Help me guys recognise the anime for these 2 figures?Help me guys recognise the anime for these 2 figures?Ask MFC

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Hello fellow otaku!!!!

I am new here and i have an ever growing collection of anime figures straight from Japan and as i bid sometimes i like and win figures i havent watched the anime yet etc.
Does anyone knows the animes/games/manga the below 2 belong?

Arigato in advance!!!

P.s I can upload only 1 pic i think?

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I recognize the seller you're purchasing from, they are great for finding loose figures at a cheap price, bought from them many times over the years. I often buy some and resell them to buy new figures lol.

The search option in the database is a great tool for identifying figures, I use this site all the time to identify figures on eBay. Takes some getting used to but it can be a great resource once you get the hang of it : D
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Always impressed to see figures that survive in good condition like that after a decade or more.
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Haha NekoNicoRobin this is an addiction...so many figures and so little time to watch all as well!:)
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Lol i do the same thing! I see a figure i like and then watch the anime to see if i want to buy it
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Arigato guys!
This community is the best ;)
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Found the other one! ITEM #83720
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Cheers! @voxa
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9 giorno/i fa
Thank you i did as you told me!!!
Now you can see them!
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