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Hello :) I'm just starting to get into figure collecting and I would like to ask experienced collectors and sellers about what proper etiquette is for buying figures on this website.

1. Is it okay to ask about negotiating the price even if the listing doesn't say anything about negotiating the price?

2. Is it okay to ask if the seller is willing to give a discount if you buy multiple items?

3. Is it okay to request for more pictures even if the listing already has some of pictures of the figure?

Also, feel free to add anything else about what you think is good or bad figure buying etiquette is.
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I don’t think it’s bad to ask for anything, you’re the one buying so you want to know what you’re getting. Personally I think it’s okay to ask for discounts, especially if you’re buying multiple figures, as long as you aren’t troublesome and give the seller a hard time (also use simple etiquette like being polite and not demanding). Also don’t lowball people, especially if they’re already offering a discounted product from its usual price.

Usually sellers who are selling more than one item will put whether or not they’re willing to do discounts on their ads but it’s never a bad thing to ask just to make sure. I definitely think asking for pictures is okay too since you wanna know what you’re getting, especially if it’s already been opened or pre-owned. Honestly if you just be polite and don’t give people a hard time then most people will be really nice on here.
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I think it is fairly reasonable to all of the above as well. Although if it is a figure I really want or is particularly rare I try to make it is easy as possible for the seller as possible as I know they will likely have other offers!

I would say although I haven't sold anything. Bad etiquette would be to buy a figure for the sole intent of reselling it in the near future especially if for a much higher price. Things happen of course but as a seller that would be a bit heartbreaking for me.
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Zelfikar Take my revolution ...
I have bought and sold quite a bit on there. I think all of those are fine as long as you ask politely. The worst the seller can do is say no.

If you ask for pictures, be specific about what you want to see. As a seller it really helps me take good pictures when I know what the other person is looking for, vs. just trying to guess.

My biggest pet peeve as others have mentioned is ghosting. Especially when people ask for pictures and then just disappear. It's kind of a pain to add pictures to ads on MFC so please don't ask unless you are actually wanting to buy the figure.

Not a pet peeve so much as something uncomfortable . . . Sometimes people message saying they want to buy a figure but can't order it right away for whatever reason. If they don't have a timeline it's a bit weird. I'm either waiting for them to show up again for an unspecified time, or I end up selling the figure to someone else and I feel bad. If you want a figure but can't buy right away, tell the seller specifically when you can make the order and offer a deposit for them to hold it. Not all sellers will do this but most people here are pretty understanding I think.

Otherwise don't worry too much, I've had almost nothing but great experiences buying and selling on here. ^^
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Yes to all them. Though if it’s already a good deal compared to what it’s going for, I think it would be pretty rude to ask for a discount.
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Yes, yes, yes.
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In the 1st message, alongside asking if it is still for sale, tell the seller what country it will be shipped too. It makes things go faster ;)

Also, if totall cost of the figure (price + shipping) is too much for you and you cant buy it, don't ghost them and just tell the seller. Not much gives the seller bigger dissapoinment/anger then being ghosted. xd
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I think all of these are ok. But be sensible, especially about asking for discounts or such.
I once had some who asked me to not only lower the price but also provide free shipping (US to Eu) on a massive figure. I essentially I would’ve payed $20 in order to sell her.
Nope, nope, nope. Never ask for free shipping when it comes to international sales (shipping is so expensive and somewhat a burden. If you are not willing to compensate the seller for that, don’t buy outside your country)
And don’t ask for both, free shipping AND discounts on the price. It looks like you are taking advantage of the seller or being a cheapskate.
Negotiations shouldn’t be a no-no. But some really are being shameless. Don’t be like them. Stay in a certain limit (For me personally it’s about 10% of the price. Everything lower usually gets ignored...)
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I was going to state the same as Tharglet when i saw this go up.
But they worded it way better than i probably ever could!

Just be reasonable, basically :p
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1. Depends. I'd avoid doing it if the price is fair or you have no good reason to be asking. If the ad's been up a while or the price is more than you can get it elsewhere, I think it's fair to ask if the seller would reduce the price. Lowballing and asking for no good reason MAY get you ghosted.

2. Yeah, though it may only be a postage adjustment, especially if you're buying 3 or less things.

3. Yes, but be sensible about it. Think what photos you'd like and why, so you're asking for a small number of photos. If you ask for a lot and don't buy, then the seller may not wish to deal with you in future. Be mindful that most collectors do have lives of their own and selling off unwanted figures isn't their business venture.
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I think as long as you're being respectful, you can ask anything. As long as you're naming a realistic price that's fair for both of you, I'm pretty sure most people won't be offended by negotiating. It's a normal thing to do. If you don't want any buyer negotiating, just write it in the description. From my experience it's pretty normal to give a discount if the buyer is getting multiple items. I sold a lot of figures in the past month and I always gave some kind of discount when a buyer was getting more than one item. Sometimes I included the shipping, sometimes I gave them a discount on the prices of the items - it usually depends on the value. I also always include something like "more pics on request" in my postings. I already take pics of all the important things, damages, etc., but if a buyer wants some more - sure, I'll take more.
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