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You may have seen my last article from the other day, but in case you haven't I'll give you a quick summary! Basically, I got a whole bunch of Nendoroids over the holidays, too many to reasonably fit into my previous loot hauls, leaving me with seven Nendoroids I've yet to show off. Last time I showed off three of the seven which were all Overwatch Nendoroids and in this article, I'll be showing off all the remaining four which are all vaguely Magical Girls!

I just want to preface a few things first. For starters, my familiarity with all the characters and furthermore source materials pertaining to them is pretty limited and in the first Nendoroids case, nonexistent! I'll explain why with that one in particular when we get to it, but otherwise, I've only watched four episodes of each respective series. That's not much, I know! I wish I could have spent a bit more time with each but I kind of left it until the last minute since I've been busy with other stuff. I did at least want to give each a shot to familiarize myself before writing about them however, so I settled on four episodes for each!

Another thing I'd like to mention is that all of these Nendoroids were extremely cheap finds from Yahoo! Auctions Japan. Roughly $20 or less. So that is why I have a bunch of figures for characters I wasn't familiar with prior! They were cheap, interesting, and I thought it would be fun to buy them then check out their series and see if it's any good!

With that stuff out of the way, time to check out the remaining four!

Nendoroid - Laura Bodewing

So, first up is Laura! As I previously mentioned, this is the only Nendoroid I have zero familiarity with and the reason for that being the case is because when I went to watch Infinite Stratos on Crunchyroll, they only had the second season available. I didn't really feel like trying to find it on some other sketchy streaming site, I did however notice that the first season was on Amazon Prime.. but I recently cancelled mine and didn't want to renew it just to watch a few episodes of this show.

Because of that, there isn't as much I can say about her. I do like her design, there's a nice contrast between her long grey hair and colorful heterochromia eyes. Her hair is really shaggy, wild shape to it in the front, sort of resembling a wolf in my eyes. I also really like the poofy pantlegs which are unique to her design, with all the other Infinite Stratos girls sporting skirts or dresses in their uniform designs.


Her faceplates consist of a fierce neutral glare, pouty blushing face, and a furrow-browed shouting face! Additionally, you can cover up or reveal her yellow eye with the eyepatch accessory which fits snugly underneath little indents in her front hairpiece.

Her other accessories include a pistol, a combat knife, and a crêpe parfait (with an additional mixed berries one as a pre-order bonus). I'm not sure whether to describe it as an accessory or exchangeable part, because it's sort of both.. but she also comes with this big mechanical bladed arm thing? In the anime, she and the other girls are either capable of transforming into mechas or equip machinery that resembles jet mechas so obviously this part relates to that aspect of her character.

Her other exchangeable parts aside from the standard arms & open hands include two pairs of bent arms with hands to hold her gun on either side, another bent right arm & hand to hold her crêpe, two more right hands; a saluting one and one to hold her knife, some crossed arms, and one bent left leg!


A small issue I had with her was that the right hand meant to hold her gun really didn't want to, while the left hand had no issue keeping the small peg in it's slot for her to hold it. Aside from that her legs don't have proper joints and instead long clear rods, making them very stiff and static. You can twist her boots a bit which is nice, plus this is somewhat alleviated by including one bent leg, but still an unfortunate flaw she has.

She's very interesting otherwise, I would have loved to say more about her character and the series overall but maybe I'll get a chance to do so sometime in the future since there are a few other Infinite Stratos Nendoroids I could always pick up!

Nendoroid - Akane Isshiki

Next up is Akane! While this series, Vividred Operation, didn't have me too invested and felt like it dragged quite a bit, Akane was an enjoyable character. She's super happy-go-lucky and enthusiastic which are both traits I really like, also she shares the same voice actor as Uraraka from BNHA which was a pleasant surprise! She wasn't my favorite from what I watched, infact her little sister was actually my favorite despite the little screen time she got, with Himawari being my favorite out of the main girls.

Anyways this anime is about Akane, a teenage girl who's the granddaughter of a legendary scientist that created this thing called the "Manifestation Engine" which provides energy for the entire world. Aliens called the "Alone" invade to try and destroy it, so Akane uses one of her grandfathers inventions called a key to unlock her abilities, a suit that allows her to fly, and a special boomerang weapon to defeat them. She also recruits other girls to join her, forming bonds with them to unlock their own keys! Very generic magical girls stuff!

This anime also has a lot of suggestive undertones and light ecchi which is typically off-putting for me personally, from the amount I watched it wasn't extremely intrusive and the next figure I'll be talking about definitely explored that sort of material much more in it's anime, but I thought it was worth mentioning with this one since I'm not the intended audience for that sort of thing. It held me back from enjoying it more, just slightly, because the inclusion of stuff like the names of their weapons being "Naked Rang" or "Naked Impact" felt tacky and unnecessary.


Akane doesn't have too much in the way of accessories, a compromise I'm sure was made to include her flying bike, another invention made by her grandfather. She has two bent arms and hands able to grip the handlebars. Other than that she comes with her little sisters sea otter plush View spoilerHide spoilerwhich you'll know as her grandpa, Kenjiro after the events of episode 1.
Her other interchangeable parts are a swappable right hand holding her key, a pair of bent arms and hands to hold a bottle of mayonnaise, which she's shown to love, and a bent left leg.

She comes with just two faceplates, a big smile and a shouting face! There's honestly not too much about her that I can rave on about, when I bought this Nendoroid her design really stuck out to me and I thought she was adorable! I love her outfit, somewhat similar to Laura's but the orange bow that matches the scrunchies in her hair is super cute! Her big smile is wonderful as well and I really like both the color & design of her hair. That little ahoge.. her tiny twintails have joints too, always a nice addition.


I'm kind of unsure whether or not I'll continue this series now that I've seen a bit, I may sit through a few more episodes just to give it a fair shot since the first four episodes had only just established the plot and main characters, yet to focus on the main antagonist. It seemed kind of mediocre to me, but there were a few moments I enjoyed.

If you've seen Vividred Operation and agree or disagree, I'd love to hear your thoughts, especially if you have positive things to say about it since that will just encourage me to see it through till it's end. I've definitely been caught off-guard before and enjoyed an anime I didn't think had much to offer, so I'd love to be wrong about this one too.

Nendoroid - Yoshika Miyafuji

There's quite a bit to unpack with Yoshika, both in terms of what's all included with the figure itself, what I have to say about it, her character and Strike Witches as a whole! For starters, something really interesting I didn't know at all prior to checking out this series is that it was directed by Kazuhiro Takamura.. who coincidentally went on to direct Vividred Operations! So there's a fair amount of similarities between the two and it's kind of cool to compare and contrast them both in the same article, since I somehow managed to pick them both up at the same time, from different sellers, unknowingly.

Like I mentioned previously, unlike Vividred Operations, Strike Witches is much more explicit with it's ecchi content, shoving it in your face while simultaneously normalizing it. Clearly it's catering to fans of that content, knowing what it wanted to be and not trying to disguise it! I could have gone without it, but I do think it added a bit of maturity to the overall theme, even if many could easily disregard it as fanservice. Just to be clear, it very much is fanservice. At least from what I've seen, none of the nudity or suggestive shots were obnoxious enough for me to be put off by the characters or story.


Yoshika is a teenage girl who was born a witch, possessing the ability to heal others with magic. Witches tranform into animal-human hybrids when using their magic, sprouting ears and tails! Very similarly to Vividred Operations, the world is being invaded by aliens called the Neuroi, which resemble aircrafts. Yoshika's father created machines called "Striker Units" which are used by witches to combat the Neuroi. They mostly pilot the Striker Units to navigate through the air like jet propeller legs, while using a mix of firearms and magic to attack and defend against their target.

Yoshika seeks out her father after he's gone missing and ends up being recruited as a strike witch to fight the Neuroi alongside other girls! She's a pretty innocent, open-hearted character, very likeable from the start. I didn't notice this at first, but she's also voiced by Misato Fukuen who does the voice of Anzu, my favorite character from Girls und Panzer as well as Toga from BNHA, and Osakabehime from F/GO who's one of my favorite servants and my first ever 5-Star! That made me like her just a bit more, but I don't think she's my favorite. It's hard to say so early into the anime since by episode two you're introduced to a large roster of the girls, but from what I've seen I think that I'll really like the pair of mischievous girls, Charlotte & Francesca.. but I also really like Sakamoto. She felt like a great mentor character.

I'll finally get into her Nendoroid now that I've explained a bit of the story, Yoshika's character, and my impressions of both!


Yoshika's outfit and design is extremely simple, just a sailor dress, some bloomers, brown hair, and matching brown eyes. There really isn't much more to her than that, but complicated doesn't always mean better! So many characters stand out with bold colors and interesting outfits, sometimes a splash of generic or mundane is refreshing.

That being said, she does have a few distinct qualities if you choose to swap out her front hair piece for the alternate one that includes fox ears, along with a matching fox tail! Alternatively, she has a sailor's cap with a cute blue bow at the back. It doesn't really sit on her head when she's stood up straight and sporting the ears unfortunately, but you can get it to balance on her head with some mid-air poses.


Speaking of, Yoshika comes with a very unique baseplate and support arm attachment. As you can see, this baseplate is much different from the standard Nendoroid one, more akin to an extra pre-order bonus one you might get with select Nendoroids. Except this one is just standard with Yoshika. What it depicts is the 501st Joint Fight Wing insignia, which is the division of the navy Yoshika is a part of. I think the reason for them including this instead of a standard baseplate was to ensure Yoshika had more support and could balance easier with the support arm attachment included.

I didn't take any photos of it on it's own, but if you'd like to see what I'm talking about, refer to the earlier photos! This attachment essentially clips onto the underside of Yoshika's dress, supporting her lower torso with a big clear plastic scoop. It actually does a surprisingly good job holding up her weight, pretty sturdy and keeps her in place without much hassle. She will fall out if you bump her a bit, but photos alone don't do it justice! It's very cool looking in-person and works really well!


Lastly, I'll go over her the rest of her interchangeable parts and accessories. She has two faceplates in total, a neutral smile and a intense shouting, combat face! Aside from her standard arms and open palmed hands, she has a pair of balled up fists and two differently angled bent right arms, one with a hand to salute, and one to hold her Type 99 cannon. Oh, she also has a Type 99 cannon, forgot to mention her weapon. Aside from that, she has two different pairs of Striker Units to swap out for her legs, both having sets of static rotary blades, with switchable spinning ones; normal speed and fast.

So Yoshika comes with a lot of interesting stuff, I had a lot to share about her & Strike Witches, safe to say I like this Nendoroid? I'd say so! I'm really happy I picked her up! I'll probably continue Strike Witches as well since I quite enjoyed my time with it. It's Nendoroids like Yoshika that make me really enjoy my approach to collecting as of late, treating Yahoo! Auctions like a bargain bin and just grabbing whatever catches my eye. Taking a risk with $20 definitely paid off in this case.

Also, wasn't sure where to fit this in, but this isn't Yoshika's original Nendoroid, (#057).
It's (#338) or her "Shinden ver." which is essentially just a re-release with some more modern Nendoroid design updates applied.

Nendoroid - Hoshikawa Seira

Seira is the last on our list of magical girls! She also happens to be the most eye-catching! I was really enthralled by her design when I first saw it, so I knew it was inevitable that she'd end up in my collection. Out of all the Nendoroids I've shown in this article, aesthetically Seira is by and large my favorite, which I'm sure doesn't come as much of a surprise!

She is a bit lacking in regards to accessories and swappable parts, not offering very much variety.. but I'm willing to overlook that purely because she looks gorgeous! I'll get to all of that after talking about Seira's character and the series she's from, Day Break Illusion.

Seira is not the main character of this anime, instead she fills the role of a narrative foil. She's a firm, assertive, cold, antagonistic side-character that acts somewhat like the leader of her group who's reluctant to cooperate or get along with the main lead, Akari. From the small amount I watched there were only a few hints towards why she acts that way, so her character design was the only thing that left a substantial impression on me, being my favorite from the show. As for my favorite character in terms of personality.. I liked Luna. I barely picked up on it too, but Luna is actually voiced by Sora Tokui, which is Nico Yazawa's voice actor if you're familiar with Love Live!. Another familiar voice I noticed was Aya Endo, she voices a character named Etia in this show, but her voice is so distinct that I immediately recognized her as the same voice actor for Quetzalcoatl from F/GO.


What's this anime about? Well, I don't want to say too much about the premise since the first few episodes are really intriguing and surprisingly dark? One scene in the second episode actually made me cry despite hardly being invested in the characters! I've really never heard this anime brought up before so I'm assuming not many people have watched it or know about it? Maybe I'm wrong, regardless I'm just going to give a very basic premise summary in case you're interested!

Essentially, there are creatures called Daemonia that corrupt emotionally vulnerable people, enabling them to enact upon vengeful desires, before completely overtaking them with the purpose of further inflicting cruel punishment on innocent people. Sefiro Fiore is a corporation that handles these creatures, using tarot cards assigned to each individual girl, allowing them to gaining powers tied to the respective card. Seira's card is the "The Star" which grants her an ice bow & arrow.

I wouldn't say this show was amazing, but there was a lot I was impressed with. It's made by Aniplex which definitely shows in some of the animation. Not only does the character design really pop, but they do some very interesting stuff visually with this anime! Especially with the Daemonia stuff, the cheery looking characters contrast heavily with the abstract horror designs and twisted world the creatures inhabit, it's so well done! It's pretty experimental with it's artstyle too, I really enjoyed that aspect of the anime. Also, the opening is done by LiSA, it's really good.


As for Seira's Nendoroid I really don't have too much to say that I haven't already. She really wasn't given too much in the way of accessories or extra swappable parts since this Nendoroid includes an entirely different back hairpiece which is huge! It's the biggest highlight of this figure, absolutely and just looks amazing with the tips of her twin tails frosted with semi-translucent plastic, even clusters of ice that look like animal ears. It was hard to show off since her body obstructs the view of it, but the back of that hair also has a long braid with a wispy tip like in the anime.

She has two faceplates in total, a strict neutral face and an awakened piercing glare. Her accessories include the her ice bow and "The Stars" tarot card. Swappable parts include a pair of shoulder pieces and extended arms with ice crystals poking out from her forearms. She has another similar arm for her left side with a ice crystal with a slot to plug her bow into and a gripping fist. Two other arms are included for her right side, a bent arm with an ice crystal, meant to be posed like she's pulling back the bowstring to her bow, and an arm to hold her tarot card. Her pair of standard arms on this Nendoroid hug around her figure, tucking in at both sides of her hips.

Seira really only has one or two poses, both of which look great, but it does make her a bit lackluster. If you're satisfied with displaying you Nendoroid akin to the examples of how they're advertised on the box, she's fine! But I like to always try coming up with my own creative poses and Seira as a whole left very little room for that sort of creativity.

I still really like Seira despite that, even more so since, like Yoshika, I was introduced to her source material through her Nendoroid and my enjoyment of the anime transferred over some to the figure itself! I'm hesitant to say I enjoyed Day Break Illusion more than Strike Witches, but I do plan on continuing this series as well as Strike Witches. It might sound extremely esoteric but something about certain scenes in Day Break Illusion had a really lucid atmosphere for me, a fleeting, euphoric, calmness to them I can't quite describe. It's rare, but a feeling I've felt with other media before which I yearn for whenever I'm able to catch a hint of it. It's a very 'lightning in a bottle' feeling that kind of washes over me then dissipates.

All done!
This article and my last took quite a bit of extra work, but it was worth pushing myself to get them done since I really enjoyed talking about all sorts of different stuff between the two. Probably wouldn't have been as much effort if I didn't procrastinate and leave them until the last minute, but oh well!

That concludes 2020 for me officially, now that I'm done with these I'll be working on my January/Feburary 2021 loot haul, which should be posted in about two days.. I've barely begun on it so I have lots of work to get done in a short amount of time! As I mentioned in my November/December 2020 haul, I will be slowing down and most likely going back to a bi-monthly format like I used to do.. but the next haul will be a two part haul again. Too many orders I made from before I decided to slow down, plus I've already cut myself a pretty short window to get that haul put together, so for the sake of my sanity.. two parts!

As always, I hope you enjoyed!

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Wario543 mese/i fa#93154725Great reviews as always!! I’ve never heard of Day Break Illusion but your opinions on it and Sora Tokui’s involvement have me interested! :O
I looove Sora! Nico is my favorite from Muse and much of that has to do with my admiration for Sora honestly, so it was definitely an unexpected surprise to hear her in Day Break Illusion even if I didn't immediately recognize her voice. The first episode isn't too great, it took until the third for the story to sort of set itself so if you check it out, maybe keep that in mind if you're not super into it at first, since I was the same!

Broserpina3 mese/i fa#93156060S-someone else who also loved Luna from Day Break Illusion~! :'D
She's a super sweet character, her interactions with Akari won me over on her. Can't wait to see more of her when I continue watching!
3 mese/i fa
Solarstormflare3 mese/i fa#93089219today i learnt that strike witches actually have human legs underneath! i thought they were random mecha furry hybrids before now. very informative reviews, thanks for the backstory behind each!
Ahha, you know what, that's fair! I think pretty much the only time I ever saw anything Strike Witch related prior to owning this Nendoroid it'd always been with the striker units attached, so I was kind of given the same impression! Happy to inform you otherwise ( ^◡^)

setokaibaswife3 mese/i fa#93089576I love your reviews so so much, they are so entertaining to read and so detailed! I love how you reviewed not only the Nendoroids, but the series they come from. I also started recently reading a (ecchi) manga to justify a cute figure purchase, so I can totally understand that.
Your articles are what I'd love to aspire towards when I start doing more detailed loots again, truly top tier. Even this review of just 4 Nendoroids is so good.
The Nendoroids themselves are incredible pickups for cheap! I never thought of looking at random cheap Nendoroids, but I think it could be worth it for me since I'd like to take some parts for customs.

Thank you so very much!! I feel like I'm not the greatest at actually reviewing the figures I pick up and my loot hauls have always been more about me describing the items history and such, so I guess that's why I lean more towards talking about my personal experience with the character and a bit about the series. Otherwise every single time I talk about a Nendoroid it'd just be a very rudimentary list of things I like and dislike..

Initially that's why I started buying cheap Nendoroids actually, I wanted extra accessories, outfits, faceplates, etc. to maybe make some customs. If you search long enough you can find really great deals on Yahoo! Auctions. I always get mine sealed with good condition boxes, but if you're just searching for pieces to use for customs you can definitely find them even cheaper!

I can't wait for you to post a new loot as well! You've always got really interesting stuff to look through and I love your writing too!

Rimurushion3 mese/i fa#93089585These are all so cute and I love all your detail as always! I can see why the last one Seira is your favourite, her hair and eyes look amazing Also interesting to hear all your opinions on the different series as well! Great job as always!
Purple is one of my favorite colors too, which helped her case I'm sure!
Thank you, really happy to hear you enjoyed this article too! (⌒‿⌒)
3 mese/i fa
Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
S-someone else who also loved Luna from Day Break Illusion~! :'D
3 mese/i fa
Great reviews as always!! I’ve never heard of Day Break Illusion but your opinions on it and Sora Tokui’s involvement have me interested! :O
3 mese/i fa
Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
These are all so cute and I love all your detail as always! I can see why the last one Seira is your favourite, her hair and eyes look amazing Also interesting to hear all your opinions on the different series as well! Great job as always!
3 mese/i fa
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
I love your reviews so so much, they are so entertaining to read and so detailed! I love how you reviewed not only the Nendoroids, but the series they come from. I also started recently reading a (ecchi) manga to justify a cute figure purchase, so I can totally understand that.
Your articles are what I'd love to aspire towards when I start doing more detailed loots again, truly top tier. Even this review of just 4 Nendoroids is so good.
The Nendoroids themselves are incredible pickups for cheap! I never thought of looking at random cheap Nendoroids, but I think it could be worth it for me since I'd like to take some parts for customs.
3 mese/i fa
today i learnt that strike witches actually have human legs underneath! i thought they were random mecha furry hybrids before now. very informative reviews, thanks for the backstory behind each!
3 mese/i fa
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