy and healthy! Seeya!

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Demigod_Dan1 mese/i fa#81235763LOL that picture where they had mouth masks on had me in tears :'D that's picture of the month or even year right there!
Ahhaha, I'm glad you liked it! It was definitely fun to set up that scene ( ❛ᴗ❛ )

Is-It-Fake1 mese/i fa#81235802Your review is so adorable! I like the photo op as well. The blog's has personal touch to it
Thank you!! That's really nice to hear, I definitely try to include a lot of myself in my loot hauls / reviews and such! I'm happy to hear that reflects through my presentation!

AgentDrafire1 mese/i fa#81235809Very fun review! Love the Arisa nendoroid especially, she's my favourite BanG Dream girl too!
Oo! You've got good taste then, Arisa is great! Happy to see another fan of her! Thank you for the kind comment and for checking out my article!

Rikoei1 mese/i fa#81235941Thought that Chomusuke was a cat though?
Yeah, Chomusuke is a cat! I guess. A weird demon cat! That's why I thought pairing her up with Megumin dressed like a dog would be cute. As for why she's tempted by the bone.. hmm.. maybe that's just what demon cats are into!- Or, maybe she can still smell some residuals of a freshly vanquished foe..

BlazeDazzleDusk1 mese/i fa#81236176Great review and loot haul as always! Three really adorable Nendoroids, My favourite parts were your paragraphs about how much you love Chika! : )
Thank you, thank you! It was really fun to gush about Chika for once, I've tried to restrain myself from dipping wallet into Love Live! merch too much because I know it'll be like shark-infested waters and it's all downhill from there.. so I have barely anything for Chika and this is the first time I had a chance to talk about her! I'm glad you enjoyed reading that part!
1 mese/i fa
Great review and loot haul as always! Three really adorable Nendoroids, My favourite parts were your paragraphs about how much you love Chika! : )
1 mese/i fa
Thought that Chomusuke was a cat though?
1 mese/i fa
Very fun review! Love the Arisa nendoroid especially, she's my favourite BanG Dream girl too!
1 mese/i fa
Your review is so adorable! I like the photo op as well. The blog's has personal touch to it
1 mese/i fa
LOL that picture where they had mouth masks on had me in tears :'D that's picture of the month or even year right there!
1 mese/i fa
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