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  • Your situation is eerily similar to mine! Haha

    Actually I manage my money very bizarrely. But in short -- first I won't even PO unless I have the money already. But especially with the super expensive things I try and be responsible and subsequently re-earn the money for my PO's (that I already have the money for). I incurred about $5,500 of preorders starting in April of 2021 that release as late as "Quarter 4, 2022" which I've been busy listing/selling other figures. Just this month, around mid-December I finally earned it all back so my 2021 preorders are neatly paid off. :)

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    I’m the same way ;_; plus I always go “I’m going to stop” then there is another pre order of a beautiful figure and it’s out the window with that ordeal
    Ah well plan to probably pre order ITEM #904999 but I’m really unsure about it since I’m doing it cause of the size, I’m not a fan of the series, that’s my dilemma. ah well, I might not go with her and just pre order ITEM #1317518 cause she’s stunning or pay off ITEM #1077319 to reduce my spending limit on my card to $40 to save up money next year (cause I need some sort of restraint on my purchases ): )
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    I think this a great method, and helps keep it in perspective. Its very easy to pre-order too much. I keep a list of my unpaid orders and make sure I have money physically set aside to cover it. I got some money for this holiday instead of gifts which I appreciate greatly. I hope you have a happy holiday too, and look forward to your new 2022 figures!
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