Art, posters, tapestries and tiny dolls! (in Pseudo Paradise)Art, posters, tapestries and tiny dolls! (in Pseudo Paradise)Loot

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Today I’m doing what I guess what I’d call a ‘loot’ post of sorts. Because a really fun parcel arrived a few days ago and I really want to share what I got! Disclaimer: It is ALL Touhou stuff. Although looking at the state of my collection, articles, profile pic... basically my whole MFC existence, that's not really too surprising.

Anyways, this is my first one of these. I've tried to write them in the past, but stuff would just keep arriving. It was by focusing on one parcel I managed to actual finish writing this one. Yup, I'm only covering one rather small and unassuming little Airmail package but there is a lot to unpack!


Here’s everything that I got! All sorts of cool Touhou stuff to check out. It was refreshing to get a package like this. Branching out from the usual figures to try out getting some cool art and some less mass produced stuff (We’ll get to that in a bit) was fun. So, what’ll we start with? How about the clear files:



The Yukari clear file is not super exciting, but it came in a set with the two featuring Ran on the left and I really like those. I find the tassels on the clothing on the Ran in the top left really cute for some reason, hahah. The bottom two clear files are incredibly pretty though! I can’t quite decide which one I like better, as they both feature some of my favourite Touhou duos though if I had to pick it'd probably be the Kaguya and Mokou one? The saw the one on the right was on Yahoo Auctions and I had to immediately buy it, I was so in love with the artwork! I think all these probably only cost about 500 yen each. I think I’d like to get a lot more clear files in the future, though they are more expensive than a lot of Doujinshi which have really beautiful covers too.


Ah, they’re so pretty! I think that’s enough gushing over clear files of all things though!


Speaking of favourite duos, I got this B2 tapestry for super cheap too! Currently trying to work out where I’ll hang this one. My two PC-98 tapestries ITEM #1071819 and ITEM #1263095 currently take up most of my wall space.

One of the reasons for buying it was to see how much shipping was gonna cost. See, I went in expecting to have to ship this through a service for larger parcels. Which was not going to be cheap. This is certainly what I’d been led to believe by the likes of Mandarake… But no! Fit easily in a small packet and with a ton of other stuff too. I think I have Zenmarket’s willingness to cut boxes to whatever works best to thank for that!

Next there's a small lot of illustrations of various sizes. I nearly didn't get this set, but that one black and white Yuyuko postcard down the bottom persuaded me, I liked it so much.


With all the illustrations in hand, I'm glad I got this bundle of stuff. It's a really nice random selection of touhou things.


I love bold black and white art like this. As I've already mentioned, I really like that Yuyuko. Actually, I just really like Yuyuko. Which is something that's only really developed slowly over the last year or so.


These two compliment each other really well...


Though this one is my favourite of the set of three little illustrations.


I need more stuff of Alice and Marisa together!


Their outfits in this illustration are interesting. Especially like Alice's black gloves.

Now, back to more items I thought were going to cost a fortune to ship and yet still unwisely purchased, some posters:


(Thank you Touhou sofubi’s for volunteering to hold these posters down whilst I photographed them!)

I thought a big poster featuring not the usual EoSD or PCB cast was a nice change so I grabbed this poster. Touhou 13 is one of my favourite games in the series so a poster with some of the characters from it is nice for that reason, too.


What was I just saying about their being lots of PCB stuff? Well, on the other side we’ve got a Youmu. I’m not a massive fan of this illustration of her though it is still pretty cool. Nevertheless, it was absolutely the other side that made me buy this poster.


It’s Satori’s pet cat and bird! It’s nice to have some big artwork of them, too. I’m not totally in love with the art but I do love the characters so any way to plaster them all over my wall is excellent. Nothing on the back of this one.

Now, usually I try not to buy Reimu stuff like clear files, posters and other small goods that look pretty. Just because there is so much. But that rule is only in place so I can end up with my absolutely favourite Reimu things. And this next poster is really nice.


The pose, the patterns and the physalis all make for a really nice poster! Her clothing is even the same as that sculpted in this garage kit I love ITEM #27097. I’m really looking forward to putting this one on my wall some point soon.


Um, what was I just saying about my rule with Reimu stuff? Well, uh, there is one exception to that. And that is, if the thing with Reimu has another character with less goods on it! Actually, I’ve been trying to get this poster for ages. I just think it’s nice!


Now, some of my favourite stuff in the package. Taking up most of the parcel were… A bunch of hand-drawn illustrations from someone of Yahoo Auctions. I was really drawn to these due to the way we have pictures of some really obscure Touhou 1 characters. Some who weren’t even portrayed as the classic Touhou girl in the original game. (Old Touhou is wild and I love it)


These are all the ones from the older games.


And these are from the two most recent! I've had Mike's theme stuck in my head since I first heard it. Always happy to see the addition of a new cat girl to the world of touhou.

I’m planning on displaying these probably still in their plastic wrapping, but here’s my favourite one taken out of that for a photo.


I love the pose, the grey and black, and the background.


They even came with some extra bonus illustrations! Honestly had no idea that these would be included and they make me really happy. Little personal touches like this is what has sold me on buying direct from the people who make things. I’m not expecting it, but it’s a really pleasant surprise when it does happen!

Before we move on to my favourite and final thing from this parcel we've got a few more little A4 posters.


Remilia looks great here. Given she is a vampire, is that tea in her cup or...?



All quite nice, right? That's I thought. Then I realised something. Something extremely cool.


That's right, if you layer them all on top of each other... you get one really interesting poster.

I bought all these from the same seller, yes, but I didn't twig they went together like this! They seem to be from three different events. What a cool design. It's lucky I got all of them. I almost didn't get that one with Reimu and Marisa on it. Anyways, disregarding the really neat way these join together, I still think plastic posters are interesting. Like clear files but slightly nicer.

So, we're left with just two little things I purchased from Booth! Booth is a great place for all sorts of unique goods. Previously I've used it for some tapestries like ITEM #992605, and a kit, ITEM #330189. This time, I bought some little handmade dolls!


It's the two from Dolls in Pseudo Paradise! DiPP was the first music collection from the creator of Touhou and, uh, quite possibly my favourite album of all time. Goods related to it are not too common. (I would die if the girl featured on the cover got a figure. Never gonna happen.) So I had to pick these up. I couldn't be happier with these two. They've made tons of other Touhou characters but I feel these two were the best they were selling. Something about the style of these really fits these two characters. There was also a cute little Reisen thing with them I forgot to put in these photos but you can see it in the big picture of everything at the start of the article. I'll find a silly place to put that, I'm sure.

Bearing in mind how not common stuff related to the two from DiPP is... Look what else came with them!


The maker of these little guys included a hand-painted illustration of my favourite! :) I felt so happy when I saw this with them.


Them being little dolls is fairly fitting, hah. Anyways, I'm really in love with these, and will be setting up a little DiPP display. I'm thinking of maybe getting some custom merch for them made. Perhaps some acrylic stands based off of some drawings I could do of them! I did start making a custom figure, though sadly it's A: Not in the best shape now and B: Not very good (Though I recently look at my custom Ran Yakumo and she deserves to get finished, she looks, amazingly, quite good.)

Well, that's all from me. Uh, nearly...

My new Airbrush showed up!

This is meandering a bit from loot post to diary post but finally I can get back to my Garage Kit articles! Hopefully I'll be posting one of them soon, I've really missed sharing my kit building experiences with MFC. It should be a Sakuya kit next. :)

I feel I can ramble a bit, but you know what? it's all just, overall, really good fun writing stuff to put on MFC. Hope you've enjoyed reading.

See you next article!
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Wow there is so much to like here. Thanks for writing it up and displaying photos of your newest additions.
Each artists has their own distinct character to it.

I'm glad for you as it came before Christmas,

I said before I like the Ink Prints of Remilia and Yuyuko.

And Kaguya and Mokou,

Also Kyouko, Kogasa and Yoshika.

I like how the illustrations which you bought on the Yahoo Auctions somone wrote thank you on the bonus illustrations.

Also the dolls from DIPP are very cute, they look rare congratulations on getting a hold of them. And its very cool that Marisa got an illustration.
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EsmeAllan12 giorno/i fa#103934250I know, haha! I seem to be doing the reverse from you then - Had figures for ages, only now really starting to end up with all sorts of other stuff. I wish I had enough wall space to display all my posters and tapestries at once!
Yeah it was just easier to collect art prints then figures since they were less expensive but now shipping is expensive, I’m moving onto figures it’s always nice to change things up :)
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Rikoei12 giorno/i fa#103928772That’s a lot of touhou! And I’m done with tapestries and art prints, I have too many now to count (moving onto figures now)

I know, haha! I seem to be doing the reverse from you then - Had figures for ages, only now really starting to end up with all sorts of other stuff. I wish I had enough wall space to display all my posters and tapestries at once!
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East12 giorno/i fa#103927495great blog! god I love DiPP as well, get so many good nostalgic feels from listening to it. the dolls are adorable and I especially love the little painting included with it, feels like a lot of love was put into that little piece.
View spoilerHide spoileralso as an aside, seeing your posts around always rejuvenates my love for touhou a little bit, thank you for that :)

Thanks! :) Still remember that first time I listened to DiPP, reading the story that went along with each track as I did... good times. I'm really going to treasure those dolls, and the painting, for a long time.

View spoilerHide spoilerAh, hearing that makes me happy... You're welcome :)
12 giorno/i fa
That’s a lot of touhou! And I’m done with tapestries and art prints, I have too many now to count (moving onto figures now)
12 giorno/i fa
East wow
great blog! god I love DiPP as well, get so many good nostalgic feels from listening to it. the dolls are adorable and I especially love the little painting included with it, feels like a lot of love was put into that little piece.

View spoilerHide spoileralso as an aside, seeing your posts around always rejuvenates my love for touhou a little bit, thank you for that :)
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