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Hello everyone, I saw that there is a new yu gi oh survey by megahouse where you have to vote for which monster you want made as part of the art works monsters series. This us likely a follow-up of their previous survey someone posted some time ago.

The poll is available until this Sunday the 16th of May (JP time)

Check it out if you want!

My top choices where red dragon archfiend, black rose dragon, rainbow dragon, yubel and dark necrofear. Eventually picked the last one because I like the darker atmosphere more.

Also if someone already posted this please tell me and I will delete this (looked it up but didn't find anything unless I missed it)
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Crossing my fingers for Jinzo :)
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Uria ofc! combined with Hyper Blaze, he become more powerful than his anime version.
Plus his name not a pun, like certain dragon.
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I already posted about this here BLOG #48466
But good that you're bringing this up again, I hope more people are gonna vote this way! The survey only goes until the 5th May however, idk where you saw 16th?
Edit: Oh I just saw they made an extra English language page with an extended survey period. Neat!
I voted for Starve Venom in the jpn poll, but I think Imma go with Hope Zexal after all hah!
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am i only gx person lols... i have no interest in yugioh but chimeratech was my fav back then..
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I chose Slifer. I think the red dragon serpent design would look great.
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I went with Yubel. I wanted to go for Chaos Emperor but thought they might end up doing that anyways since they already made one of BLS. I think Yubel has enough monster like qualities that Mega House would be able to really deliver on. My other choices would have suited another manufacturer better (ex. Neos, Tour guide, Lord of Red).
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cyber end dragon or dark rebellion xyz dragon woooo
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setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
My personal choice is Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX, but I'm voting Dark Necrofear for a friend's collection who deserves it way more, cause there's plenty of Blue-Eyes figures.
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