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I hope everyone has been doing well. Today I received a long-awaited shipment that included a few dupes of some merch I already own and two new additions that I've been searching for.

ITEM #860176 and ITEM #1126553

And here they are! The Namjatown Tele Face Heart badge and the Karaoke no Tetsujin 2017 coaster.

But the coaster isn't the grail here, it is that cutely lewd faced badge on the left. I would argue it to be one of the most hardest-to-get badges there is of Junko-- the pricings for them are insane, not to mention within the past year every time I'd see one on Mercari it would sell almost instantly (usually at around the price of 8000 yen). So what did I pay for mine?


10249 yen.

Quite easily the most I've ever spent on a badge, but it was worth it and I'm happy to finally have her in my collection. The price was not discouraging to me because I was preparing myself to pay around 100 USD worth once the opportunity came. As for the coaster, I scanned it and replaced the horrendously low res image that was provided, which I'm hoping to do the same for ITEM #1254435 when I receive her.

On a similar note, one of the other hard-to-get badges I just recently ordered was ITEM #860238. She was not as pricey and I found her on Suru for 6100 yen, but I have been trying to get my hands on her for months so it feels good to know that she will be coming home soon.

I like to keep things Junko-centric but this goof ITEM #1089277 also came in the same shipment and I'm in love with it.

That's all for documenting my ridiculous purchases. Bye bye.
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omg congrats! i spent like $100 on a few grail badges a while back and now i have them on display on a little corkboard lol. it feels great to have them now :)
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ah congrats on ur grail!
I just spent like $60 on a standee so I feel you but sometimes that’s just what it’s worth and u gotta bit the bullet lol.
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Wow, never realized that badges would be that expensive and rare. Congrats on finally acquiring it :)!
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Congrats on obtaining your grail! I don't know what it is about Namjatown items, but many seem to spike in price after awhile. It makes collecting them quite the challenge when you live overseas. But it's definitely satisfying finally being able to obtain them.
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what a great delivery, the heart badge is so worth it!!! it's the year of the grail and a bit of big spending :') manifesting junko namjatown straw charm and coaster for you!!!!!
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