Cutest Figure in Your Collection?Cutest Figure in Your Collection?Ask MFC

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Hello MFC (´。• ω •。`)
I wanted to ask the community today about your cutest figure in your collection. There are so many cute and pastel figures out there but another reason for this article is for me to discover more. Personally, I believe my Nadeshiko is the cutest figure in my collection currently ITEM #740250, she is very soft and pastel with such a beautiful sculpt. But, my shiro I have on order ITEM #806292, might take the new crown xD.
Another figure I think is very cute is Mimiko here ITEM #735413. Though her company is from with such fragility, I believe that her cute underwear, pose and expression is adorable. I don't know if I can still get her now, but maybe if I find her from a seller in the future I will finally get her.. (´ ω `♡)
I hope to hear more about your adorable figures, have a wonderful rest of your day ♡
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darkfader Ⓛⓞⓛⓘ+Şh໐tคCon
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This made me realize that I don't really have a lot of cute figures lol. These are probably the cutest I own:
ITEM #6768, ITEM #141318, ITEM #845478, ITEM #13742, ITEM #136458
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For items I already own it would probably be ITEM #919613 ITEM #391977 ITEM #396870.
I've got these 2 ordered ITEM #1108085 ITEM #1220652 they're so cute I love the fashion on the Reimon "Jasmine" Marika mini figure n little Gojo looks so annoyingly cute looking up w his big ol' eyes
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This one without a doubt ITEM #273205
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Woof, this is a tough one for me hahahaha.
Scaled Figure(s): ITEM #549450 and ITEM #236143
Prize Figure: ITEM #637238
Nendoroid: I couldn't pick between all of the ones I have, they're all just so cute! :3
Mini Figure: ITEM #408259

There are just so many cute figures out there, sometimes it's hard to pick haha <3
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probably ITEM #444805 wins but i still love my ITEM #650052 that i bought years ago!!
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ITEM #676231 Iroha from Magia Record <3

I have her set up with two of her prize figures, a handmade cherry blossom/Mt Fuji card and a proplica wand and it’s just, cute to me :3
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probably ITEM #871641 , his face place of his big ol’ eyes open warms my lil dead heart ^_^ ITEM #864402 is my unusual runner up, sure i have lots of adorable anime boys and girls on my shelf, but chibi lil baby mothra? now that is cuteee ✨ :-‘)
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