Commenti I am Iron Man.

  • Iron Man is one of my favorite MCU characters (My top favorite is Spider-man being the big Spidey fan I am. Mark 85 is my favorite armor!

    I typically have a good idea of what figures of which character I want to buy. Since I mostly get video game action figures, I tend to gravitate more towards GSC. For superheroes, I go big and collect the 1/4 Neca figures. But I don't usually run into that dilemma of which version of a figure I want to buy.
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    There's a reason I have 4, soon to be 5, Iron Man figures...
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    Big fan of MCU's interpretation of Iron man armors. I have the SH Figuarts mark 42 and it's super accurate and posable
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    Believe it or not, I've never seen any of the Iron Man movies. When someone says Iron Man, my first thought is always the song by Black Sabbath :).

    To answer your question, my collection is lacking a figure of Kan'u ENTRY #1834 from Ikki Tousen, but I've never bought one in part because there are so many figures available of her character. I don't necessarily need more than one Kan'u in my collection, so whenever I think about buying one, I waffle and ask "is this really the one", and ultimately I pass on the purchase.
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