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♥ My Top Nine Most Anticipated 2022 Preorders ♥
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This is a trend I've been seeing going around on Instagram and Reddit, so I've decided to translate that idea to MFC!
I have a lot of preorders coming up in 2022, so figuring out what my top nine were was rather difficult, but after some thought and reflection, I found these to be the ones I was most excited for in 2022.
Of course, you can see all of the preorders I'm excited for in my ♥ Exciting Preorders ♥ list.
This list will start from my ninth anticipated 2022 preorder all the way to my top anticipated 2022 preorder.
If you would like to see all of my preorders for 2022, please check out this ♥ My 2022 Preorders ♥ article!
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Hatsune Miku: Maneki Miku Ver. Nendoroid
This is a nendoroid I have been anticipating since GSC released her concept art. I adore lucky cats and I have one myself! I plan to put her right next to my own lucky cat since she will be more than perfect there! Her different poses and accessories are just too cute to resist for me.
———————- ♡ ———————-
Traveler (Aether) Nendoroid
I play Genshin Impact and I've chosen the male traveller for my character. His design is so striking in my opinion, and seeing him in this chibi nendoroid form is one I cannot resist. I would love to see GSC release even more Genshin Impact nendoroids in the future!
———————- ♡ ———————-
❥ Mari-Chan 1/7 Scale
This is another figure I've had my eye on since its prototype, and seeing her painted-- I was even more excited. I knew I had to have this figure in my collection. I can imagine her being in my dining room since she's a food themed figure! It would be a great piece to show off to all of my non-figure and non-anime friends.
———————- ♡ ———————-
MDR: Cocktail Observer Ver. 1/7 Scale
Ever since I first laid my eyes on this figure, I knew I had to have her in my collection. I'm a huge sucker for figures in really pretty and luxurious attire. I was a fashion design major before I switched to history, which may be a reason why I love pretty dress/suit designs on figures. Also, her hair and her phone-- They're too beautiful with this figure to not purchase her in my opinion.
———————- ♡ ———————-
Evante: Lazy Afternoon Ver. 1/7 Scale
This is one of, if not the first, female figures I've had preordered. When I saw her, I feel in love with all of the pink displayed, which is my favorite color. Also seeing her in such a relaxing and lazy position while playing games and snacking is a huge mood and vibe for me. I knew this figure would go perfectly on my bedside table, which is where she'll go when she arrives.
———————- ♡ ———————-
Yueji Mingke: Illustration Revalation (#1)
I'm sure everyone who wanted this figure has been WAITING for her to finally go up for preorder, and when she did, it was an instant preorder for me. It is a rather awkward figure as she doesn't... have legs? But I don't think she needs to be a full figure to be absolutely stunning! Her tattoos and her outfit are so gorgeous, not to mention her acrylic background stand as well-- Very excited for her.
———————- ♡ ———————-
Gojou Satoru 1/7 Scale
I actually preordered this figure and the other Gojo figured released in February before I watched Jujutsu Kaisen... I risky move, some might say, but I only fell in love with Gojo even more after I watched the anime. Being able to have him in a figure that's so... in character for him, I'm truly looking forward to seeing how great he'll look in person. Especially since FuRyu has a great reputation in the community.
———————- ♡ ———————-
Levi Ackerman: Fortitude Ver. ARTFX J 1/7 Scale
When I saw this in Gwyn Collect's figure collection, though I knew it existed before then, I knew I had to have it in my own collection some day. Especially since Levi is one of my favorite anime characters of all time (yes, I'm a simp. Don't come for me.) However, I knew how expensive he was on aftermarket and didn't want to pay an arm and a leg. Then, scrolling through AmiAmi first thing in the morning like I always do... He was there. Instant preorder. I had no idea, even following Kotobukiya on Instagram, that they rereleased him. Needless to say, I'm extremely happy they did.
———————- ♡ ———————-
Xie Lian: The Highness Who Pleased The Gods Ver. 1/7 Scale
You don't need to be a figure collector to appreciate the beauty of this figure. I', personally a huge of Heaven's Official Blessing, so seeing this gorgeous man go up for preorder, I knew I had to buy him. To say the least, he will probably quickly become one of my most favorite figures in my collection with my BINDing Ten Count figure and Cleaning Levi Nendoroid.
———————- ♡ ———————-
I hope you enjoyed reading through my most anticipated figures for 2022! Please feel free to participate in the poll below, and are there any other preorders you're excited for in 2022? Please let me know!
Thank you for reading,
~ xXMRXx
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I love the cocktail observer for sure. But the one above, that's the best PVC burger I've ever seen. :)
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