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KOS-MOS 1/6 Swimsuit Ver (Alter)KOS-MOS 1/6 Swimsuit Ver (Alter)


Today we'll be taking a look at one of ALTER's bathing beauties, KOS-MOS. Her name stands for "Kosmos Obey Strategical Multiple Operation Systems" which means she's an Anti-Gnosis Weapon system. She is a humanoid android from the Xenosaga series. I don't want to spoil anything so I won't really be touching much on the background of the series. Xenosaga was originally meant to be composed of six episodes on the PS2. However due to low sales after each episode, they truncated it to only three. This really made me sad as I enjoyed all of the games and I even played Xenogears. I really wish they would have went through with the full six episodes as each episode saw improvements to game mechanics, character and plot development. Maybe I was in the minority but I loved those long cut scenes. I thought I got my money's worth when you had cut scenes that lasted 30 minutes to an hour!

In any case this particular figure is from the last episode of the series. The swimsuit she wears is in the game and like the swimsuits from the previous games was designed by her co-creator, Shion Uzuki. As mentioned I won't really go into details on the story to avoid spoiling anything but at times I get a yuri vibe with those two sometimes even though that's really not the case since the love isn't really romantic.

The figure was a standard release in February of 2009. There is a re-release of this figure scheduled for early 2013. For the purposes of this review we will of course be looking at the original figure. She retailed for around 8,800 Yen and at this time as mentioned the re-release can be pre-ordered. If for some reason you want the original I still do see her floating around on the secondary market and since there is a re-release you'll probably have a better chance of getting her for a fair price. With so many KOS-MOS figures out there the goal is to see if this figure is worth considering out of all of the ones available.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Packaging: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆







ALTER went with a tower layout with windows in the front, sides and top. The sides are basically useless if you want to see the figure within and only serve to let light in as well add to aesthetics of the artwork. The same can be said for the top window panel. As usual the front window panel is the largest and provides a decent view of the figure within.

The pictures used show off the figure nicely and the colors seem appropriate for the theme. I love the inclusion of the Zohar on the back of the packaging. It's definitely adds to overall theme and seems to indicate the box is a fitting shrine for the one within. I also liked the inclusion of additional background on series and the figure herself. The packaging looks good. If needed you could probably leave her in the box for display purposes but it would be a real shame not to take her out.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight 670 grams
H: 370 mm
W: 180 mm
D: 150 mm

A lightweight non-corrugated cardboard was used for the packaging. This helped keep the weight down but protection did not suffer much if at all. The top and bottom flaps were taped securely further adding to the structural integrity of the packaging. The compression resistance is adequate for all sides of the packaging. The overall size is just big enough for the figure and to allow for some buffer space. It looks like ALTER achieved a decent balance between size, weight and protection. Even though the packaging isn't that big it still might impact shipping costs depending on where you ship. In any case she should get to you safely but shipping cost is in question.

A typical two piece blister was used to cocoon the figure. Plastic sheets were used to protect the figure from rubbing and paint transfer. Her accessories were secured in their own pockets and some of them were even taped in to further secure them. The blister pieces were also taped together to further secure the figure from shifting and to add to the overall strength of the packaging. Due to the use of the lightweight cardboard the majority of the strength was provided by the blister which can easily stand on its own without deforming.

Instructions were included on how to install her ankle bracelet as well as how to attach one of her daggers. It probably wasn't needed but it was definitely appreciated as this is just not done enough.

ALTER did a nice job on the packaging. Instead of going with their typical plain white design they went with a color pattern fitting for the theme of the figure. The packaging looks good and you have the option of displaying her in it but you would be missing out on all she has to offer. Protection was adequate considering the construction and weight did not suffer. Size may be the only issue. Even though the box is just big enough for the figure, she is a big figure meaning the packaging is just plain big. this might impact your shipping costs but at least you can rest assured she would get to you safely. Expectations were met and possibly exceeded.

Sculpting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Sculpting credits go to Shitoo Futatsu who has only a few ladies under his belt and they are all with ALTER. Each succeeding figure looks better than the previous. You can easily see a gradual improvement in details and overall presentation of the figures. This is a good example of quality over quantity and I am eagerly anticipating his next figure no matter how long it takes. Below you can see another figure he worked on for an idea of what he is capable of.

KOS-MOS comes with an ankle bracelet that allows a futuristic diving dagger to be attached. A spare one is included but I have no idea where to put it? I actually stick mine in her hands so it doesn't get lost and it's been there securely for years without issue. It's a spare but not a replacement as there is no mounting peg on it. In the game I don't remember seeing her use them so no idea. Maybe the instructions tell you what to do? In any case the daggers and ankle strap is sufficiently detailed for what they are.

She is 1/6 in scale but even for a figure of that scale she is a BIG figure. This gives you an impression that she's really tall. However her height is 167 cm in real life. 1/6 of that is 28 cm. If you noticed the advertised height of her is 30 cm. However that is counting her ahoge. If you subtract that she measures up to 28 cm. However we have another problem. She has heels on, damn sexy ones, but heels none the less that make her taller than she really is. They basically add 2 cm to her height. So without the heels she is only 26 cm adjusted. However, if you add the ahoge back you get close to 2 cm. So maybe they were getting creative or it's not clear the official height of KOS-MOS is including her ahoge? In any case visually she impresses on you and makes you think she's bigger than life, maybe it's the heels?

I mean look at her next to Megurine at 1/7. She easily towers over Megurine who is 164 cm in real life. You really don't get a sense that's she's really 1/6 until you compare her with her big sister at 1/4 scale.

Let's move on to the main attraction.


I really wish the pictures turned out better but I think they give you a sense of the figure and what she has to offer. Let's start with her face. It looks good from various angles and my only real concern is she does have a very long neck but it's minimized by swimsuit, pose and hair. As for accuracy to the real KOS-MOS? Considering there were multiple versions of her throughout the games I guess they could have some leeway but she was advertised as being from Episode III. Looking at her face in the game and source material she does match up decently for the most part except one area. Her eyes are not as bright and shiny and it just throws it off. However that's not an sculpting issue. Sculpting wise she looks fine.

Moving on I think you can agree that her angelic hair easily steals the show but of course those long legs of hers are right up there as well. It looks great from all angles while being very soft and flexible. As long as you're not constantly bending her hair around you have little risk of damaging it. I love the implementation of her hair and wish more figures with similar hairstyles followed the same execution. The details did not suffer at all.

Looking closer at her hair you can see the details put into her fringe/ahoge. That's one of the more complex bangs I've seen on a figure. Any lines/seams were integrated nicely with her hairstyle and just doesn't stand out. I love the Chinese hair bun covers and the those ribbons to tie them up. Leave it to Shion to doll her up. I love the way her hair parts and drape over her arms. One thing though, you probably want to be careful with her ahoge as it could break off if it get's caught onto something.

What caught my eye was the great job Shitoo did with her arms. Look at the transition from her lovely underarm and shoulders to her graceful arms. Her elbows seem proportion and quite realistic for a figure. This is easily one area some sculptors screw up in regards to the length of the arm as well as the bend of the elbow. Shitoo nailed it perfectly. No matter which angle you view them from, her arms look fantastic. The various adornments transition naturally and do not distract from her lovely flesh but compliment them.

Moving on down you can't help but not miss the fact she is gynoid (FEMALE android). Looking at Shion's taste I guess I can understand it but it makes me think of the Uncanny Valley hypothesis. This hypothesis holds that when human replicas look and act almost, but not perfectly, like actual human beings, it causes a response of revulsion among human observers. Luckily Shion made dealing with that one of her main priorities otherwise she definitely would have been a very creepy gynoid even if she has a nice body. 8Þ But going back to her body it's basically perfect. Unlike other characters she has an excuse since she was created that way by a woman with some "interesting" tastes in style and looks.

In any case they did a nice job on her breasts and especially her cleavage. Her pendulous breasts are a nice tear drop shape and in the game they do bounce... One of her special attacks involves basically her breasts to be exposed as her outfit falls away so I can confirm they do bounce and are nice and soft. 8Þ Too bad they couldn't do the same for the figure. Now what I really love about Shitoo is he actually attached the swimsuit onto her. They were not carved out of body. The swimsuit is actually it's own separate piece! This shows attention to detail even if it means more effort and cost would be involved. This is something that really stood out to me and they did a masterful job attaching the swimsuit that it looks quite natural in the transition. It looks like she's really wearing the swimsuit! Moving on down you can see they did a nice job on her midsection as well. Her tummy and belly button look great. I just love the level of detail they put into her midsection.

They even paid attention to the details on her backside. Her hair obscured it but they paid just as much attention to it from her swimsuit to her flesh and rear end. The transitions all look natural as well as her lovely musculature. They didn't have to do this but they did which earns Shitoo top marks. And of course she has one of the best backsides I've seen a figure to date.

Moving on down again you can see the bikini bottom is also composed of separate pieces again and not carved out of her. This easily helps with the transition to her flesh and just makes it look so realistic.

Looking at the back you can see she probably has one of the nicest rear ends for a android. Look at the attention to detail. The transition from her flesh to outfit looks quite realistic and I love the way the bikini seat wrinkles up and digs in between her cheeks. She's definitely got a butt that just won't quit. Again, her hair is obscuring this but they put a lot of effort into it.

They even did a nice job with the various ribbons. They look like they're digging into her flesh and the transition looks natural without any ugly seams/gaps in sight. The ribbons are pretty soft and should resist damage as well besides looking good.

We now arrive at her lovely long legs that steals the scene as well. They are curvy, smooth with the right balance of muscle tone. Her knees are detailed both the front and back. You can easily see that she has a high leg to torso ratio with those long legs of hers. She easily has some of the nicest "unassisted" legs I've seen on a figure to date. When I say "unassisted" I'm referring to stockings, boots and basically other adornments to add to her looks.

Look at the lovely job they did with her feet and toes. The ribbons at her ankles do not distract but add to the overall looks quite nicely. The transition was expertly done just like the other ribbons. And I love those heels, darn that Shion for making her so sexy. Again she's has some of the nicest feet I've seen on a figure to date as well as how she wears her footwear. It looks so natural.

Shitoo Futatsu and ALTER were a perfect match. His apparent passion for attention to detail and ALTER's reputation for quality meshed together perfectly. There were no sculpting issues to mention. She was detailed even in areas that were obscured. Expectations were met and definitely exceeded.

Painting: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆





ALTER usually colors their figures competently using all the tools available. This figure is not any different. Let's first start with her face. Her complexion seems accurate to the character and her lips were painted accuratenly. The only real "issue" is her eyes. They are too dark/dull that it throws off her resemblance to the real KOS-MOS. You have to understand her eyes are very important to the story and her character. I don't want to spoil anything but trust me and I really wish they emphasized her eyes more. I was tempted to drop a point because of how important her eyes are but I don't expect everyone to know the reason.

They did a lovely job on her hair. It isn't one flat color but it actually changes as you run the length of it. The translucency helps the effect further giving her hair depth and dimension. I love the job they did coloring her swimsuit. The tinting was precise and clean and the areas hand painted were precise and looks natural. I don't think I've seen such precision on a figure before of this scale. And of course they did a nice job on her flesh as well.

They even paid attention to details in areas obscured by her hair. Look at her flesh. It isn't one flat color but instead a palette that comes to life. The accents and shading greatly assist with the transition from flesh to material as well as overall details. Look at the lovely job they did around her ribbons and swimsuit to the small of her back. And of course the lovely job they did with her feet including her painted toe nails.

ALTER did an almost perfect job on her. I just don't know why they dropped the ball on her eyes. Her eyes are so important to the story and the character that it just doesn't make sense. The lack of life in those eyes is distracting to me. Otherwise they did a great job and I guess my expectations were exceeded with the attention to detail and precision employed.

Posing: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Its been a while since I played the game so I don't remember if KOS-MOS was ever in this pose. Also not sure if this was based on any illustration or if the illustration was based on this? In either case she has a lovely silhouette which you can see below. All I can say is those heels definitely help add to her sexiness. Her long, lovely legs look even better with how those heels position her. I understand the purpose of heels in regards to making women prey and putting them on display at the same time being unhealthy to their legs. However even with all those negative things I can't help but think how sexy those heels make her look. 8Þ I love the way her legs are apart while she leans toward the left emphasizing her curves even further. And of course you have the position of her arms that emphasize her breasts and cleavage even further. The way her hair is spread out makes her look angelic.

Looking at her pose it reminds me of later figures and their poses. Look at the way Tamaki leans and position her legs exactly like KOS-MOS. It seems like both sculptors had the same influence or tastes? Look at the other girls and the similar poses and cues they take. It seems a certain formula is applied in regards to the poses. Looking at my various figures, I notice a lot of the girls lean to one side or another to emphasize their hips and curves. The same for their positioning of their legs. Then I noticed something. I have another figure that has a very similar pose in a similar outfit...

Bikini Girl based on the illustration by Tony Taka. I have to believe T2 was an influence for Shitoo considering his latest figures are all based on T2 creations...

Shitoo did a nice job with her pose. She looks great and her main features are emphasized quite nicely. It really looks like influences are similar to other sculptors or they all just know what looks good. Maybe it's a coincidence but it looks like T2 may be a influence for him as well. She looks great from various angles but is best displayed at eye level or above it, actually especially above it if you want to see her eyes. Expectations were met and possibly exceeded.

Base: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Not much to say here. The base gets the job done and looks good doing it. Even though it does look like a simple hexagon that shape is pretty common within the series so you could say it supports the theme of the figure. The transparency and compact size definitely help with finding areas to display her. The mounting points are sturdy and fairly stable.

There's not much more to say. The base works, she's stable and it looks good. They could have done more to make the base support the theme of the figure better but this is just as good.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
Here we arrive at the end. The goal today was to determine if she was worth considering out of all the KOS-MOS figures out there. I don't own that many but the ones I do she is easily one of the best out there. I'd have to say she is the definitive figure for the character if you can't get the 1/4 of her. As for my enjoyment, was she worth it? She was definitely worth what I paid and I do not regret getting her. She's basically perfect except for the eyes. I really wish they would have done a "better" job bringing them to life to match the character. If they had done that she would have been perfect. The attention to detail they put into her and the precision used to color her is some of the best work I've ever seen on a figure of this scale. Actually I don't think I've seen anything this detailed and intricate since.

See you later.
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iTheShirt (6 anno/i fa) #1240567I wish I had a chance to play Xenogears. I really love the soundtrack to it. (Willing to sell it?)

I still have all the games including Xenogears. I can still play it since I have the original PSX as well as the Fat PS3 which plays all the games. However I'm not sure I'm ready to part with them at this time. I could of sworn they had a downloadable version for either the PS3 or the PSP?
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iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
Anything.. ANYTHING KOS-MOS gets my spirits up. Your review was awesome as soon as you did a non-spoiler background check on KOS-MOS, even diving into the details surrounding the series. I wish I had a chance to play Xenogears. I really love the soundtrack to it. (Willing to sell it?)

KOS-MOS' feet didn't catch my attention until just now. Omgg they look so realistic. THE most gorgeous succulent toesies I've ever laid eyes on. My standards have significantly increased.

She will be the biggest figure I've ordered. I only get 1/8 and some 1/7. I don't know where I'll put her either.. But I'll be happy to have her. I'm so picky when it comes to the figures. A lot of them don't look like her. Like.. I'm really a stickler for accuracy in the representation of KOS-MOS. It's gotta be the spitting image. ALTER & Shitoo did an amazing job with her.
6 anno/i fa
I need to get my butt in gear and try to hunt down Episode 2 (they never released 1 in the PAL region) as KOS-MOS is really too beautiful for my to ignore. Fantastic review, as always, and I might consider ordering her....
6 anno/i fa
Fantastic review. Even with an imperfict gaze she's on my list now, thank's
6 anno/i fa
gonna get sun burn in space xD
6 anno/i fa
Was planning on getting her now that she'll be re-released: this just sealed the deal. Awesome review!!!!!!
6 anno/i fa
Kos-Mos's figure since getting her she has remained #1 in terms of Absolute Favorites due to Alter's Attention to Detail plus the fact her swimsuit is very sexy.

Excellent Review!
6 anno/i fa
Great review. I'm glad I got this a while back when I did. One of my best buys.
6 anno/i fa
Awesome review, as always. I'm glad she'll be re-released, she was one of my most wanted figures.
6 anno/i fa